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Which Are The Best Pruning Saws? Check These Out!

Updated on September 5, 2017
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Gardening is what I do best. An agriculturist by profession, my goal is to help spread knowledge that the earth is made to sustain humankind

The best pruning saws can be your best tool when you need a handy tool in cutting large branches of trees which the hand pruners or loppers cannot cut. Pruners come in between a lopper and a chainsaw minus the machine. And because pruning saws are hardcore wood cutters, these can literally cut through any hard thick branches without much effort.

Why the Need to Prune?

Pruning large branches is the major function of the pruning saws. Although a quality made machete can also do the cutting job, the pruning saw always produce cleaner cut and it can go to narrow spaces and you can even cut tall branches with a long-poled pruner. Pruning is necessary to let the sun’s rays penetrate the core of the trees to grow them healthy and make them bloom flowers.

Another thing, if there’s the need to clean up or shape the trees to your desired character, the best pruning saws can be very useful. In other words, your pruning saw can be a very significant tool in keeping your trees, shrubs and ornamental shrubs manageable, healthy and nice-looking.

With a handsome-looking lawn grass and beautifully-shaped trees, it surely is relaxing to linger on your own backyard with a pruning saw as one of your maintenance tools. So before revving up your lawn mower, check first if your trees need pruning so that cleaning would just be a one-way job.

Pruning Saw’s Versatility

The versatile thing about the best pruning saws is that they come in various types to suit the needs of everyone. For an average-sized suburban garden, one pruning saw and a couple of hand pruners and a lopper can do the pruning jobs. But if you have a large land property planted with tall trees while you maintain some ornamental shrubs and fruit-bearing trees or if you are on landscaping job, you definitely need pruning saws of various types.

The best pruning saws are just inexpensive tools. You can always keep a handy short saw and a long-poled one along with your garden tools. And if you choose the quality ones, they can last years of use as long as you know how to maintain them well.

Let me introduce you to the different types of pruning saws so you know which suits your need.

Types of Pruning Saws

  • Handheld or Curved Pruning Saws

These are the most basic types of pruning saws. Their curved blades are perfect to sever couple of inches thick branches to large stems. This is the ideal type for low-level cutting and you can have a sheath for it and wear it on your belt. For safer handling and easy storage, available now are also the folding types.

  • Pole Pruning Saws

These types are chosen for its long poles specifically designed to reach out tall branches. There are the manual pole pruning saws, the gas powered for tall thick branches, battery-powered and electric types.

  • Double Edged Blade Pruning Saws

If you need to cut a fresh branch with a lot of sticky sap, better use the double-edge pruning saw. Each blade side has different set of teeth and teeth structure so you can use it on small to large branches.

  • Cordless or Battery-Powered Pole Pruning Saws

These are rechargeable pole pruning saws that run on rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries. With just a press of a button, it’s like a mini-chain saw that can cut branches up to 14 inches thick in diameter.

  • Telescoping Pruning Saw

A bit different from the pole types as its handles are amazingly adjustable. You can use it to saw medium-high branches up to 7 feet high branches.

  • Electric Pruning Saws

Easy to use, just plug it and it’s ready to go without much effort on cutting. The only limit of this type is with its outdoor use which restricts your coverage area depending on the length of the electrical cord.

How To Use A Pruning Saw

The best pruning saws’ teeth are incredibly sharp and can cause deep scratch or wounds if not properly handled. You can also accidentally cut other parts of the tree if you are not cautious in angling your blade. Unlike other handy garden tools, take precautionary measures when using them.

Here are the aspects you must observe when you purchase or use your pruning saws.

  • Whenever you buy the standard pruning saw, always include its sheath or consider the folding handheld type. To care of your hands and avoid blisters, a pair of soft garden gloves would come in handy.
  • When using a pole pruner, you must be aware of the weight of the falling branch. There may be a sudden break of the wood so you must know where to position yourself to avoid accidents. Just don't get in the way of the falling branch and that's it. Always wear a hard hat, safety glasses and a long sleeve shirt for utmost safety.
  • Be aware where you angle your blade. Cut the top of the branch and then a bit on the lower side so that while you saw, the gravity will help in pulling down the wood slowly.
  • Cut in a slow pace first when cutting a large branch and make it brisk on halfway to prevent the blade from getting stuck into the wood.
  • Always keep the blade straight and apply pressure while sawing. Get your back straight and focus on the blade and the path of the falling branch.

Now, you also have to take care of your pruning saw to make it last longer. Clean the blade every time you are finished using it. You can tap it on the wood to shake off the sawdust or wipe it with a cloth especially with the sap on the teeth to prevent corrosion and dulling.

