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Top 10 Best Fire Pit Tables

Updated on September 27, 2014

The Top 10 Best Luxury Outdoor Gas Fire Pit Tables

Below is an award winning selection of high-end outdoor gas fire pit table designs. These are just a few of the amazing options available for your home from these name brand companies. On this site you’ll find views of some of the most amazing designs available, read candid descriptions of gas fire pit table owners, and learn factors to consider when purchasing your own. We’ve done extensive research and have come up with the ultimate list of brand names to select from for your installation. You’ll feel calm and relaxed lounging by your gas fire pit table knowing you’ve done your homework and selected one of the best products from the best vendors.

Group Seating
Group Seating
Eating height
Eating height
Chat height
Chat height
Modern Rustic Dining
Modern Rustic Dining

How to Select a Luxury Fire Pit Table

Creating a well-designed comfortable outdoor gas fire pit table for your home can be challenging. The choices seem endless with abundant options from casual low tables to more formal outdoor room dining tables to fire pits that make a statement. How do choose the one best for your design needs?

Media Matters

Casual Low dual media - wood or propane
Casual Low dual media - wood or propane
Striking Chat height - under table propane with glass
Striking Chat height - under table propane with glass | Source


If you’re like most homeowners you make the design decisions. So we’ve come up with the best most effective method to assist in making your selection. The three simple “Keep In Mind” guidelines:

  1. Safety First
  2. Elegance in simplicity
  3. Comfortable refinement

Space - S to XL


Design Factors

Using these guidelines we can select the perfect gas fire pit table by applying them to universal product design factors.

When selecting your gas fire pit table consider the following factors:

  • Style and durability desired (stainless steel, stone, concrete or combination)
  • Type of fire (natural gas, propane, bio-ethanol)
  • Kind of fire media (decorative glass, lava stone, river rock, lava shards)
  • Size of the planned area
  • Your budget

Now we’ll use the three “Keep In Mind” guidelines to address the above selection factors.

Functional Safety - Think Pit Covers

Circular chat table with matching fire pit cover
Circular chat table with matching fire pit cover | Source
Stone top table with removable fire pit cover that is also a lazy-susan
Stone top table with removable fire pit cover that is also a lazy-susan | Source

Safety First

Most gas fire pit tables are inherently designed with safety in mind; however some safety measures are more effective than others. You should factor in whether young children will be present when the fire is on. How does the location of the fire pit in or on the table affect the movement of food around it? What table height will best suit your needs? Gas fire pits give off large amounts of heat so consider how fire pit materials cope with temperature and climate factors over time. Also consider the safety qualifications of the different types of pit covers available. Most importantly, when designing your outdoor fire pit table room always plan to install an emergency gas shut-off device in an easily accessible place nearby.

Safety issues will also vary depending on what climate your home is located. Proximity to ocean water, wind, humidity and rain are all factors that need to be considered in your selection to prevent deterioration and accidents. For instance, a stone or concrete combination fire pit would better suit homes within view of an ocean to avoid the rapid deterioration of metal and steel products from salty breezes. Homes in dry or windy climates are safer when glass wind screens or flame diverters are included in the desired gas fire pit design to lessen and direct the heat from the gas fire pit area.

Although there are many other factors relating to gas fire pit table safety, these are some important areas to keep in mind.

Wow Elegant!

Casual Elegant Chatting
Casual Elegant Chatting | Source
Formal Elegant Chatting
Formal Elegant Chatting | Source

Elegance in Simplicity

Although each person has their own definition of elegance, we’ll all agree that elegant home décor is created when simple design meets desired function. We’ve discussed the background safety issues surrounding gas fire pit tables, now lets move on to key design elements to consider during your selection.

Many gas fire pit table manufacturers have standard designs, sizes and colors; frequently offering variations of items seen on this website. However, we’ll concentrate on integrating your selection into an outdoor room setting.

Five questions to ask when shopping for gas fire pit tables:

  • Natural gas or propane?
    • If propane (generally for smaller tables) where and how is the tank installed? Will there be an exposed hose? Where will you purchase another tank – filled or standard sized replacement?
    • Will the table function be casual semi-formal or formal? What height do you want the table to be?
    • Do you want to cook items over the table fire? (grill table or decorative)
    • What fire media is included with the table? What fire media is available and in what colors?

How durable is the material against weather in your climate? Will it rust and stain the patio?

Sublime to Off-beat

Luxury Fire Pit Set
Luxury Fire Pit Set | Source
Wild Cabin Elegance
Wild Cabin Elegance | Source

Whether your taste is traditional, contemporary, ultra-modern or woodsy artistic there’s an elegant solution for a gas fire pit table in your outdoor room. Don’t forget to consider alternative fuels for your gas fire pit table. Several well-known manufacturers make tables with ethanol or denatured alcohol gel so you don’t get a gas smell when the table is lit. For smaller, yet still chic installations, consider gas fire bowl tables. These are smaller tables with smaller bowl shaped fire pits. Although they lack the impact of a larger table, they’re the perfect accessory to the pool area as evening lighting for nighttime conversations. Avoid locating any gas fire pit table against a wall or inside without proper design, professional installation and appropriate venting and gas alarm system.


