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Best Tomato Seeds For Containers

Updated on December 27, 2015

     Do you want to start a tomato garden, but have little or no garden space to work with? No problem! Grab a container, a packet of tomato seeds, some soil, and Let's Grow!

There are literally thousands of tomato seed varieties to choose from, but don't be overwhelmed. Certain types of seeds (generally determinate varieties) will do much better in containers than others. Feel free to experiment with several different types, and find what works best (and tastes best) for you.

Below I've listed three varieties that I have had the most success growing on my balcony. These are very tasty tomatoes, that require little space to grow, and will thrive in containers.

"Tumbling Tom Red" Tomato Seeds

These aggressive producers will provide masses of 1 1/4 inch round tomatoes. These fruits have a delicious sweet flavor. This is a hybrid variety tomato seed, and has good resistance to wilting.

"Patio Hybrid" Tomato Seeds

The "Patio Hybrid" is a very small determinate type plant, making it an ideal choice for anyone with limited space to grow tomatoes. These large 4 oz. fruits will mature in about 60 days. A fun plant for kids to grow.

"Tumbler" Cherry Tomato Seeds

The "Tumbler", also a determinate type tomato seed, is an excellent seed for hanging baskets and container tomato gardening. Each plant will produce about 6 lbs. of extra-sweet cherry-style tomatoes. These tomatoes can be eaten whole, and are delicious for snacking and in salads.


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    • lisaluv9784 profile image

      Lisa 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      This is great! I love homegrown tomatoes,but my backyard really isn't sutiable for a garden.I tried growing cherry tomatoes this past summer,and unfortunately did not get the results I was looking for.I never knew that you could grow them in a pot.I will have to try this!

    • Barkley Rosehill profile image

      Barkley Rosehill 7 years ago from Philadelphia

      Ya Lisa, You can grow cherry tomatoes in pots, and I think even as houseplants. I havn't tried growing them indoors yet, but I might try it this year...I'll have to do a little more research first

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