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Best Tips On Growing Herbs

Updated on February 27, 2010

One of my absolute most anticipated rituals of spring is to start the herb garden safe and warm indoors, and then nurture it until it's all hardy and ready to go out and face the great outdoors. What's the huge thrill about this? Simply being able to cultivate a garden is a truly exciting prospect after the cold winter months which in my latitude seem to drag on forever. Best of all, herbs are especially wonderful because they taste and smell and look so good and spring up very quickly like weeds... which to some extent they are!

Herbs grow wonderfully in any size pot, container or rich garden soil and are generally not prone to being eaten alive by insects and other pests. Especially if the whole gardening scene is new to you, herbs are a very simple, basic and essentially low-maintenance group of plants to get your green thumb green on.

The easiest way to launch your wondrous adventure into the wild world of herbs is to start off your herb garden with tiny transplants from your local nursery (or your own, if you're that well equipped) and plant them in full sun inside a protected window. If you're an herb neophyte, by all means make sure that you go ahead and label each and every plant. Otherwise you'll never figure out the mint from the tarragon from the basil! And let's not even mention telling italian parsley from cilantro which I have yet to be able to do by sight. I have to taste them or I can't tell the difference. Italian parsley tastes like curly parsley and cilantro by itself tastes somewhat of dish soap!

So start off by filling the bottom portion of your container in the window with about two or so inches of a good rich potting soil. Then proceed to very gingerly lift the herb plant out of its own little pot and set it in the box where it can enjoy all that glorious sunshine.

Grab your hand trowel, and simply mound up and fill in the parts around the herb plants with even more of that nice rich potting soil. Now give your little herbs plenty of water, drain them completely so that they don't stay too wet and rot out, and bring the baby plants inside onto a sunny window or other protected area that gets plenty of rays. Water the plants again when the soil becomes dry to the touch, and at that point really drench them!

Some of the common garden herbs are thought  to have (by some of society's more foolish members  in extreme error) some form of curative properties which include:

•White willow bark: an alleged herbal aspirin of sorts which is supposed to help out with minor aches and pains caused by colds and influenza as well as reducing fevers.

•Garlic: believed to be a natural penicillin which is supposed to act in a way like an antibiotic. Hey, garlic is great, but only for taste, it's not medicine.
•Feverfew: allegedly to lower fevers and to help to relieve migraines and headaches.

•Eyebright: allegedly for easing symptoms of the eye due to colds and allergies and similar ailments. Many believe (quite wrongly) that it also ameliorates eyesight.

•Echinacea: believed to be an immune-system (haaahaaahaaaaaaaaaaa) enhancer.

•Catnip: allegedly helps digestion (for both your and your furry feline... nothing makes a mouse go down better than catnip!)

All of these herbs are available for medicinal purposes from your local Brooklyn Bridge and Dry Swampland In Florida Sales Outlets. Believe any of these herbs are medicinal? You're a fool!


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