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Best Ideas for Real Estate Blogs

Updated on December 9, 2012

there are literally thousands of ideas for this particular type of blog niche

Real estate blogging is a niche that has gained popularity over the last couple of years for a number of various reasons. Any blogger with an interest in this area can expect to have a great deal of appeal for blog posts they write and publish to their blogging platform. A number of writers mistakenly believe that blogging for this industry is a one way street full of textbook jargon. Finding ideas for this particular style of blogging is not a difficult task. These are tools to use to make the job even easier.

Avoid having writers block when it comes to your particular niche. There is an unlimited supply of innovative and even cool ways to communicate topics to an audience and fashion blog post. Discover some useful concepts to convey your opinions and thoughts to readers from this listing. Using this material will certainly help make your blogging efforts more successful.

a) Relate how the market is holding up in a particular neighborhood

This is extremely useful when you live in a larger city or have a blog that is local in nature. However, if you want to expand on the idea attempt to focus not on a neighborhood, but a city or state.

b) The most expensive or least expensive home sales

The most expensive or least expensive sales of homes are an interesting topic for any consumer in the market. Again keep the interest local or go national.

c) Use video to display dream homes that happen to be for sale

Everyone has a dream of the home they would love to own. How about putting the twist not only describing the contents, but giving your readers a visual tour?

d) Let your readers know the best time to buy or invest in the field

This is generally a given for a lot of bloggers. The question is appealing and attractive as well as answering a question an enormous amount of home buyers have.

e) Celebrity houses

Want to let your readers know where the celebrities are living? This is along the same route as dream homes with a slightly different twist. Again adding a pic or video will make this post stand out

f) Popular openings and events

Getting the word out about free stuff to do is not only nice, but appreciated.

g) Marketing strategies for real estate agents

This is one for the basics. Marketing is an important part of playing the game. Although the entire blog should not be devoted to industry workers, like agents and brokers, having some content that focuses on the main players is a terrific idea.

h) Lists of the best and the worst

Lists are attractive for readers. Build lists of nearly anything related to your niche. List the best time to buy a townhouse, list the best 10 things that cost you mortgage points or top mortgage brokers. Whatever you can imagine will create a list will work for fashioning blog posts.

i) Tips and techniques for hiring personnel related to your home

Tips for hiring workers like contractors and home inspectors will increase page views. These are questions that readers want answers for and supplying them will garner you the attention you seek. Look to see an increase in traffic for terrific posts full of relevant content for tips and techniques.

j) Pets and your home

This is a subject that hasn’t gained an enormous amount of focus, but can be expanded for a couple of different posts. Discuss what to do with pets when selling your home, what is the best home for pets and other ideas.

k) Everything around your first home

Your first home is an important piece of information that a great deal of research is generally done on. First time home buyers have tons of questions they want answers for and scour the web for fantastic content to answer questions. Discuss, financing, what to look for, how to sell, mistakes to avoid and the list can go on and on.

Although you cannot create all of your posts around the topic, it certainly is a go-to if you get writers block.

l) Energy saving and Going Green

Although these two topics do not necessarily have to go hand in hand, a writer will have room to detail info for both for blog posts.

Homeowners are concerned with saving the environment and conveying material for Going Green and saving energy appeals at this time.

m) Taxes related to real estate

Taxes are a boring subject for some, but are a wonderful topic of conversation for these types of blogs. More than a few bloggers find a great amount of page views for this keyword topic.

n) Repairing real estate

Selling real estate is what most people imagine seeing for post ideas from this niche. However, info for repairing it is just as useful for readers.

o) Landscaping

Landscaping ideas, tips, tricks and costs

p) Best of the local merchants in a given area

Discussing your opinion of what you consider the best of businesses such as golf courses, restaurants and other brick and mortar merchants is sought after.

q) Animal shelters and rescue leagues

Both of these are pieces of properties and connected to your blog niche. Talk about anything related to the building, location, pains or shortcomings in your opinion. If these local establishments happen to have a great track record, share this with your audience.

r) Schools

Want to talk about your school taxes, new ones on the horizon or what the city did to renovate an old one? You can handle this category in a variety of ways. How about the best private schools or the best public schools?

s) New construction in your city or state

This is an interesting topic for readers that want to know what is going on as soon as possible. Offering a glimpse into the up and coming activities under construction is wonderful

t) Public places of interests

This is a wide category that can include things like your public library, historical buildings of significance or even indoor gardens accessible to the public.

u) Police stations and fire departments

The public has a curiosity about these buildings. Gain an advantage over similar competing blogs by offering a glimpse into info about them.

v) Offer contests

Contests can include photos or images as well as give away gifts for events or attractions

w) Overview of real estate in a particular city

A large overview of property any city around the country is a blog post that can include tons of info and has the ability to link to other posts around the blog

x) Write about yourself

Lots of bloggers make a personal effort to connect with readers. Sharing personal information is important in connecting with a reader. Always keep it professional, even with this particular topic. Remember you have a reputation and credibility to uphold

y) Books

There is tons of related reading material on this subject matter. If you have an opinion about books in this industry share it.

z) Odd stories, experience or information to share about properties or homes

This is a category of material that makes for entertainment for readers. Sharing this content will connect you and your readers

These are a number of terrific ideas for real estate blogs and can lead a blogger to a road of success.


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