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Best Prefabricated Houses in Kenya

Updated on March 13, 2015

A prefabricated house is perfect if you are looking for a new home which is highly energy efficient and architecturally pleasing at the same time. Whether you prefer a modern or classic prefab house or if you are looking for a town house or bungalow, there is no shortage of Kenyan prefabricated housing companies to meet your needs.

Koto Housing Kenya

For years, the company has been working in manufacturing, construction and marketing of prefabricated homes and buildings in Kenya. These energy and cost-effective buildings combine innovation, technology and process optimization to offer maximum choice and flexibility when it comes to construction customization.

Through high-precision construction systems and well proven assembly techniques, Koto Housing Kenya will deliver dazzling projects within the shortest time frame in the Kenyan housing market. Whether you opt for self-construction, shared tasks or turnkey projects, you get the same high quality product whatever your budget.

With their newly constructed factory in Athi River, Koto Housing Kenya aim to produce a larger number of prefabricated homes in Kenya to bridge the ever increasing demand of houses. Already, Koto Housing is in discussion with the Kenyan government on how they can partner in various projects that are in the pipeline to ease the housing problem in the country.

The company has a number of offerings ranging from their entry-level 3 million shillings bungalow house to maisonettes that start at around 8 million shillings.

Koto Housing Kenya

Hong Kong Building Centre Kenya

Whether you are a builder, developer or investor who wants to set up a multi-housing project on your own property, Hong Kong Building Centre Kenya has all the right products for you. The current offerings in the market make it hard for people with limited experience or busy schedules who want to unleash their entrepreneurial spirit in the housing sector in Kenya.

Hong Kong Building Centre Kenya has developed products with this in mind and offer a comprehensive, flexible and adaptable solution to meet your specific needs.

The company has developed a professional and personalized support to help you realize your residential projects in the shortest time possible. They will accompany you at every stage from the realization of your plans and specifications to the delivery of the project. Their solution builds on a multidisciplinary team expertise and passion for the home.

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Economic Housing Group (EHG) Kenya

This company has been around for a while and offer modular housing solutions with most of their products made from wood from sustainable sources given that wood is a scarce resource in Kenya.

Prices of their products include foundations, cabinets and shipping. Plaster, paint, flooring and ceramics are not included. These prices may vary depending on the construction areas and options such as taxes, land and construction costs.

Note that ready-to-decorate prices may vary by location and remoteness of the area where the building is to be put up. It would be wise to contact a representative for more accurate target prices.

Facilities and prices for excavations, foundation, plumbing and electricity are subject to variations according to construction area.

Wood Products Kenya Limited

Made almost entirely in the factory the Wood Products Kenya Limited machined modular homes are optimized to save on cost and construction time. Despite their unbeatable prices, they do not put less emphasis on quality, comfort and service. Their modular homes are built according to the Kenyan Building Code and are compatible with most county construction regulations which means that the permits are easy to get.

Eco Homes Kenya Limited

Eco Homes Kenya Limited is positioned as one of the leading manufacturers of machined homes in Kenya. The company is distinguished by the high quality of its buildings as well as it professional and personal approach.

Each model is prefabricated in the factory and is made with attention to detail and respects the superior industry standards in Kenya. The company offers a wide selection of single-storey bungalow-type houses, country houses, cottages and intergenerational homes.

Eco Homes is also able to realize your real estate project by adapting its plans according to your needs and aspirations. All modular homes are fully designed and produced in the factory and then assembled and installed by professionals with wide range of expertise.

National Housing Corporation Kenya

National Housing Corporation aims at reducing the cost of housing in Kenya by almost 30% using their expanded polystyrene (EPS) technology. Given the fact that the Kenyan housing market has a shortfall of over 200,000 units per year, this will go a long way in meeting the demand for affordable housing in the country.

The EPS technology uses ready-made blocks of foam that have a meshwork of steel on both sides. These are then plastered with concrete to give a sturdy and light construction that is stronger than standard construction with bricks and mortar.

The advantage of EPS technology is that it costs less, takes a shorter time to produce and is stronger than conventional houses. The EPS construction is so strong that it can go up to 15 storeys high without any structural problems.

Experienced and trained representatives will validate your needs with you and will explain the steps and key points of the process of purchasing your manufactured home. They will help you think about your initial needs and intermediaries will ultimately determine with you the house of your dreams.


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