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Best Oscillating Pedestal Fans 2015

Updated on December 10, 2015

Placing an oscillating stand fan in the corner of your room is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to avoid the numbing summer heat and ventilate your house. The first step is to identify the model that has all the features you need. In this article, you will find some of the best-selling fans with impartial reviews and the pros and cons of each item. After reading the reviews and comparing the different models, you should be able to decide for yourself which one is the best.

How to Choose the Best Fan

When searching for the breeze you desire in hot summer days, you need to take some factors into consideration.

Blowing Power: This is the most important thing you have to check when purchasing a fan because moving the air is the raison d'être for the item we are talking about. Air circulation ability is measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) and I have displayed the company-provided data for the fans whenever available. More important is what the customers think of the fan's power because the user perspective is always more informative than that of the company.

Noise: White noise can be an issue when you are watching TV or when you are sleeping. You should think about how much noise you can bear and choose a quiet model if you feel you will be bothered by the noise.

Durability: Being wobbly is one thing but if there are too many reports of the fan dying soon or not working at all, there is a problem. Even when there is a warranty, the replacement process is going to consume your time. No matter if you buy cheap or expensive, it is best to choose one that will, at least, last the warm season.

Extras: Some fans come with nice features that add to their value. A fan with a remote is always better than one without in.

The Lasko 2521 16"

This is the best-selling stand fan in the market. Considering the low ranking it gets from people who have used this model, the only plausible reason for its popularity is the very low price. However, even with the advantageous price, Lasko 2521 may not be the best choice because there is a better fan at a similar price and from the same company. It is seen next in the list.

Going back to the Lasko 2521, its features include adjustable height, tilting head and three speeds. Its maximum air flow capacity is rather low at 1140 CFM. It is no surprise that there are an endless number of complaints that this fan is just too weak. Those who are satisfied with the wind it makes are no more than a handful of people. There are also dozens of reports where the fan did not work at all or stopped working within the first few days. There are even people who bought several of these together and could not get any of them to turn the fan blades. Everyone who tries this fan acknowledges that it is built in a piecemeal fashion using cheap plastic.

I expect people will continue to purchase this model but I see no reason to recommend it even as a cheap alternative as long as the Lasko 2526 model is available for the same price.

Lasko 2526 16-Inch Adjustable

Here is another very economic fan by Lasko. This one also enjoys high sales but not as much as the one above. However, I find this one to be a much more convenient choice and advise you buy this fan if you want to go cheap.

The height of the Lasko 2526 can be adjusted between 37" and 53". The head can be tilted back and it has three speed choices and oscillation, which is pretty much everything you see in any ordinary stand fan and no advanced features. It is also a few pounds heavier than the above Lasko fan. What makes it better is that it offers a superior user experience at a similar price.

Lasko 2526 appears to have a more solid design because nobody has complained about this fan dying after a short while or not working at all. To the contrary, most agree that it is sufficiently powerful as a fan and does a great job circulating air around the room. This is to be expected, as its air delivery power is 1710 CFM, about 50% higher than the lesser Lasko model seen above. What we have here does give you a good wind and is likely to serve you for some time.

Lasko 2526 has some weaknesses, too, which is to be expected. The most common complaint about this fan is the noise. Not only does it create the usual white noise but it also sort of rattles at higher speeds. That said, some people do not find it too noisy at lower speeds. Another issue is the shoddiness. People sometimes have a hard time assembling this model because the parts don't snap together easily. Even when assembled it remains wobbly and shakes at the highest speed option. These are some minus points, but you should be prepared for such stuff when you buy a cheap fan and even with these cons, it works.

It is quite obvious that the Lasko 2526 16'' fan is preferable to its 2521 sister. Both are about the same price, but the 2526 has a much better fanning performance and is much more sturdy. Again, do not expect to get the best pedestal fan in the world at this price range. You will get what you pay for: a cheap pedestal fan with no fancy features, yet one that does its job. Lasko 2526 is a decent option for people who want to allocate a minimum budget and still get a fan that works.

Lasko 1843 18" Remote Control Cyclone

Entering the medium price range we come across another Lasko fan that is again a frequenter of the best-seller list. Lasko's turf is apparently the cheaper end of oscillating stand fan market and this one is as expensive as the company can get. The Lasko 1843 18" Remote Control Cyclone boasts some good features, but its blatant weaknesses prevent me from recommending this hot item as a great buy.

