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10 Best Executive Leather Office Chair Review 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014

Ergonomic Executive Leather Office Chair 2013 - 2014

If you sit in an office chair for any length of time, you understand just how uncomfortable it can be if it isn't the highest quality of chair. Having a well-made ergonomic chair will go a long way in keeping your posture correct and supporting your spine.

Leather chairs are often very cushioned and comfortable to sit in. They don't breathe like mesh chairs do but if you aren't worried about getting hot and sweating while in it, then a leather one should do you just fine. I like leather because it is durable and easy to clean. My children often have sticky hands, or sit in my office home chair and spill things on it. With leather, all you need to do is wipe it down with a wet cloth and voila, it's clean!

Make sure to check the material a chair is covered with. Many are made with 100% leather, and many are made with synthetic leather type material. Both work great, but some people really prefer an authentic leather covering.

Almost all chairs come with adjustability to the seat for height, but there are many that offer more than just that. It can be worth it to pay for more features so you get much more comfort out of it. It can be nice to have a chair with a backrest that is adjustable in height as well. This can be good if you need to adjust the lumbar support to sit where it needs to. If you share your chair with anyone else, being able to customize the fit can be important.

Look for a chair that offers seat tilt adjustment. This will allow the seat to lean more forward, or backward for comfort. Most chairs feature a waterfall design for the back of your legs and this will create less leg fatigue while sitting in it for lengths of time.

Some chairs weight quite a bit more than others. This can be cumbersome if you need to move it around on heavy carpet, or during assembly. You do want your chair to be sturdy however, so don't let the weight of the chair be the only thing that deters you from your choice. The casters on the chair should be sturdy and roll well on thick carpet. Some manufacturers will sell different types of casters based on your needs.

5 stars for Alera Fraze High Back Leather Chair

Alera Fraze High Back Leather Chair

Take a look at the Alera Fraze High Back Leather Chair. This chair is quite comfortable to sit in and the leather is soft against your skin. It features a high back to accommodate taller people and has side and lumbar bolsters. The headrest and armrests are both cushioned as well.

The waterfall seat edge will add even more comfort to your legs by reducing the amount of pressure on the backs of your knees. The base has five legs for stability and double wheeled casters for easier rolling. If you like to recline, this chair does lean back quite well, but is sturdy enough to help you sit upright otherwise.

The armrests are fixed and cannot be adjusted. The seat height and tilt do feature adjustments however. Assembly wasn't too hard but it did take me about 40 minutes to put it together. Once assembled, the chair weighs 45.2 pounds.

High Back Leather Executive Office Chair

If you want to feel like you are being hugged when you sit down, try this High Back Leather Executive Office Chair. The headrest, while maybe not high enough for a very tall person to rest their head, is well cushioned and I've often been found napping in this chair!

The back is sculpted to support the sides of your back, lumbar support, as well as shoulders and head. The armrests are nicely padded but they are not adjustable. The base is not made of metal, but nylon. Regardless though, it still seems quite well made and sturdy. It also features a waterfall design for legs and allows you adjust the height of the chair. Assembly was the quickest in under 20 minutes with this chair.

Overall, it is quite comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. This chair weighs 44 pounds. It seems that a couple of years ago there was an issue with the pneumatic gas lift malfunctioning and these chairs would sink to the lowest height, but it seems that that is not so much an issue now. I've had my chair for a year and have had no problems of the sort with it in that regard.

Office Star Space Professional Air Grid Managers Chair

If you need a chair that will help you keep from sweating while in it, consider the Office Star Space Professional Air Grid Managers Chair. This piece of furniture is designed with a leather covered seat and mesh back for more breathability. The seat seems to be adequately padded for comfort and I love that you can adjust the lumbar support, as well as the seat height. It features a 2 to 1 synchro tilt control with adjustable tilt tension.

The arms are lightly padded and are height adjustable as well. The base is also made of nylon, not metal, and the casters work well on most surfaces but thick carpet. I simply replaced the casters for not much more money and have had no problem since. This chair weighs 41.8 pounds and was one of the easiest for me to assemble.

If you are an overly small person, you might find that this chair does not lower quite enough to let your feet rest on the floor. My mother is 5'2" and doesn't fit well in this chair. The depth of the seat is also deep enough for taller people to sit in it comfortably as well.

Office Star WorkSmart Professional Eco Leather Chair

For a chair that will allow you to make all the adjustments you need, consider the Office Star WorkSmart Professional Eco Leather Chair. The seat is very well padded and feels pretty good against my backside for long periods of time. It is well padded but it is still firm.

The lumbar support isn't as pronounced as other chairs I've used but it seems to do the job well enough since I seldom have lower back pain after sitting in it. For adjustments, you get a seat height adjustment, a dual function control and back height adjustment. I work from home during the day, and my husband does so at night.

Being able to change the seat back height is great for us since he is so much taller than I. Having adjustable armrests is also a fabulous feature since desk heights differ as well as personal preference when using them. Assembly was pretty easy with this chair and did not take me more than about a half hour to put together. I like that the frame is made of sturdy metal, so while the chair is heavier than some, it should last you many years of use, and then some. It also rolls very well on all surfaces.

Coaster Traditional Executive Office Chair

If you want a classic and elegant chair for your office, you may like the Coaster Traditional Executive Office Chair. This beautiful piece of furniture has a timeless look with purpley brown leather like covering, and a tufted back and seat. For more of a sophisticated look, it has wood scrolled arms and nailhead trim accents.

The seat cushion is very comfortable on the backside, and while it does not feature a typical waterfall design for legs, it is cushioned well enough against the back of the knees to be just as comfortable. It features an adjustable height gas lift and seat tilt for more comfort.

Be advised that it is covered in leather like vinyl, not true leather. This has made no difference to me because it seems about the same as real leather anyway. The casters are very well made and roll easily on any surface you need.

Made with real metal, and real wood, this chair could easily last you through generations of use. Assembly was a bit more complicated for me since the chair is quite heavy at 79 pounds.

Flash Furniture High Back Leather Executive Office Chair

Another chair with a classy look is the Flash Furniture KC-C696TG High Back Leather Executive Office Chair. It is covered in high quality burgundy leather that will look good in any office. It has a very high back design so even tall people can easily rest their heads when needed.

The headrest is very cushioned and very comfortable. It has a tufted seat back and cushioned armrests that swoop in the front with exposed wood. The armrests are fixed and do not adjust. The base is made of heavy duty wood, though I found the casters to be a bit weak for my taste.

They work well enough so far though. You have the option to adjust both the height of the chair and the seat tilt as well. This chair is the heaviest of them all at 98 pounds, but is so very sturdy.

What office chair do you own?

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