Also, sharpen the blade after using it. You must have an appropriate sharpening tool like a file to do this which you can buy on any hardware store. There are also anti-rust oil that can prevent rust from forming on to the metal.

Here's a short video to know the basic types of the best pruning saws and how to use one

I’ve selected a nice list of the best pruning saws and I want to share these to you. Very affordable, have tough blades, quality material all over and gathered perfect reviews so they are basically reliable you can count on these.


Felco F-600 Classic Folding Saw with Pull-Stroke Action
Felco F-600 Classic Folding Saw with Pull-Stroke Action

Felco F-600 Classic Folding Saw with Pull-Stroke Action

If what you need is a lightweight pruning saw, short like a 6 inches blade (14 inches including handle) but tough enough to cut you up to 4 to 6-inch diameter branch and yet safe to carry around, this Felco Folding Saw with Pull Stroke action can be your excellent choice.

Felco saws have the reputation of being dependable and this one will not fail your expectations. It produce clean and smooth cut and you do your cutting with so much ease either for hard, green, dead and hard frozen branches. Rust resistant, its hard-chromed blade is made of very high quality steel that won't bend.

This small but efficient tool is one of the best choices among agriculturists, landscapers, contractors down to the avid gardeners that want tool that are reliable and tough. Weighing only less than 6 ounces, with an ergonomic handle of non-slip soft material that is contoured for excellent grip, you can stash this easily in your backpack, garden bucket or slip it on your garden belt and you are armed with a very sharp cutting tool.

Fiskars 9357 13-Inch Fixed Handle Pruning Saw
Fiskars 9357 13-Inch Fixed Handle Pruning Saw

Fiskars 9357 13-Inch Fixed Handle Pruning Saw

A 13-inch handy pruning saw is what you need if you need to cut ground level thick branches and this Fiskars tool makes it a perfect choice for the job. Users love its ergonomic, non-slip grip for super comfort handling and control.

The blade? Just the way you like in a cutting tool. With non-stick hardened Triple Grind Power teeth that provide excellent cutting efficiency, it is also corrosion resistant and won't surely be gripped by the wood you cut.

Even women with weak hands can do great job with this Fiskars and the straight blade stay sharp even with little sharpening. Very lightweight and comes with a clear plastic sheet, it is very ideal to bring to camping or while going around your backyard or orchard. Regardless of what type of branch you cut be it fresh, green or dry, there's no problem with this one because this is considered as one of the best pruning saws you can trust anytime.

Corona RS 7500 Razor Tooth Saw with D Handle, 18" Curved Blade
Corona RS 7500 Razor Tooth Saw with D Handle, 18" Curved Blade

Corona RS 7500 Razor Tooth Saw with D Handle, 18" Curved Blade

This piece of Corona saw is notoriously known for its blade sharpness and with that it can cut effortlessly through thick branches up to 12-inch thick in diameter as stated by some reviewers. However, don't worry about the blade as it comes with a cardboard sheath.

You can also buy its own scabbard to any hardware store. With basic design, this thing is indeed a tough and handy tool which Corona is known for. With a wooden handle, it is very light at less than 13 ounces.

One of the best pruning saws that agricultural professionals, contractors and gardeners trust, it does its cutting job with pull and back action so that makes your cutting time shorter. The blade doesn't bend as well and can cut even the hardest wood like oak, maple and evergreen. With its length, you can now reach stems that are high above your head and you can do it effortlessly as the blade will goes through to any type of wood be it dry or fresh wood.

Silky Zubat Saw
Silky Zubat Saw

Silky Zubat Saw

Some people call this Silky Zubat the best pruning saw as the samurai of the saws. Well, not only because it is Made in Japan which spells hardness and toughness but it has the quality of a samurai in many aspects.

First, it is a heavy-duty pruning saw, rust resistant and blade that is hard-chromed plated. With 7.5 teeth per 30mm, it is very flexible and light. And what more, it comes with a beautifully designed black polypropylene sheath with detachable belt holder.

Best selling among professional landscapers and collectors, you too can have it directly from Japan through Amazon. The curved taper-ground blade makes the cutting speed with almost no effort with clean cut and can through wood even 7 inch in diameter.

Because the steel is chrome plated, it resist rust and tree resin and dirt can be wiped off quickly. Perfect also to give as gifts and this is really an attractive but very dependable saw. Read its review to believe.

Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Tree Pruner (93016059J)
Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Tree Pruner (93016059J)

Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Tree Pruner (93016059J)

Just great for cutting high branches without the need for a ladder, this Fiskars 14-foot Power Lever Tree Pruner is just as that. The Power-Lever tech will provide you twice cutting power than the normal hand pruners and this is especially designed for small branches that you can't reach with loppers.

For larger wood, there is the fully hardened, ground-precision blade to do the job precisely and easily. The rust resistant blade is also coated with low-friction coating element to prevent stalling.

