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Best Gas Grills - Top Barbecue Grills For Inside and Outside

Updated on June 17, 2011

Food is essential to human beings; we need it for energy, to survive, to evolve. Without it we Nature would toss us aside as being too weak, the fundamentals of Darwinian evolution would take hold and we would be fodder for stronger competition.

Sorry - this isn't a Biology lesson. This is supposed to be about the best gas grills, one of the essential tools we use to cook our food. This isn't supposed to be about theological reasons on why we need food in order to survive; another time, another place.

What makes a good gas grill? Is is a stainless charcoal grill? A barrel bbq grill? Or perhaps it's a propane charcoal grill. A best gas grill has to be easy to use, efficient in the amount of gas it uses and - if you have someone who appreciates style and things that look good - has to, well, look good.

Luckily I've done the work for you - I've researched, I've studied, I've watched. I've done all this so I could compile a list of the best kind of gas grills. Should you get an electric barbecue grill? I have the answer. What about brinkman grills? I'll tell you.


Best Gas Grills:


Best Gas Grills - The Rock Grate

One of the most important parts of your barbecue grill is the rock grate that sits on top.  They are designed to hold lava rock or ceramic bricks and have a double purpose - to protect the burner from any kind of deterioation, as well as make sure the entire grill heats up at the same temperature. 

In other words - they are essential to the longevity of your grill, whether it's a stainless steel barbecue grill or a stainless charcoal grill. 

When buying a gas grill make sure you question the rock grate.  You find a cheap grill for sale - a grill that's even made out of stainless steel - but if the rock grate is of low quality then it isn't worth it. 

A stainless steel barbecue grill is one of the best gas grills because of its longevity.
A stainless steel barbecue grill is one of the best gas grills because of its longevity. | Source

Stainless Steel Barbecue Grills

Out of all gas barbecue grills, stainless steel barbecue grills are the longest-lasting option. Stainless steel grills are a great option because of their high longevity; they are able to withstand heating thousands upon thousands of times and usually - because manufacturers know how high the quality is - have a lifetime warranty.

The biggest issue with stainless steel barbecue grills is that they are usually the most expensive option. Not that you can't find a good stainless steel grill in a price range of up to $1000; you can but expect stainless steel grills at the price to be lacking many of the extra features other barbecue grills have.

A stainless steel barbecue grill is one of the best outdoor grills. By being made with steel it can handle nearly anything Nature throws at - heavy rain, thunderstorms, even hail won't be a problem for your barbecue grill. Remember to clean the rock grate after every storm as you may, because of the heavy winds or rain, get some debris inside.

Places to Buy Stainless Steel Grills For Sale:

  • Jackson Grills - One of the leader in unique stainless steel barbecue grills. Specialize in making table top grills, as well as BBQ grill islands.
  • Vidalia - Makes many Stainless steel barbecues that fall in a price range of 500 - 1000.
  • Broil King - The classic and ultimate barbecue maker.

Best Gas Grills - The Heat Shield

In some new barbecue grills there will be no rock grate; instead you will have something that is called a heat shield.  It has the same purpose as a rock grate - protecting the grill from too much heat or material - but does so in a more efficient manner. 

Heat shields are much lighter than rock grates and much easier to replace - they are also much stronger and much more efficient. 

A cast iron gas grill is great for cooking all types of meat.
A cast iron gas grill is great for cooking all types of meat. | Source

Cast Iron Barbecue Gas Grills

The next step below a stainless steel barbecue grill is a cast iron grill Cast iron is much cheaper than stainless steel, and this can be both a positive and negative. The main heat source is gas grills in the burner that is located directly below the BBQ; therefore whatever the barbecue is made out of will be directly affected by the heat at all times (unlike, say, a charcoal stainless steel grill).

Cast iron isn't as strong or resistant as stainless steel and, if not oiled properly, will begin to rust at an early age. It is strongly recommended that a cast iron gas grill should be oiled every time after use to prevent any premature rusting.

Another option for a cast iron BBQ grill is to get porcelain-coated cast iron. This is the next best option other than stainless steel; it provide thick protection, one in which you rarely have to oil, and is good cooking, and searing, all types of meat.

Where to Use a Cast Iron Gas Grill:

  • BBQ Grill Islands - These are grills which are built inside,usually within a kitchen. A BBQ grill island is a great place for a cast iron gas grill because it will be away from all the outside variables that could affect it's longevity as a grill.
  • Table Top Grill - Cast iron grills work great with many other materials; for example if you wanted to install a gas barbecue grill inside one of your marble counters (like you would with a sink) a cast iron gas grill will work perfectly.
  • Outside (With Cover): It's best to avoid putting your cast iron barbecue in places where it make be vulnerable to weather.

Best Gas Grills - Valves

A good valve is essential in having a good gas grill.  If the valve stops working, or doesn't turn as fluidly, then it may be time for a new one.  The problem with this is that you need the exact model and many times they are difficult to attain.

When buying, for example, a brinkman grill question that quality of the valves; ask about the warranty options in case one of the valves breaks. 

With a barrel bbq grill this beast would be able to be cooked inside the grill.
With a barrel bbq grill this beast would be able to be cooked inside the grill. | Source

Brinkman Grills and Barrel BBQ Grills

Brinkman grills and barrel BBQ grills are two of the best manufactures of gas grills. They both are propane powered gas grills - this means you have to buy a propane tank - and are both known for making quality gas grills that adhere to longevity.

To show you why these aren't just the best outdoor grills but the best gas grills also, I'll give you an example of the best product from each company.


Barrel BBQ Grills:

Name: The Combo Grill

Price: Around $200.


  • 700 square inch cooking grid.
  • Rotating lid without hinges.
  • Powerful rock grate/heat shield.
  • A stainless steel grill.
  • Metal cooking grid.
  • Retains heat in open positions.


Brinkman Grills

Brinkman grills are one of the most long lasting grills on the market. It can be used a smoker of grill and usually has up to 750 square inches of cooking space. Can be found in both stainless steel and cast iron models.



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    • profile image

      Ana 3 years ago

      We love our Weber Silver C grill, but the old enameled favolrizer bars were rusty and disgusting. Amazon offered a terrific price considerably less than the Weber website for these stainless steel replacements, which we purchased with new ss grates. We feel like we have a new grill they were easy to install and operate perfectly. We're sure these will last a very long time, as do most Weber products.

    • profile image

      Syogo 3 years ago

      Like other reviewers, I phcsuared these stainless steel flavorizer bars to replace my rusted enameled bars. After two years of average use (grilling once a week or so during the summer), as I was cleaning my grill I realized that these stainless steel bars are rusty quite rusty, on both the top and bottom. I was surprised, so I contacted Weber customer service about the rust on the stainless steel bars. They explained, and I quote: The flavorizer bars will rust within the first year of use. This is normal due to the amount of abuse they take protecting the burner tubes. We recommend that you replace the bars once they break or fall apart. I would suggest rotating the bars for a longer longevity. Fine. No problem. Based on Weber's recommendation, I assume the flavorizer bars are still doing their job, even if rusty. However, I now believe I was too hasty in replacing my old bars. And, when it's time to replace the stainless steel bars, I may just replace them with the less expensive porcelain enameled bars.