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Best Budget Bidet Toilet Seat 2014 Review

Updated on July 22, 2014
Coco Bidet Elongated 9500R Toilet Seat with Remote Control Personal Wash
Coco Bidet Elongated 9500R Toilet Seat with Remote Control Personal Wash

Being the butt of jokes for many years, bidets haven't been taken seriously in the United States much. However, they can save on toilet paper, keep your bottom cleaner and are popular in many other countries around the world. If you suffer from urinary tract infections, hemorrhoids, or constipations, a bidet can help you. There are also many other benefits to bidets.

If you are considering a bidet toilet seat, you must first know what type of toilet you want to attach it to. There are four models that are most common in American homes - two piece elongated, two piece round, one piece elongated and one piece round.

Choosing the Right Bidet:

There are usually a handful of features that these seats come with. For instance, they include a single, or multiple cleansing wand that sticks out from the base of the seat and can do many things. First, it is good for anterior and posterior cleansing; it can also give a pulsated massage in the lower bowel with an enema like feature.

Water temperature and pressure is also adjustable for comfort. I also love that most seats come with feature that will clean the washing wand with fresh water before retreating back into the base of the seat.

Another popular feature is a heated seat. No more do you need to get up at the crack of dawn to freeze your cheeks. The temp can range from 93 to 104 degrees per your preference. Speaking of warmth, some include a warm air dryer. This is great because it eliminates the need for toilet paper and it can be more comfortable for those with tender parts.

Seat sensors require that a bum actually be sitting on the seat before it activates. This will help keep curious children, or guests, from messing with it unless they are going to use it.

Deodorizers are not available on all models but they can be nice since they start a fan that ventilates through a replaceable charcoal filter.

And lastly, many come with remote controls. This can be great for disabled or elderly people. These controls are mounted on the wall and provide easy access to all bidet features.

5 stars for LUXE BIdet Vi-110 Fresh Water Spray Bidet

5 Good Bidets for the Money in 2014

LUXE BIdet Vi-110 Fresh Water Spray Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

The highest rated attachment on the market so far is the LUXE BIdet Vi-110 Fresh Water Spray Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment. This piece attaches very easily to any two piece standard toilet bowl. Assembly and installation were very easy, and took me only 10 minutes or so to get it up and running.

You need only a screwdriver to attach the bidet piece to your toilet. There is one nozzle to connect to a fresh water connection and it features a steel braided hose to connect to the water supply. The only thing I noticed with this bidet attachment is that the water comes out very fast at first, instead of coming out gradually. Once you get used to being hosed down suddenly, the device does a great job though.

Blue Bidet BB-100

The attachment we are reviewing in this category is the Blue Bidet BB-100. This is an ambient water temperature attachable bidet that features a self-cleaning nozzle that can be positioned in three different ways; the nozzle is also retractable.

The mechanism inside is made of brass and there is no electricity needs to use it. Installation is also pretty easy and the instructions were very user friendly. You also get a pressure and self-cleaning control knob. If you find that the plastic Y piece leaks, just go buy a brass one at your local hardware store.

Coco Bidet Elongated Toilet Set with Remote Control

My favorite in this category is the Coco Bidet Elongated Toilet Set with Remote Control. This will fit any elongated one, or two piece toilet seats. Be advised that this will not fit on one piece toilet seats with a French curve.

I love that this unit comes with a heated water tank for ultimate comfort. The remote has four control user presets, access to the enema jet and features an LED night light so you don't stumble around in the dark. With a heated seat, an infrared warm air dryer and a deodorizer, you will be clean and comfortable every time. I love the bubble wash, and it also offers you a pulse and massage wash as well. Even though this is a full sized seat, installation is a breeze.

TOTO Sw554-10 Washlet S300 Elongated Toilet Seat

In this category, the TOTO Sw554-10 Washlet S300 Elongated Toilet Seat in White takes the cake. It is not only highly rated, but highly effective. This seat features a warm water wash for both front and rear cleansing.

The remote control gives you access to adjusting the water temperature, pressure and the direction of the aerated steam. I love the massage feature on this seat since it is so gently. It features an air dryer that can be adjusted to three different temperatures, as well as a heated seat. For those worried about smell, this seat features a deodorizing disk fan system. Installation and cleaning of this device is very easy as well.

BB-i3000 Bio Bidet Premium Elongated Seat

From this company, the BB-i3000 Bio Bidet Premium Elongated Seat is a personal favorite of mine. I love that there is no electricity required and it can fit most two piece toilet bowls. Installation is also pretty easy with the saddle valve included.

Another feature I find helpful is the feminine medicine reservoirs. You get access to the water pressure and temperature control. It seems to be well made and very sturdy.

Brondell S1000-EW Swash Advanced Elongated Seat

Check out the Brondell S1000-EW Swash Advanced Elongated Seat in White. With a remote control, you get the best in accessibility. It features posterior and feminine cleansing options with warm water. You get a stainless steel positionable nozzle with a wide range of spray.

A heated seat, warm air dryer and deodorizer gives you all you could need. I love that it has a gently closing lid so it doesn't slam and therefore break your device.

Coco Bidet Round Seat

For all the comforts, the Coco Bidet Round Seat is a great choice. This seat also fits almost any round toilet easily. With a heated water tank, you will get a warm wash every time. It comes with a self-cleaning mode and 4 remote control user presets.

A deodorizer will help dispel your smell and a splash guard will keep things from getting out of control. The seat is heated and features a soft closing antibacterial seat that closes softly. With an LED night light, the remote control is easy to use. You do need an electrical outlet within 4 feet of the device however.

Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Elongated Seat with Remote Control

very affordable bidet is the Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Elongated Seat with Remote Control. This seat gives you continuous warm water streaming and great enema wash. With a tankless water heater, you will never need to worry about additional pieces to your bidet.

The seat is heated and it includes a warm air dryer plus a carbon air deodorizer. For safety of your device, and quiet use, it features a soft close seat and lid. The remote control is quite user friendly, but does not feature a back light; it can be hard to use in the dark. We have enjoyed using this one for all members of the family.

Coway BA 13 Elongated Bidet Seat

The Coway BA 13 Elongated Bidet Seat in White features a wall mountable remote control. As with many others, it features a tankless water heating system and gives you lots of control over the width of the spray and how it moves.

I love being able to change the spray since my husband likes it wide, and I like it narrow. The air dryer will finish the cleaning job and the seat itself has self-sanitizing function. Other things you will enjoy are a warm seat and even a power saving mode. The nozzles are self-sanitizing with silver oxide.

Toto SW502#12 Elongated Washlet

I like the Toto SW502#12 Elongated Washlet in Sedona Beige. First of all, it matches my bathroom better than white. The rinse is very gentle and has adjustable water temperature and volume control. With an oscillating comfort wash, you can get all areas clean in seconds.

The seat is heated and you can even control the temperature of it! I love the hidden cord design so it looks sleek and smooth in your bathroom. The seat also closes softly. It was probably the easier bidet seat to install and took me less than 10 minutes.

© 2013 Bob Miller

Which bidet do you own?

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