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Best Plum Tomato Seeds For 2011

Updated on December 27, 2015

Plum tomatoes are pretty versatile, making them popular in back yard tomato gardens. They are small enough to throw into a salad, yet large enough to slice for a sandwich. Some varieties will offer resistance to common tomato plant diseases, while others won't. They can be grown in your garden or planted in a container.

Anyway you slice it, seed selection is crucial in growing plum tomatoes. Selecting the best plum tomato seeds for 2011 will make your growing season more enjoyable.  Here are a few of my picks that have proven to be worthy of any tomato-lover's garden.

"Bellstar" Tomato Seeds

This is an early type plum tomato seed; meaning you'll be able to enjoy your fruits a bit sooner! The "Red Plum" is a determinate tomato plant, and will grow to a compact size, making it a good choice for container tomato gardens, and hanging baskets. While delicious fresh, this variety is also an ideal candidate for making tomato paste, spaghetti sauce, freezing and canning.

"Red Plum" Tomato Seeds

"Red Plum" tomato seeds produce small fruits that are extra-juicy, and delightfully sweet. These tomatoes are perfect in salads, and will reach full maturity in 78 days.

"Big Mama" Plum Tomato Seeds

This is a new variety that is quickly setting the standard for paste-making tomato seeds. These plum shaped tomatoes will grow to weights that will far outweigh any other plum variety. Try these awesome plum tomato seeds in your garden for 2011.


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