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Best Garage Floor Epoxy - Floor Epoxy Paint - Garage Floor Coating

Updated on April 15, 2011

Best Garage Floor Epoxy

Garage floor epoxy, floor epoxy paint, and garage floor coating can be used as a durable covering for many areas like a concrete basement floor, garage floor, workshop, bathrooms, kitchen areas, storage rooms, patio or wood floors and will provide these areas a protective long lasting surface.

Giving a concrete surface a protective coating has several advantages for each area that it is applied to. One being the floor will have easy clean up and two being the resistance from oils or stains. Another great reason to use paint for a floor is that it will hide the imperfection in the concrete but also colors or non-skid additives can be added such as sand for slippery areas.

Most garage floor epoxy or garage floor paint can be applied with general rollers and paint brushes and standard painting equipment. There are although some ideal ways to apply the epoxy coatings or epoxy paints that have more than one step application so following the directions of each particular product is important.


When preparing a garage flooring for painting with epoxy paints make sure the area has a clean and dry surface. Note: There are some epoxy paints and coatings that can be applied to those hard to keep dry, high moisture areas.

Ensuring that the floor surface is clean from dirt or other debris and also ensuring the area is dry from moisture or water before applying epoxy paints will help to provide a long lasting durable surface that will last. Applying 2 light coats will last longer and be stronger than one thick heavy coat but again it is important to read the instructions of the floor paint to be used.

Epoxy rollers, durable paint brushes and edgers are some of the tools used to apply epoxy paint coatings with the proper thickness and texture that is needed for the working surface to be applied to.


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