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Best Price SodaStream Soda Maker

Updated on March 30, 2011

>>>The most popular home soda maker, the Sodastream Penguin Starter Kit, features an easy to load glass carafe that makes carbonating easy and can keep the carbonated beverage for days.

If you drink any sort of carbonated beverage – from soda Pop to Seltzer water to carbonated flavored water, there's a great new way to have it right at your fingertips. The SodaStream soda maker has actually been around for a couple of years now, but it's been gaining popularity. There are a few different models and a ton of different flavor additives so that you can make all sorts of carbonated beverages in thirty seconds or less for a fraction of what it costs at the grocery store. Not to mention it's always available so you almost never run out or have to deal with a flat bottle again. So whether you're a hardcore gin and tonic drinker or you just drink 15 diet cokes a day; we can show you how to get the best price on a SodaStream soda maker.

When doing the research for this article we found that the SodaStream's best price was at Amazon. They have everything you need from the units themselves, to starter kits, to the different flavorings, all at the lowest prices we could find. They also offer free shipping on most models. Click Here to See the Entire Selection of SodaStream Soda Makers and Accessories on Amazon

SodaStream Models

There are four different model of home soda makers and each one has it's pros and cons.  The introductory model is the Fountain jet and it starts off around 100 bucks.  This model features the basic carbonating abilities but is oddly the only one that can accept the larger 33 oz CO2 cylinder.  It uses a 1-lite BPA free bottle and has a carbonation saving cap so it stays carbonated even if you leave it in the fridge for a while.  It has a plastic design that comes in a variety of colors – red, grey, black and white, that can compliment just about any kitchen design.  The next model is the Genesis which features an easier to use open bottle design that makes screwing in the bottle much easier.  It also has a variety of colors to choose from.  The next model up is the SodaStream Pure soda maker which has a couple of design improvements.  It also has the open bottle design so that you can easily screw in the bottle, but the unit itself is made from stainless steel and plastic so it's a bit more robust and blends in well with other stainless steel kitchen appliances.  Finally there's the penguin which is the crème de la crème of the home soda maker machines.  The penguin has a beautiful stainless steel design that encloses the glass bottle that it uses (instead of PET plastic).  The design also features a self-centering adjustment that makes it much easier to load; simply put the bottle in and close up the penguin.  It also lets you adjust the carbonation so you get a perfectly customized fizz everytime.

Each of the models use a standardized 14.5 oz CO2 bottle that can make up to 60 liters of pop, soda or sparkling water.  The canister can be returned either to an authorized dealer or shipped online and is really pretty simple once you go through the process once.  All of the SodaStream sodamakers come with a 2 year warranty so you can enjoy your drinks worry free.

How to get the Best Price on SodaStream Soda Makers

To get the Best Price on the SodaStream Soda Makers here are a couple of tips.  First your best bet is to get a starter kit.  These kits will have a variety of waters and soda mixes ready to go and you'll also get a CO2 bottle so you can begin operations right out of the box.  This is especially true if you're giving the SodaStream as a Christmas gift.  Secondly, after doing a fair amount of comparison shopping myself, I've found that Amazon has the best selection of models, the best prices and they offer free shipping so it's hard to go wrong.  Just order early before they sell out or you get too close to Christmas!


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    • 1000Ways profile image

      1000Ways 7 years ago

      You've got a good point. But isn't that why companies spend millions of dollars on advertising? Perception is reality.

      Good luck to you in your home soda maker future!

    • profile image 7 years ago

      Well, it is an attractive unit SodaStream has, no doubt. But it is pricey. Check out or for an alternative if you don't feel like tossing $100 to $300 at a gadget to make home made soda. After all, no matter whose name is on the box, all a home soda maker does is make soda at home.