First the good points: The Lasko 1843 does make a lot of wind, as everyone agrees. Its maximum fanning power is 1970 CFM and that's decent. The standard features are adjustable height, adjustable tilt, and oscillation. This fan also has a timer that can be set stop after 1, 2 or 4 hours. Finally, it has a remote control, which would be handy if it actually worked.

Unfortunately, this fan has some serious issues. First, the remote only works from a few feet away or if the remote beam is directed right at the receiver. That practically renders the remote useless unless you are a very a good marksman. People who have bought this fan call the remote a gimmick. Next, the fan is too cheaply made and is shaky. Making things worse, several people report that the front grill falls off many times, exposing the turning blades and creating a safety issue. Noise is another issue because even those who love this product admit that it is too loud. Finally, there are some complaints about the fan dying within a few weeks.

All in all, the Lasko 1843 remains an option because it can blow some air. However, my personal advice is that you check out the HoneyWell stand fan reviewed just below this one. It is in the same price range and has slightly better features with none of the gross problems reported about the Lasko 1843.

Honeywell QuietSet 16"

This fan offers one of the best price-to-performance ratios so it is not surprising that many people choose to buy Honeywell QuietSet 16" Stand Fan, also known as the HS-1655.

The company has not provided data on the air circulation power of this item, but it is certain that we are looking at a fan with a competent air blowing capacity because I have not seen a single instance where someone who owns it complained about it being weak. Instead, whether they like the fan or not, everyone agrees in calling it "powerful and quiet." That satisfies the two basic things you need look for in a stand fan.

The HoneyWell fan can be set to five different speeds. As for the remote, it works well and is quite functional with command over speed and timer as well as on-off controls. The auto shut-down timer can be set to 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours. The fan weighs a few pounds more than the cheaper fans we've seen so far. It's 11 lbs, light enough to be moved around with ease but heavy enough to bar any risk of toppling. The base is especially dense which is good for the balance of the fan.

HS-1655 appears to be a bit more long lasting, too. There are a few reports where the fan was shipped broken or died after a few weeks, but they are much less than fans with similar price. This fan also has a one-year warranty.

There is only one flaw. Some customers have complained that if left oscillating for hours at a time, the pole starts to squeak. However, it is not a widespread complaint and does not mask the many pros listed for this model.

In short, the HoneyWell HS-1655 may be the best oscillating pedestal fan you can hope to get at this price. It has some very useful features, offers a comparatively high-quality user experience, and does a good job moving air around the room. If you are on a medium budget, it should be a go. Black and white colors are available.

Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence 4-Speed with Remote Control

As of 2014, Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence is the best non-commercial pedestal fan I know about. It is strongly recommended to anyone who wants a high-end item that could live through several summers.

The fan has height adjustment, head tilt features, and oscillation. There is a remote control, as expected. The speed can be set to four different levels. Five plastic blades with a unique design produce powerful air circulation with little noise. Metal is also used in the fan's build, including the blade shield for safety, hence the 19 pounds weight. The base is also heavier so this fan will never fall down. Strangely, with all the features it has, the Rowenta VU5551 lacks a timer. The warranty is one year for North America.

User experience of this product is stellar. It can move air up to 2436 CFM with a maximum noise level of 57 decibels. The Rowenta fan will cool you down immediately and without a sound. Almost everyone who owns this fan agrees it is a very powerful and very quiet fan. No more fan noise in your bedroom and when you are watching TV! It is also solidly built and long-lasting. To make things even better, Rowenta has a very sleek look and will add to the décor of your home.

There are no serious complaints about this pedestal fan that require mentioning here.

This is as close to perfection as you can get. Yes, the price is higher than average but this is not at all a concern for two reasons. First, you will certainly end up satisfied with it as a fan so you know you are not spending your money in vain. Second, when compared to cheaper fans, it is far less likely to require replacement anytime soon so you could actually end up saving money in the long term. Rowenta Turbo Silence is also the choice if you are buying a gift for someone because the customer satisfaction is rather high and you can rest assured that the gift recipient will end up happy with this thing.

