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Baby Dresser Changing Table 2014

Updated on January 9, 2014

Baby Dresser Changing Table Reviews

I'm 100% certain there is one thing you can't avoid when a new baby comes along. And that is changing diapers.

Having baby appropriate furniture sure makes life easier when you have a new little person in your home. A changing table may be something you want to consider having.

Trying to change a baby on the floor can be hard for some people depending on health issues and it's just not as convenient as having a table. Plus with a changing table, all your supplies can be kept in one place for easier access.

There are changing tables that come as dressers too, which makes life even easier since your baby's clothing can be kept with changing supplies. As you probably know, many babies wet through their diapers and will need clothing changes frequently.

When you are looking for a dressing changing table, consider how many drawers you will want for clothing. Baby's have small clothes and often don't need more than 2-3 drawers.

You will also want to look for space to hold your diaper changing supplies along with having storage drawers for other items. Some even come with straps that hold the changing pad down firmly as well. If they don't, you can easily buy these attachments at a hardware store.

Best Baby Dresser Changing Table 2013

Savannah Changing Table

The first one we are looking at today is this Savannah Changing Table. It comes in white or an espresso color to go along with almost any décor.

It features three cubby holes for you to place baskets, decorations, or supplies with two drawers underneath. I like the plank effect detailing on the front which gives it an extra unique look.

The entire table measures 35 x 30 x 37 inches and weighs 93 pounds. You do need to assemble it when it gets delivered to you, and you will want to be patient; it took me about two hours to completely assemble. You will also want to make sure you have some basic tools on hand as well.

The knobs come with a kind of unfinished look that you might love, but if not, then they are easy to replace. I love that the sides are raised to help keep baby from rolling off.

Because this is so affordable, it is made with very dense particle board and the drawer slides are plastic. While I was concerned at first with the quality, it was put together easily and looks great. It has also withstood three different moves so I'm pretty impressed.

For the price, this is a very good changing table to have.

New Infant Changing Table Review 2013

South Shore Furniture Cotton Candy Collection Changing Table

This South Shore Furniture Cotton Candy Collection Changing Table is one my favorites. It comes in white and features a cabinet with two shelves that pull out.

The door is firm enough that my baby can't get into her supplies and make a mess very easily, but it is easy enough for me to open without much hassle. It also features three drawers as well for clothing and other items.

I love that it offers a removable changing station. This means that when your baby is potty trained and no longer needs diaper changes, you can take the changing station off the top and feature it in her room as just a dresser.

This piece of furniture measures 38 x 20 x 40 inches and weighs 117 pounds. It features ceramic handles and child friendly safety catches on the drawer glides. The drawers also slide very smoothly and quietly.

This also needs to be assembled upon delivery and takes a long time as well since there are so many pieces. Luckily, the instructions are very user friendly with pictures to help you.

Best Quality Baby Dresser Changing Table

Davinci Kalani Changing Table

For another great option, check out this Davinci Kalani Changing Table.

I love that it comes in five different colors to ensure you get the best match for your nursery décor. Cherry, ebony, espresso, honey oak and white.

It features a rail alongside the changing portion to protect baby from rolling off, three drawers underneath for extra storage. It does not feature any cubbies or shelves though. I love that this purchase includes a waterproof pad with a safety strap.

The legs, drawer fronts and drawer slides are all made with solid sustainable pine and wood composite materials. The stop mechanism on the drawers keeps it from tipping over when they are open.This extra safety step gives parents peace of mind.

The piece measures 46 x 27 x 10 inches and weighs 76 pounds; so this ends up being very light for easier moving. Assembly was probably the easiest on this dresser so far. Unfortunately the soft wood seems to scratch pretty easily but to fix this, my husband and I put a coat of polyurethane on it to give it an extra layer of protection.

Overall, this is pretty sturdy and looks very nice in our baby's room. It is easy to use and has great storage in the drawers.

Top Rated Basket Changing Table

Badger Basket Baby Changing Table

This last changing table we are talking about is the Badger Basket Baby Changing Table. This offers a unique design compared to the typical dresser types.

It features 3 small baskets on the left with 3 larger baskets (used like drawers of a dresser) on the right. It comes in black, espresso, white, cherry and natural to fit any décor as well.

This table is much smaller than the others at 19 x 37.5 x 37.5 inches and weighs 41 pounds. Since the baskets are smaller than other changing dressers, you may need to upgrade to an actual dresser once your baby is big enough to not need changes.

This table is great for people who live in small places but still want something to make diaper changes more convenient. I like that the sides are raised for more safety as well.

The table is actually reversible so you can have the small drawers on the left or right per your preference. I like that it includes a safety belt and pad as well so you don't have to buy one separately.

Assembly was about average for this kind of furniture but it ends up being very sturdy and nice looking for your nursery.

Which changing table featured here do you like the best?

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