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Best Home Insect Killer For Use Indoors

Updated on September 9, 2011

Best Insect and Spider Killers to Get Rid of Indoor Pests

I do not necessarily have a problem with bugs. But I do have a problem with bugs inside of my house. Whether they are ants, spiders, or the dreaded cockroach, seeing bugs indoors - especially in the kitchen - is disgusting.

And try as I might to teach my son about caring for God's creatures, I make an exception for insects that invade my home. I mean, I live in Texas. I can attack a human home invader without repercussion, so surely I can do the same with a bug.

So I figured I would bring you the some of the best 5 best home insect killers for indoor use.

Talstar Pro 3/4 Gal Multi Use Insecticide / Termiticide

This Talstar Pro product is used indoors and outdoors and targets 75 pests, including spiders, mosquitoes, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, and millipedes. And as long as your pets do not have six legs, they will be safe once Talstar Pro is dry.

The active ingredient in Talstar Pro is 7.9% Bifenthrin, which is the longest residual termiticide on the market.

There are several Talstar Pro products available on Amazon, but this one seems to get the best reviews.

Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knock Out

Doktor Doom Spider Mite Knock Out is an insect killer made with the insecticide pyrethrin, which is a naturally occurring substance that is found in Chrysanthemum seeds. Doktor Doom kills aphids, whiteflies, and as the name suggests, spider mites. It can be used indoors and outdoors as well.

Doktor Doom also can be bought as a fogger.

Terro Liquid Ant Bait

Terro Liquid Ant Bait is the best ant killer that I have ever used and is the ultimate answer to how to get rid of ants in the kitchen. My wife and I had sugar ants in the kitchen for over a year and tried all sorts of remedies to make the ants go away. Nothing ever worked until we tried Terro liquid ant bait. It took 24 hours and we have not seen an ant since then.

Terro has several methods of application, but I like the kind shown here. It comes as a gel, and you apply about a nickel-sized circle of gel on some cardboard. The ants are drawn to it all crazy-eyed and within an hour you will have hundreds of ants feasting on their impending doom.

Terro liquid ant bait is not an immediate killer, and the ants take it back to their nests to share with their friends. If you try Terro I really hope it works as well for you as it did for me. I was amazed at the results.

Ortho 33oz. Home Defense Indoor Insect Killer

This indoor insect killer comes from Ortho, one of the top names is pest control. Since it is a spray bottle, it might be more convenient to just spray an area where you have problems, instead of spraying the entire house. In addition, the spray has an orange smell to help diminish the odor of the insecticide.

Some Amazon reviews have said that it does not work, but I suppose that all results can vary. But for an inexpensive, easy spray insect killer, this could be your answer.

Pic 16 Oz. Boric Acid Roach Killer BA-16

If you want a roach killer that works great, this inexpensive little item does the trick. Boric acid does a fantastic job of killing the roaches - and other insects for that part. I have had trouble getting insects to be affected by boric acid, but one reviewer has a good trick. Mix the boric acid with sugar and flour. The sugar will lure the roaches, the flour will make the mixture stick, and the boric acid will kill them.

This Pic boric acid roach killer is safe for use in the home and in restaurants.

The Effectiveness of Insect Killers Can Vary

One thing to keep in mind about insect killers is that their effectiveness can vary. While these products get great reviews, and I have had success with some of them in the past, it does not necessarily mean that they will work as well for you. But these 5 products are a great place to start.


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