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Best Flooring Options for Kids and your House

Updated on December 16, 2010

How do I choose the best flooring for me?

There are so many options available to the homeowner that picking the best flooring for you can be difficult to say the least.  Should you go with carpet?  Should you go with hardwood?  Laminate?  Tile? Vinyl?  If you ask 20 people, chances are you are going to get different answers from all of them.  So what is the best flooring?

To be real honest, each flooring option comes with a list of pro's and con's and you should make your decision on your lifestyle and preferences.  For instance, hardwood floors are making a comeback.  Among some of the positive qualities is the fact that hardwood is easy to clean and gives the home a more organic or natural look.  The downside is the price and the floors have to be maintained on a regular basis.  Also, humid climates can play havoc with the wood floor

Tile, which is a popular choice for many coastal and European towns is easy to clean but the surface can be cold, slick and harder than a wood floor.  It is also at the top end, price wise.

If you are renting your home or are looking for something a little less permanent, you could try throwing down some runners and rugs.  "rug flooring" is good for giving your room a quick makeover.  The downside is that cleaning rugs is typically done by professional cleaners.

Finding the right flooring for you

The end all answer to finding the best flooring is really dependent on the purpose of it (is it more aesthetic?  do you have kids or pets?  Do you have allergies) as well as the functionality of the floor (is it in a high traffic area?  Will the floors be more likely to get wet?)  Generally, the flooring you choose should cater according to your needs.

Personal Preference is important but lifestyle is equally as important

While have shiny new hardwood floors may be something that you are dreaming about in your sleep, if you have large dogs or kids, you need to consider the potential damage from dog's claws or kids dropping objects on the floor.  A carpet may be soft and plush but if you have allergies, dust and other allergens could get trapped into the carpet, playing havoc with your sinuses.  Tile floor can be absolutely beautiful and may reflect light but in a colder climate, the floors could be very cold compared to the other options.

Does the style of your house make a difference when choosing flooring?

Another factor you should consider is the actual style of your home.  For instance, if your decor is colorful and vibrant, dark wall-to-wall carpet may dampen the look a little.  Alternatively, tile may give an otherwise "warm" home a colder and more contemporary look.

If you own your own home, equity becomes a factor when choosing the right flooring

If you own your own home and are choosing flooring, then you have to think about what type of flooring will be best for the area that you live in, especially if you intend to sell it at a later date.  If you live in a subdivision that is primarily with homes with carpet, you may not increase the value of your home by having hardwood floors and recoup your expenses.  Alternatively, an area with hardwood floors in homes may not have as many prospective buyers if your floor is tile.

All of this aside, choosing the best flooring is really all about your lifestyle, your personal style and what other factors you can expect from others living with you (kids and dogs).  And if you are living in the house of your dreams already, choosing flooring such as hard wood could ultimately make your happier with your home.


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