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Best Rated Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

Updated on July 31, 2014

Are you dreaming of memory foam mattress toppers

Mattress toppers can add comfort and give you a better night's sleep. They can be used to sooth chronic body pain while you are sleeping and give your old mattress a new lease of life. Toppers vary in size, density, thickness, and ventilation qualities, If you are ordering a mattress topper, there are some things you should know. Most come in a small package, but will expand to their regular size after a short time.When I got mine there was a strange odor coming from the mattress but after couple of days it went, apparently this is quite normal.

Queen-sized Isotonic Ultimate Memory Form Mattress Topper

Isotonic Ultimate

Isotonic is one of the leading brands in memory foam technology and has produced the ultimate mattress to help reduce pressure on your spine and body,the memory foam adjusts to your body shape allowing you to get a deep and restful nights sleep. This mattress cover comes slightly smaller than your queen mattress. With this feature, you will find that putting this mattress topper under your fitted sheet is a good idea.This will help it stay more secure.It comes with a velour cover which unzips on three sides making it easier to put on and take off. The ultimate is more firm than the egg-crate type mattress topper, and keeps its shape nicely.

Topper by LinenSpa

The makeup of this mattress topper is 2-inches of 100 percent memory foam. It contours nicely to your body and doesn't go flat even after you sleep on it night-after-night thanks to its open cell technology.The memory foam on this mattress is vented which allows air to flow through keeping you comfortable and cool while you rest.If you sleep on your side and have a problem with your arms going numb, this product is for you. This type of sleeping problem is eased when you sleep on this memory foam mattress. Purchasing it with a cover is suggested. It comes with a three-year warranty.

Visco 2, 2.0-Inch Ventilated Mattress Enhancer

Visco 2

If you have chronic back or joint pain, adding this mattress topper to your current mattress will help you get a better night's sleep. Its 2-inch construction helps take pressure of your back and it will keep its shape even after many nights of use.You will find that the memory foam in this product does not compress so it will give a longer life to your current mattress. This mattress is vented to keep you cool and comes with a three-year warranty.

Topper by Lucid

The gel fusion in this product draws heat away from your body, and extra cutouts give additional ventilation. This mattress topper is made of 3 pound density memory foam. The bottom is textured and the side next to your body is soft and comfortable.This mattress returns to its original shape after you get up, and performs well with its gel infusion and ventilation construction. It is priced a bit higher than similar products, but it is worth it. A bamboo print cover is provided that zips on three sides.

Elastic Memory Foam Bed Topper Made In The USA

Made in the USA this is the green option the mattress is produced using an environmentally friendly process. This is 3-inches of pure comfort. The 4 pound density on this mattress topper makes it the perfect answer to combating your back pain or limb numbness while you are sleeping.When you sink into this memory foam product, be ready for a great night's sleep. It is also a perfect addition to your aging mattress. If you are trying to decide if you should purchase a mattress topper with a 3 pound or 4 pound density memory foam, choose this one. It is a great value for a quality product.

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