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Best Electric Snow Blower Reviews- Stop Back Breaking Snow Removal Now

Updated on December 29, 2013

Electric Snow Blower

Will You Be Ready For This Winters Snow Storms?

I sure wish I had an electric snow blower before digging my car out for an hour last winter. My back was sore for a week and before that week was over it snowed again!

How I wish I owed a snow blower or snow thrower back then. I won't make the same mistake this winter. I am choosing my snow blower now. It will be more reasonably priced with many available choices.

Snowstorms this year seemed to be more brutal than usual. What do we need to happen before we pick up an electric snow blower. I can still remember the devastation of the snow and ice from the last winter season. It only makes since to prepare for the heavy snow before it comes.

Who has time for the snow drama by not having the tools you need to remove and prevent lost hours because of the after affects of a snow storm. Buying early will allow you to pay a cheaper price and time for research for the right snow machine.

  • Lost work hours from being snowed in.
  • Back breaking snow removal.
  • Possible heart attack.

I mean the pain in your back, time lost, and energy spent removing the snow with our snow pusher shovels from your walk way, driveway and around your cars is a job that we can do without.

I never knew snow thrower was the proper name for some snow machines but if you want to clear a small walkway between 12 to 18 inches a snow thrower is what you want to get.

When we think of a snow removal machine we thing of a big monster machine that will be in the way and very costly. Here is a description of a typical snow thrower that even an person in a condo or small apartment can own.

Benefits Of Owning An Electric Snow Blower or Snow Thrower

I can't tell you how stressful it is when you don't have what you need when the weather in challenging. We all can love winter a bit more when we have the tools needed to remain safe and comfortable.

The benefits to owning some type of snow blower will be much more than not owning one. When you have children at home, a single mom, older adult or sickly you need all the tools and devices to make life easier.

7 Reasons to Get an Electric Snow Blower

  1. Easy to use and light weight.
  2. Less stress when you have means to help yourself.
  3. Peace of mind in-spite of bad weather.
  4. Quick snow removal and faster than using a shovel.
  5. Time better spent with short clean up.
  6. No back and body aches from lifting heavy snow.
  7. Easy to use blower with engine and wheels.

A snow blower especially in the north is necessary even if your paying someone to do the job for you. It's also easier to get someone to clean your snow when they can do it without killing themselves in the process.

Typical Snow Blower

A typical snow thrower has a 8.5 amp motor, throws snow up to 25 feet. molded plastic housing and wheels, lightweight aluminum handle, fully assembled 3 position adjustable snow discharge direction chute,12-1/2-inch clearing width, 6-inch intake height and weighs approximately 22 pounds.

But what you really need to know is that it is there when you need it and it will get the job done efficiently,easily and quick.

Get ready by getting your snow supplies before the winter season. Early purchases will allow you to enjoy a discount for out of season merchandise. Some electric snow throwers cost a little over $200 and could allow you to make extra money helping others.

Toro Electric Snow Blower Review Video

Toro 1800 Electric Snow Blower

Toro Electric Snow Blower

The Toro electric snow blower is maintenance free, using know fuel. It has a easy breezy press and go feature. No mixing oil or adding gas. It's ergonomic 160° adjustable chute handle prevents back pain and throws snow up 30 feet.

Powerful 15-Amp Electric Motor

  • Integrated and secured cord lock system
  • Non-clogging
  • Quicker and more snow removed
  • Cuts up to 18” wide and 10” deep in one pass
  • Moves up to 700 pounds of snow per minute

Zip Deflector

  • Locking ratchet deflector adjusts with the touch of your hand
  • Lets you throw snow high, low or in-between

I hate to say this but you will need a 12-gauge outdoor rated extension cord which is not included. Don't forget to ask; you never know.

Hopefully this Electric Snow Blower Review on the importance on getting and electric snow blower instead of doing it manually was useful. At a certain age over working your heart while breathing in cold air is dangerous. If you need snow shoved pay younger people, those whose bodies are already conditioned for such activities or get a snow blower.


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