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Best Real Estate Photography Ideas

Updated on September 24, 2013

Seek Out a Sale with Great Pictures

The special mission for Sellers and Agents today is to develop creative thinking to come up with unique real estate photography and effective marketing ideas for 2013 and beyond. Innovative approaches such as the implementation of global marketing and employing new technologies can help you explore new worlds. Portraying homes to an expanding global audience of potential customers will rely heavily on visual representation of the property as those Buyers browse websites and other digital platforms.Traditional and modern media are combining to create exciting methods of communicating visual information that can reach more people in new ways, such as mobile marketing and social media.

Staircase Perspective Photo

Creative photos with an interesting point of view capture the interest of Buyers
Creative photos with an interesting point of view capture the interest of Buyers

The unlimited scope of the worldwide web is opening up a vast universe for visual marketing, including creative real estate photography, virtual video tours featuring home staging and shared photos over social networks. Although basic pictures of the property may get the job done, a more visionary approach may provide greater impact, making the subject stand out against the competition. An effective advertising campaign featuring unique images can help Sellers and Agents to boldly go forward with a solid advertising plan.

Explore Global Marketing

Modern communication methods have truly made the world smaller and as a result, an international audience is now available to more property Sellers and real estate Agents than ever before. According to a recent report by the National Association of Realtors, billions of dollars of real estate is being sold to purchasers residing primarily outside the country. Considering that potential Buyers may be located thousands of miles across the globe, quality real estate photography is more important now than ever before.

Today's market still contains plenty of distressed and bargain properties which are particularly attractive to foreign investors. Some research may be required to determine how international marketing may be most effective. For example, there are a large number of retirees seeking international retirement destinations worldwide. Learning more about the specific needs and desires of this type of customer can better prepare you to present them with appropriate visual information about specific properties and communities they seek. Catering to this type of unique multinational clientele can literally expand your horizons and help you zoom in on the right target.

Line Art Floor Plans Can Attract Buyers

Line art floor plans provide information to help Buyers see themselves in the home
Line art floor plans provide information to help Buyers see themselves in the home | Source

There are many venues already in place for presenting effective visual marketing to an international gallery. The top online real estate companies all have powerful websites with worldwide reach to present creative images of your property to a global audience. A custom website can be created for an individual listing, dedicating a lot of space for even more extensive use of dazzling real estate photography and artwork. This type of website marketing can be utilized by Sellers 'going it alone' FSBO (For Sale By Owner), or by Agents utilizing their online marketing agency for added impact. In most cases, the property itself can provide inspiration as to how it might be best represented in visual media. Perhaps the neighborhood features cobblestone streets or interesting vignettes that can be used to create a scrapbook of the area. This type of visual information is invaluable to purchasers in distant locales who may be unfamiliar with the area.

Constructing a Solid Marketing Plan

Both Sellers choosing to 'go it alone' FSBO (For Sale By Owner) and Agents acting on behalf of Sellers need a well-constructed plan that includes powerful visual tools including quality photos and video. A complete plan should incorporate strategic and repeated use of creative real estate photography. Sellers should prepare for photography day by parking vehicles away from the home, closing garage doors, putting away lawn tools, family pets and personal items. Since a coordinated marketing plan will involve repetitive use of these same photos, Sellers and Agents can save time and money by reusing the same pictures in various formats. Keeping yourself informed of current trends in the housing industry will help you choose which features to promote in pictures and others that may best be downplayed or omitted altogether. For example, if a recent trend is toward open floor plans, you will want a vignette showcasing that feature while choosing to limit shots of multiple small rooms.

Professionally-staged rooms can make a lasting impression on prospective Buyers
Professionally-staged rooms can make a lasting impression on prospective Buyers

Sell the Sizzle with Video and Home Staging

Real estate video and home staging are deluxe visual sales tools that can really increase the 'wow' factor of your property and upstage the competition. A virtual walk-through video tour can allow prospective Buyers to view a lot of information right from their own computer, day or night. Affordable camcorders are available for do-it-yourself home video tours and most computers come with some type of video editing software. Home staging can give your property that jaw-dropping visual appeal and the cost may be less than you think. For tight budgets, there are many do-it-yourself books, magazines and other resources for home staging effects. A recent study reveals that Buyers perceive professionally-staged homes as better maintained and move-in ready. Home staging combined with a professional-looking video tour creates a powerful force indeed!

Keep Property Ready to Show at Short Notice

'For Sale' signs are an open invitation.
'For Sale' signs are an open invitation.

Sellers play an important role in keeping their residence marketable and in ready-to-show condition so that any prospect arriving to view the property more or less see the same thing as represented in the photos online. A potential Buyer who was lured by a stunning photograph that was not in fact representative of the actual property will likely be disappointed and not make an offer.

The most effective approach today may well be a combination of traditional media and fresh young upstarts such as social networking and smartphones. A recent study of what Buyers like shows that over 84% of home shoppers viewed photographs online when shopping for housing. Brushing up on your photography skills or hiring a professional real estate photographer can be smart choices. A digital SLR camera can be a good investment in developing your skills as well as providing you with a valuable new hobby. There are many creative tips available to give your images extra eye-popping visual appeal.

Innovative Advertising on Any Budget

Creative photos and artwork can give Sellers and Agents a big bang for the buck. By utilizing unique point-of-view perspective and visual presentations that convey lots of details, you don't need a large budget to earn impressive returns on real estate advertising, and some ads are actually free. Effective advertising is more about a combination of creativity, content, frequency and targeted audience rather than big budgets. Whatever type of ad you choose, it's important to comply with federal state and local laws. If Sellers aren't well versed in these laws they should strongly consider the services of a licensed Agent. With creativity and compliance, your ideas can lead to cash at the closing table.

Real estate marketing is on the brink of an exciting future with developing technologies like mobile phones and social media. With the increasing availability of affordable smartphones, viewing homes 'on the fly' is becoming the norm among an ever-increasing percentage of home shoppers. Other modern communication methods such as social media can be utilized at low or no cost by devoting some time and effort to online community relationship building. Sharing of stippled photos with embedded feature information is a social marketing technique that is available right now. By combining tried-and-true strategies with updated methods and technologies, you can embrace the future now and click your property sales into warp speed.

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    • profile image

      sitesondesign 4 years ago

      Thanks so much for the feedback. It is a fact that real estate is all about 3 things...location, location, location!

    • Nancy Owens profile image

      Nancy Owens 4 years ago from USA

      Thank you for sharing truly useful information. When deciding to buy a house, I place the actual neighborhood as a top priority. Even if a person finds a great house for the right price, if it is in a neighborhood that has too much traffic or some other quality that will make you unhappy, it is better to pass and keep looking. The right thing will come along, and you will avoid being stuck in an environment that is not right for you.


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