Wild Color Coordinations
Wild Color Coordinations
Complimentary Matching stone floor to stone tabletop
Complimentary Matching stone floor to stone tabletop

Oh, color! It can be the most difficult choice and generate numerous high-end arguments. We have a solution for that too… keep it simple. Select a gas fire pit table with a single color base and complimentary color top or a single color for the entire table. The focus of the table is, after all, the fire. So let the fire takes its proper place in your outdoor room. Avoid mixing multi- colored stone tops with busy wicker or latticework bases. They may look good for the first week, and then you’ll start to see why we don’t recommend them.

One final word on elegance will assist greatly in your selection of a gas fire pit table. Consider the weight and bulk of the table. Choose a table that stands out, but doesn’t take over a space. Keep the scale appropriate to the size of your patio and the number and size of chairs you’ll place around it. Many of these tables are made of heavy metal materials with large stone tops. Verify the weight of the entire table is compatible with the surface you’ll place it on. If you have a stone patio, make sure the weight won’t crush the stones underneath. For those with wood porches consider weight a safety issue; select carefully. Ensure there’s a proper foundation under your table to prevent tipping over or possible crushing rupture of a buried natural gas line. Best to let professionals install piped or hosed gas lines.

Lets Talk Gas

Propane Canister stored under fire pit
Propane Canister stored under fire pit
Propane Canister with exterior hose (left)
Propane Canister with exterior hose (left) | Source
Piped natural gas for permanent installations
Piped natural gas for permanent installations | Source

Choosing natural gas, portable propane or bio-ethanol is likely determined by size of the gas fire pit table selected, product availability, installation requirements, and cost to maintain. However, if you have a choice, natural gas is the popular cost effective choice for dining tables; whereas, smaller tables generally rely on standard replaceable propane tanks. Some gas fire pit tables will have a hose running from under the table to an exterior propane tank. Although this facilitates easy replacement of the tank the hose is unsightly and would be dangerous if punctured. In addition, you’ll be required to cover the tank when not in use to protect it from weather. Most quality fire pit tables have their propane tanks located under the burner. However, be aware that depending on the design, removal of a hot burner during a gathering to replace a propane tank could create safety concerns. Also, you’ll want to verify whether the installed propane tank is standard sized or needs to be refilled. Consider where you’ll purchase replacements or what service you’ll call to fill the tank. Overall, propane gas fire pit tables are a perfect entertainment accessory. They can create a welcome bright glow in a small space.

Shape is key

Chat height and small creates intimacy
Chat height and small creates intimacy | Source
Chat height and medium for quiet evenings
Chat height and medium for quiet evenings | Source
Chat height square for more table space
Chat height square for more table space | Source

Functional Height

Fire pit tables create a subtle contemplative mood by having comfortable seating around the soft elegant lighting of the fire media. Whether the gas fire pit table is small or large, the table must function as a table for outdoor entertaining. Each vendor will have their own size ranges. Generally, gas fire pit tables come in three heights: 17” coffee table, 22-24” casual dining and 29-30” high with varying surface sizes ranging from 36"-42" for chat size to 45"-80" dining. Whether you choose square, rectangular, oval or circular tables, be sure to select one that fits into your décor naturally. Size and shape contribute to the elegance of the outdoor room by suggesting function. The 17” high coffee table will likely have feet propped up on it quickly; whereas the higher dining tables will communicate to your guests that you enjoy a semi-formal or formal dining space. Whatever your selection of gas fire pit table, choosing practical simplicity will always win design awards.

Fire Media Matters

Clear glass beads - that uptown look
Clear glass beads - that uptown look | Source
Clear glass chards - with glass breeze protectors
Clear glass chards - with glass breeze protectors | Source
Blue glass shards - quietly mysterious color
Blue glass shards - quietly mysterious color
Blue glass shards - Retro-classic style
Blue glass shards - Retro-classic style | Source

Durability Issues

The final suggestion we consider essential to elegant fire pit tables is to inquire if the material the table is constructed of will change color due to weather, moisture, heating and cooling. Although popular as a base material, copper will oxidize to green unless powder coating is baked on. Steel reinforced concrete will eventually leave rust spot or teardrop rust spots depending on your local climate. Even treated steel and wrought iron will rust, staining the surface under them. Including a rusting appearance can be a design element, so don’t discount a durable material unless your installation doesn’t fit in with the ‘eventual’ appearance of the table.

In high-end quality gas fire pit tables the material is either coated, treated or covered with a washable surface material that should not stain from food and/or drink. If your selection is made of porous material have it sealed against staining, cover the eating area with heat resistant glass, or professionally coat the surface with a food-safe product. The best materials will definitely cost more, last longer and retain their original colors you worked so hard to select.

A final note on materials for hot areas – from worst to best:

  • GFRC – Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete – Heavy, porous, stains easily
    • Only suitable if sealed against staining and weather
    • Steel – any kind other than stainless – rust, leaves stains
    • Aluminum – powder coating recommended, not for ocean-front properties
    • Stainless Steel – a must for burners (UL Listed CF1242)

grades of thickness: 201=cheap, 304 or 316=best

Now go get that design perfect fire pit table today!

Have you decided?

Are you definitely going to purchase a luxury fire pit table soon?

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