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Best Products for Home Improvement

Updated on March 15, 2015

Battle of the century: What type of wall covering do you prefer?

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Home improvement, redecoration, renovation… You can call it whatever you want, and the word choice will reflect your attitude towards this Big Event (yes, exactly, I capitalized it). As for me, I prefer the word “improvement”, although it suggests something grand-scale. Improvement – doesn’t it sound optimistic and hopeful? So, if you (or your family members) are not particularly enthusiastic about the upcoming remodeling, use more positively charged words and, sure, better products to make this tricky experience more enjoyable and efficient. I’ve compiled a list of top products for home improvement – as for the words, choose the ones you see fit!

HFS Electric 650W HVLP Paint Sprayer 800ml Capacity Spray Gun

HFS Electric 650W HVLP Paint Sprayer 800ml Capacity Spray Gun
HFS Electric 650W HVLP Paint Sprayer 800ml Capacity Spray Gun

To start with, are you a pro-paint or pro-wallpaper kind of person? This is the main determinant, as my economist friend would say. In case you are “pro-paint”, this product will likely be of much interest to you. Sure, no one will ever put the poetic power of brushing into question, but if you are pressed for time, this paint sprayer is what you need. Easy to use and light to carry around, this piece of equipment will make the renovation process full of fun! The spray gun creates smooth coverage without those spots and splatters (oh boy, I HATE them – and no, I am not just designing interiors on paper, as some might think) everywhere – on tricky-textured surfaces or in tight angles, inside or for outdoor renovations.

Berry Plastics 626260 Film Gard High Density Professional Painter's Plastic

Berry Plastics 626260 Film Gard High Density Professional Painter's Plastic
Berry Plastics 626260 Film Gard High Density Professional Painter's Plastic

Those of you who are into painting projects, I’m with you (wallpaper fans, do not close the tab, as I have some things for you as well). Even the best paint spray guns are not all-powerful, and some things are just not in their province. For example, protecting the floors and furniture is your responsibility! Or, if you wish, it can be the responsibility of this simple but extremely useful thing. Light and durable, this plastic film will do its best to protect your belongings. Besides, the roll is really huge, despite its neat small package. So don’t worry, you can cover all your house or apartment with this film, then add a couple of more layers to make sure everything is fine and still you will have a lot of material left! The bottom line is as follows: the Painter’s Plastic is a must for everyone who is doing (or planning to start) improvement projects that involve painting.

Wagner 0282018, 705 Steamer 1-Gallon Wallpaper Steamer

Wagner 0282018, 705 Steamer 1-Gallon Wallpaper Steamer
Wagner 0282018, 705 Steamer 1-Gallon Wallpaper Steamer

As I had promised, here are some products out there for wallpaper projects. The most important thing about new wallpaper is… to get rid of the old one! And this is not an easy task, I’m sure you know this! The Wagner Steamer will do the trick just perfectly, and all you need to make it work is water. The steamer is quite powerful for its size and – this is what I like the most about it – lightweight and portable. I’ve seen pieces of equipment comparable to old- fashioned vacuum cleaners - you know, those intimidating machines that create wild uproar while working – and this compact thing is just a lifesaver. Just remember to be careful with the steam (unsurprisingly, it is hot) and enjoy peeling the old wallpaper off the wall like your new smartphone’s cover-up off its screen!

TemPaint: Removable Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

TemPaint: Removable Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper
TemPaint: Removable Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

If you have your heart set on making a change, home improvement is the best way to satisfy your desires. The drawback is that you can’t do it too often (otherwise, you risk being ostracized by your housemates who will get tired of endless renovations). So, is this a dead end? Not really. Or, rather, not at all! The Removable Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper by TemPaint is a lifesaver for change-seekers and apartment dwellers who are not allowed to make “big” renovations. As the name suggests, you peel and stick this wallpaper onto the wall. That’s all. Honestly – no mess, no after-party (sorry, after-repair) cleaning, no problem! Got fed up with, for example, Countyside Purple TemPaint? Peel it off and stick the Buttercream Yellow on instead! On a second thought, the previous option looked way better… Never mind, peel off the Buttercream Yellow and put the Purple back. To tell the truth, I’d never get bored by it – I’m sure you are going to enjoy it as well.

96 Sq Ft Dark Wood Grain Eva Mats Foam Interlocking Flooring Gym Exercise

96 Sq Ft Dark Wood Grain Eva Mats Foam Interlocking Flooring Gym Exercise 24 Pc
96 Sq Ft Dark Wood Grain Eva Mats Foam Interlocking Flooring Gym Exercise 24 Pc

Walls, walls, walls… Let’s talk about the floor! Wood, or laminated flooring, or stoneware – the choices can make anyone dizzy. What about these wood foam mats? Actually, the producer of this fantastic material says it was initially designed for gyms, but it works great absolutely everywhere! They seem to have underestimated its power, as my experience has proved. The funniest thing about it is that you can install it easily by yourself – and the process is quite exciting itself! But the key merit is its softness (thank you, producer, who still thinks it is a gym flooring!) which will surprise anyone – at first sight, it looks very wood-like! I’d just like to warn you against scratching it or dragging heavy things on this surface – apart from this, it is durable.

Well, it is hardly possible to “embrace the unembracable”, but I did my best. These products for large-scale home improvement or small renovations (or, as amazing Fiona from that cartoon said, “homie touchies”) will make the process easier, and this matters! By the way, makes the process of preparation to the Great Redecoration easier, too, so don’t miss your chance to save your time twice!


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