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Best Safe For Home Use, Hidden House Safes Advice From A Professional Burglar

Updated on February 12, 2012

Best safes for home use, safes for houses, help from a professional ex-burglar.

Modern society has forced many home owners and tenants to re-arrange their security needs. The daily deluge of house break-ins across the world is steadily on the increase in every major town and city. Safes for the home have helped keep valuables locked away and hidden whilst thieves ransack properties.

House safes are ideal to store away valuable paperwork, jewelry, cash and any other small items, away from the prying eyes of intruders. Most are fireproof or resistant and will take a long time to break into if discovered. There are many cheap home safes for sale, but which one is best for the individuals needs.

Safe Advice From An Ex-Burglar

John ( real name hidden ) is a retired professional burglar. He has served his time incarcerated in prisons and now helps people to secure their properties against the likes of him.

He says that most burglaries are made by opportunistic thieves just wanting money or smaller items to sell for cash. Quite a lot of thefts from homes are caused by the drug problem sweeping the globe as addicts look for money to pay for their next fix. House safes are invaluable against this type of burglary as they are in and out of a home within minutes. There are many choices for residential safes including wall mounted safes, floor safes and freestanding with a choice of key or code entry.

Laptop Computer Safes

Small laptop computer sized safes are ideal for home use. Fixed to walls with bolts, not screws is a better way of fastening them and easily done. They need to be positioned out of site and possibly behind a false plinth or cover. The best position is one which once fixed, a person cannot easily gain leverage against it try to rip it from the wall. It does not make much of a difference if the safe is key or electronic touch pad operated.

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No home is burglar proof. A determined intruder with time on his or her hands will enter a property and empty it. House safes are the last defence against a burglar whom has already entered the home. Hidden safes for the home are the best type to have in a residential property. If the safe is hidden, then prying eyes may make a quick grab for what they can see without searching further.

These safes are only good for the home owner if they are hidden. This type of home safe is big enough for a laptop computer and paperwork but small enough for students accommodation as well as apartments and houses. If your son or daughter is starting university or college away from home, then this item maybe ideal in helping reduce the amount of stolen laptops on campus. If this is the case, then opting for a safe which requires a code rather than a key to open it may be preferred.

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Floor safes are possibly the best type of safe for a home or small business. The heavy duty Amsec C7 is a solid safe. Designed for excellence, this safe will deter intruders easily even if discovered. Any safe for the home requires correct positioning. Floor safes can be hidden under light-weight furniture such as bedside tables or even underneath sinks. Think of somewhere unusual to hide the safe, and not where it may be detected easily.

Garages ( petrol stations ) across the USA and Europe uses floor safes for their staff to drop money into during each shift. This is because they are harder to rip up than wall attached safes are to rip away from the wall. Most home use hidden floor safes that are heavy duty would require a long time to open, which an intruder does not have.

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Book safes are not new, but can easily be disguised in an untidy pile of books. A thief usually does not have enough time to search through books looking for cash or small items. House safes which have many book fronts as a cover are easily detected and people should avoid this type of safe. The reason being is that no home really looks like a library, but every home has at least a few books.

This fascinating clock safe is unique. Only large enough for a few smaller items but it is designed to blend in around the home and the clock actually works.

Anything which looks out of place could attract the attention of an intruder. The reason why there are no free standing house safes on this page is because they are easily detected and carried away, no matter what the weight. Many home safes which are free standing are disguised as bedroom furniture, and many thieves quickly go through drawers anyway and the safe will be discovered quite quickly.

Socket Safes for the home are very small and can only hold a limited amount of goods or cash. They are described as easily spotted on a wall unless hidden by a piece of furniture. Electrical items can be plugged into them to add to the hidden effect, but they will not turn on.

At The End Of The Day

House safes are a sign that modern society has taken a downhill trend towards anarchism. The scum of the Earth would rather steal from someone else rather than find employment. If the owners are at home and threatened with violence during a robbery, it is always advised to give them what they want. Your life may depend upon this.

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