Dyson AM03

This thing looks like a soap bubble ring or a magnifying glass but in fact, it is a fan. The Dyson Air Multiplier has an innovative design that allows it to give some breeze without featuring exposed blades.

Although they are marketed as bladeless, Dyson Air Multiplier fans do actually have blades in their base parts. Air is pulled in by these blades and pushed up out of the small openings around the hollow circle on the top of the fan. The fan's mechanism is similar to that of a hair dryer. The blades are inaccessible, so this fan is indeed safer than an ordinary fan. And it looks quite sleek, too.

While most fans oscillate 90 degrees, Dyson AM03 will complete a whole round by oscillating 360 degrees. And of course, it's got a remote.

I would be glad to recommend this as a choice for those people who want a ground-breaking, high-end product that goes beyond what is offered by lesser brands, but unfortunately it is a bit too weak. Its air circulation capacity is a mere 1150 CFM, no more than the cheapest stand fan in this review. And reportedly, it does make more noise than would be expected from a machine that makes so little wind and is so expensive.

This is not the end for those fascinated by Dyson technology, though. There is also a tower fan version of Dyson Air Multiplier, the AM02 tower fan that I have displayed below. It occupies a smaller space than the pedestal Dyson fan and produces more wind at 1271 CFM. Actually, it is stronger than most tower fans you will find, so it deserves to be checked if you like the Dyson concept.


There are two fans by MAXXAIR that I will review. Both are industrial grade fans that could also be used at home given you want a really strong wind.

HVPF 22 OSC has 22-inch blades that blow air up to 4100 CFM. This fan can also oscillate. The problem with them is that there are several reports of the oscillator breaking after a while, rendering the fan head motionless. The reason seems to be a weak plastic part that was included in the oscillator's design. So this might not be the best choice if you want an oscillating fan.

As for the HVPF 30, the blades are 30 inches. Its wind capacity is 4800 CFM and there is no oscillation.

Neither model has a remote or timer. They are just metal fans that blow fast. Height is adjustable in both and they come with a 2-year warranty.

One weakness in these models is that the difference between the three-speed options is so little that the chances are that you will not even feel it. HVPF 22 OSC operates at 4100 CFM, 3800 CFM and 3500 CFM and for HVPF 30, the choices are 4800, 4400 and 4100. These fans will give you a storm, no matter the speed you choose.

The bottom line is that MAXXAIR fans are good because of their steel build and huge air circulation capabilities. If you are someone who is not satisfied with regular household fans and want something more powerful, and if fancy details such as remotes and timers do not matter for you, this brand might be an option.

Air King 9175 1/3 HP Industrial Grade

Although it appears rather short, the fan in the picture is, in fact, taller than most stand fans. The reason it looks short is the very large head part. With 30-inch blades, this thing is a beast that is built for fanning out large offices, shops, storehouses and other commercial or industrial spaces. All who have employed it for such purposes have ended up satisfied.

Air King 9175 is all metal with a weight of 83 pounds and a powerful ball-bearing motor that blows air up to 8780 CFM. It is a heavy-duty, solidly built fan that is meant to last. There are three speed options plus the oscillation ability. This fan has no remote or timer. What we have here is an unadorned tool designed for a single purpose: To blow a lot of air.

Air King fan gets the best product badge in this review because it is the most powerful fan that has a high but reasonable price. It can rightly be called the best industrial grade stand fan. That said, it is not not the type of fan you want in your bedroom. At its slowest, Air King produces wind at 5570 CFM, more than twice the maximum power of Rowenta VU5551. This is way too much for use in an ordinary house. It also makes a lot of noise. Air King 9175 is great for very large areas where noise is not an issue. If you need an industrial-grade oscillating pedestal fan, go with this one.


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      4 years ago

      I'm looking for an outdoor fan for my house. Any recommendations?

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Thank you for your excellent reviews. If you had to choose between the Honeywell Quietest 16" Stand Fan or the Rowenta Turbo Silence stand fan, which would you get? Is the Rowenta worth the extra $100 dollars (or whatever it is)? Rowenta does not have a remote control, but I don't care about that. I'm interested in whichever is built the sturdiest (particularly the base) and the noise/quiet factor is important, too. Thank you.


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