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Best Hot Air Popper Reviews

Updated on September 20, 2014

The convenience of microwave popcorn has made many forget what real popcorn tastes like. But once you taste popcorn from an air popper again, you‘ll wonder how you got hooked on microwave popcorn in the first place.

Making your own popcorn is just as easy as microwaving, tastes much better, and is healthier as you can control what seasonings you put on it. It’s also cheaper and you will have far fewer unpopped kernels and rarely any burnt popcorn. If you want to go back to making old-fashioned popcorn a healthy tasty snack, then here are the best hot air pooper reviews for any budget to get you started.

Pros of the Cuisinart Popcorn Maker:

Quieter than other popcorn makers

Modern design and color choices

Easy to use

On/off switch

BPA free

Comes with recipes, such as for pesto and olive oil flavors

Cons of the Cuisinart Popcorn Maker:

Butter cup does not melt the butter completely

Cuisinart Popcorn Maker Review

The Cuisinart popcorn maker is one of the pricier of the top selling options, but at under $50 at most stores, it’s still a bargain compared to microwave popcorn. It has a more modern look and comes in white or red. When shopping for my own popcorn maker, I choose this one based on past experience with Cuisinart as a quality brand, reviews that it’s quieter, and just because has a more modern look that you can get in red. Also it has an on/off switch which strangely not all popcorn makers have. Overall, I’m very pleased with our purchase.

Using the machine is quite easy. You take the top off, fill the center with up to 1/2 cups of popcorn kernels, put the top back on, and turn it on. That 1/2 cup in less than 5 minutes turns into about 15 cups of popped popcorn. The top of the lid has a removable 1/2 cup measuring cup which is quite convenient. You can also use this cup to melt butter while the popcorn is popping. However I found that it does not melt the butter completely by the time the popcorn is done. So I don’t use it, but rather use the microwave for melting butter.

The popcorn comes out perfect. Very few kernels are left un-popped and none were burnt. Some kernels are spit out when you first turn the maker on. Be patient, it’s very few and once it gets going almost every kernel will be popped. Once the popcorn really gets going, it does shoot out of the top. Great fun for the kids, but if you do not use a tall deep popcorn bowl, then you will have a mess to clean up.

I would certainly recommend this to anyone who just wants and easy way to pop their own popcorn. Although I paid a bit more for the Cuisinart name and modern look, it will certainly pay for itself quickly as I will not be buying microwave popcorn anymore.

Pros of the Presto Popcorn Maker:

Makes up to 18 cups of popcorn

Easy to use

Retro look


Cons of the Presto Popcorn Maker:

Louder than other models

Presto Hot Air Popcorn Maker Review

The Presto Poplite popcorn maker is probably the best selling popcorn maker on Amazon. With a cheap price and more than a thousand happy customers it’s easy to see why. It will pop more than the Cuisinart with an 18-cup max but has nearly the same design as the Cuisinart. It also has the measuring cup/butter melting cup at the top with the same issue of not actually melting the butter.

The big differences between Presto and Cuisinart are that the Presto is a bit louder, does not have an on/off switch, and the Presto has a retro look rather than modern. But if you want to save some money, then this is the popcorn machine for you.

It takes less than five minutes to make the popcorn, so hardly worth complaining about the noise for the short amount of time you probably will be running it. And if pulling the plug from the wall to turn if off doesn’t bother you, then do save the money and opt for the Presto Poplite hot air popcorn maker.


Some Hot Air Popcorn Making Tips

Have your butter and salt ready before popping your kernels. Then you can sprinkle the butter and salt on the popcorn as it pops and lands in the bowl. This will get better coverage over all the popcorn and not just the ones at the top without having to mix the popcorn. This works for most any seasonings you are using.

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