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No Kink Garden Hose Pipe Review

Updated on June 3, 2014

The best no kink garden hose pipe review

The best no kink garden hose pipe review
The best no kink garden hose pipe review | Source

What`s the best garden hose Pipe?


The Xhose – The Expanding Garden Hose

My favourite new lawn and garden, household product is the flexible “intelligent” no kink Xhose!


Yes, Intelligently innovative, because the flexibility allows this exciting garden hose to automatically expand and contract.

Turn the tap on and the force of the water expands the Xhose up to 3 times its length – from its original 5.1 m (16.7 ft) to 15.3 m (50 ft).(depending on the length of hose you buy)

Turn the tap off, and when the force of the water is gone, the hose quickly retracts itself to its former original small size!

The kink-resistant Xhose has an inner core of rubber and a sturdy resilient outer mesh that forms to create an easy to handle, lightweight, durable hose. Compared to the standard 50 foot vinyl garden hose weighing in at 2.2 kg (5 lbs), the Xhose is a featherweight at less than ½ kg (1 lb).

I can easily pack this space-saving hose into a small bag and neatly hang it in my RV / Motorhome for a weekend of camping without worrying about carrying the excess weight of an ordinary PVC or rubber hose. I have all ways carried a garden hose in the outside compartment of my RV motorhome, but it all ways took up so much room and just got in the way, and would all ways end up kinked. Then I found this hose system.

When I say it`s the best hose for camping caravanning and Rv`s I mean it. Space can be an issue in Rv`s and motorhomes, so a big hose gets in the way. not with this light weight,no kink small hose. A must have for all camper`s.

The best no kink garden hose review of Xhose

The best no kink garden hose review
The best no kink garden hose review | Source

My friend now take`s a Xhose along with him to flush the motor of his boat after a day of fishing on the lake – the hose takes up no space at all!

My gardening time is reduced to half! No more tug-of-war struggle with a cumbersome vinyl hose that literally fights me at each and every turn. I can casually walk across my lawn with Xhose gliding along behind me - no kinks, no twists, no death grips on corners to slow me down. Watering the garden is excessively simplified - No worries about the heavy weight of the garden hose tearing down my lovely plants. No more picking up muddy, slimy, bug-riddled hoses and futilely trying to wrap the hose neatly around the rusty reel. No need for heavy unsightly, unstable reels that are damaging the side of your house. With little to no effort, I can not only move the expanded Xhose comfortably around the lawn, but I can also pick up and store the smaller contracted Xhose tidily and without fuss. Washing the car is made easier too! The exceptionally light hose is maneuvered with ease around the tires and over the bonnet and the boot of the car. Still have windows to wash? Not a problem with the powerful spray of the Xhose. Your ‘To Do’ list is Done before you know it!

Xhose was voted and awarded the Winner of ‘Best New Product ’ of the Royal Horticultural Society’s Grow Your Own Award 2013. Runner up was the Hozelock Flexi Spray – a compatible system to use with the Xhose and attachments.

No more kinks in your garden hose


The No Kink Xhose is available in different lengths:

25 ft (7.62m) ,for light jobs, small gardens and cleaning the terrace. Weight ½ lb / .23kg

50 ft (15.24m) ,for light to medium jobs, medium sized gardens. , Weight 1 lb / .45kg

75 ft (22.24m) , for larger projects, medium to large sized gardens. , Weight 1 ½ lb / .69kg

View Prices and sizes Here from USA,Canada

View Prices and sizes Here from UK

Big Boss Xhose Holder and Support for Garden Hose
Big Boss Xhose Holder and Support for Garden Hose

Xhose Holder / Support is a metal No Assembly Required, lightweight garden hose holder that hangs over/ or from the tap or faucet to tidily and attractively hold your Xhose. The holder/support can also be used to hang in the garage for conveniently storing electrical cords


Attachments for no kink garden hose include:

Your garden hose attachments you all ready have will work with this hose, Hoselock systems and other types of accessories will still be compatible.

Attachments that are readily available for the Xhose include:

Quick Release Xhose Tap Adapter converts the hose to fit a ½” thread tap. Easy to attach, and no leaks! Fits most standard hose fittings and is interchangeable with the Hozelock.

The Xhose connector with water shut off is a easy to fit attachment for a 3/4" BSP threaded garden tap, secure a standard 1/2" hose adapter to the bottom of the connector.

The convenient shut-off valve allows the changing of connectors without turning off the water supply.

Xhose 8 Speed Spray Nozzle

Xhose 8 Speed Spray Nozzle uses 8 different modes – mist, flat, centre, soaker, full, cone, shower and angle. Simply listen for the clicking sound as you turn the dial to select the desired mode. Ideal for home gardening, cleaning your car or patio, etc

Xhose Water Jet

Xhose Water Jet gives you that extra boost of water power for those tough or hard to reach cleaning jobs. The stream / spray of the water is changed by unwinding and screwing on the desired nozzle - A Stream Nozzle and a Fan / Spray Nozzle is included. An On / Off lever allows easy control of the water flow. Also compatible with standard garden hose.

Water Fights. This hose is fun as well as particle.

Did you used to have hose pipe water fights as a kid?

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    • Snakesmum profile image

      Jean DAndrea 3 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Glad I found this hub, as I'm thinking of getting one of these, but wasn't sure about it. It sounds like the type of hose for me. I hate it when my old garden hose kinks and closes itself up. It also breaks plants if I'm not careful with it, so the light weight of this hose sounds ideal.

    • the best reviews profile image

      the best reviews 3 years ago from England

      Thanks @RedSirenJulie. it is great and so small,

    • RedSirenJulie profile image

      Julie Ritchie 3 years ago from East Sussex, UK

      I LOVE this hose. What genius! And it is so small to store.