Pole is more than 14 foot when extended (7 feet on normal length) and blade is about 15 inch so imagine how tall you can reach with this amazing pruner. Some reviewers of this tool admit that they can cut up to 8-inch in diameter wood and the blade always stays sharp without the need for frequent sharpening.

If you can't afford to purchase an electric pole saw or just need a lighter high-tree pruner, this one is the one you need. It has already earned its place among the best pruning saws because of its great reviews and it comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Husqvarna Curved Fixed Steel 11.6 Blade Saw 300 CU 967236601
Husqvarna Curved Fixed Steel 11.6 Blade Saw 300 CU 967236601

Husqvarna Curved Fixed Steel 11.6 Blade Saw 300 CU 967236601

Huszvarna is not just known for its quality lawn mowers and machines. Now, it also ventured on manual cutting tools like this Curved Fixed Steel Pruning Saw. Blade that is hard chromed and with impulsed hardened precision teeth, it can cut to any type of wood and very efficient on fresh and dry wood. This saw cuts in pull-push action because every tooth has 3 sharp sides.

Total length is 15.7 inches while the tough blade is 11.6 inches and can cut through even 5 inches diameter wood. This tool boasts of high sawing performance, effort-saving job and it can last many years of use. With its chromed metal, rust won't form.

Handle is soft and ergonomically designed to let your hands sit comfortably when cutting. And what more, it comes with a beautifully crafted scabbard just so you can sling it on your belt and carry it around your orchard or garden. Among the best pruning saws that's really an efficient cutter, you'll be proud to have this.

Black & Decker PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw, 10-Inch
Black & Decker PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw, 10-Inch

Black & Decker PP610 6.5-Amp Corded Pole Saw, 10-Inch

For some people who need powerful extendable tree pruners minus the fumes, this one is so much recommended. As Black & Decker is known worldwide for makers of high-quality tools, this corded electric pole sow is equipped with 6.5 Amp strong motor that can do quick, effortless cuts. The 10-inch Oregon low-kickback bar and chain will always do the job perfectly. The pole that can extend to 9.5 feet is tough and great for hard to reach branches even on slim spaces.

For maximum performance without the stalls, it has an automatic oiling system for self bar and chain lubrication and it has a window to check the bar oil level. Weighing only 8 lbs., this is a lightweight in its class and very maneuverable and easy to control. Don't forget to read its manual before using it though to give you the utmost performance and maintenance it needs. It's from B&D and known among the best pruning saws excellent for cutting taller branches.

Bond 8975 12-Foot Professional Grade Pole Pruner with Fiberglass Handle
Bond 8975 12-Foot Professional Grade Pole Pruner with Fiberglass Handle

Bond 8975 12-Foot Professional Grade Pole Pruner with Fiberglass Handle

For those with strong hands and want only heavy-duty long-poled pruning saw this Bond 12-Foot Professional Pole Pruner can also be their ideal tool. Why heavy duty? It's because the handle itself is made of fiberglass and that spells no breaking or bending but only stays rigid. It is also extendable up to 12 feet. The overall blade and saw?

As one of the best pruning saws, its construction is hardcore. All made from carbon steel and blade is coated with SK-5 non-stick material, even the hardware is made of steel.

The clipper is very sharp, has two pulleys and blade can cut through any type of hardwood. If you see that the rope would be shorter for you which is already 6 feet in length, you can tie any rope to it and you are ready to go. This tool is professional graded so it won't also fail your expectations like most users have experienced.

WORX WG308 6-Inch 5-Amp Electric JawSaw with Extension Handle
WORX WG308 6-Inch 5-Amp Electric JawSaw with Extension Handle

WG308 WORX JawSaw Electric Chainsaw + Extension Pole Accessory Combo

Don't have the stamina to saw off all the high and low thick branches sticking out and littering around your trees with a pruning saw? Try this WORX 5-amp electric JAWSAW. No fumes, no oil or emissions. Just plug the cord joined to an extension cord, bite the jaw right on the branch and the cutting job goes on.

The blade is covered so you are safe, can cut through 4-inch diameter wood and no kickback, single bolt with auto-tension system. It weighs more than 11 pounds so it's good if you try to use it on tall and low-level stems to prevent arm fatigue.The pole can extend up to 12 feet so you won't need a ladder when cutting tall thick branches.

One of the best pruning saws when it comes to the heavy-duty tall branch cutters, you just cut and cut without effort with this one. What the small chainsaw can do, this thing can do as well and no need to mix oil because it has an automatic oiling system to lubricate the chain and the bar. Highly recommended and it's made by WORX, a brand recognized all over the world for reliability and toughness in tools and machines.


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