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Best Executive Ergonomic Mesh and Leather Office Chair 2017 Review

Updated on February 14, 2017
Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair
Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Many people don't realize the importance of a good office chair. That is, until you sit in a bad one for 40 hours a week. Chances are that it isn't necessarily that you are sitting so long; but that your chair is not made to give you the most ergonomic seat and that can lead to a lot of fatigue.

You will want to take into consideration how tall you are, how wide of a seat you want and what kinds of support features you like.

First look at the height of the chair. You should find one that has easily accessible controls for moving the seat up and down. Typically, your feet should touch the ground with your legs horizontal to the floor and your arms at the same height, or higher, than your desk. Good chairs also feature controls for seat tilt as well. This will help you get the right angle so you are in the correct position to support your back. Rounded seats will be much more comfortable on the backs of your legs as well. Back height adjustments are great if you will be sharing this chair with others in your home or office.

A good ergonomic office chair will offer you a lumbar support of some kind. This will keep your lower back arched the way it is supposed to, to avoid aching in that area.

Pay attention to the material that the chair is covered with. There should be extra padding on the seat, and/or backrest for ultimate comfort. Leather chairs are often softer and plusher, as well as being easy to clean. Mesh chairs breathe well and will keep your back from sweating.

The last thing to consider is mobility. Does it swivel? Does it weigh too much to easily move along the floor? Most chairs are made to be lightweight enough that you can roll without much effort.

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LexMod Focus Office ChairEQA Home CoolMesh Synchro-Tilt Mid-Back Ergonomic Task Chair Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Computer ChairBoss Black LeatherPlus Executive ChairNew High Back Executive Leather Ergonomic Office ChairOffice Star WorkSmart Professional Dual Function Ergonomic High Back Eco Leather Chair
LexMod Focus Office Chair
LexMod Focus Office Chair
EQA Home CoolMesh Synchro-Tilt Mid-Back Ergonomic Task Chair
EQA Home CoolMesh Synchro-Tilt Mid-Back Ergonomic Task Chair
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Computer Chair
Flash Furniture Mid-Back Black Mesh Computer Chair
Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair
Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair
New High Back Executive Leather Ergonomic Office Chair
New High Back Executive Leather Ergonomic Office Chair
Office Star WorkSmart Professional Dual Function Ergonomic High Back Eco Leather Chair
Office Star WorkSmart Professional Dual Function Ergonomic High Back Eco Leather Chair
5 stars for LexMod Focus Office Chair

5 Good Mesh and Leather Ergonomic Office Chairs 2014

Top Rated Mesh Executive Office Chair

I tend to like the LexMod Focus Office Chair since it features a mesh back and a sponge seat with a mesh fabric covering. It comes in a few different colors to match your office as well, if you are so inclined to buy one that isn't black. For controls, you get a seat tilt tension control and an adjustable seat height. I really like the flip up armrests since I don't always need them and it's nice to have them out of the way when I don't. The armrests are also covered in the same soft mesh fabric for more comfort as well. Hard plastic armrests are often uncomfortable, so this is a feature I really like. For a mesh chair, this one is quite sturdy and seems like it will last a long time. I would say that this chair would not be good for someone shorter than 5'3", or someone taller than 6'. Assembly for this was not too hard and I had it up and ready to sit in within about a half hour. The lumbar support seems to work very well; after sitting in it for about 6 hours straight, with no breaks; I found that my back did not ache like it would otherwise.

A Good Mesh Office Chair for the Money

Another great option is the EQA Home CoolMesh Chair. This one is also pretty affordable and well worth it too. It has a medium height back and the seat swivels, tilts and features tension controls. The seat is comfortable foam that is covered in an elastic fabric. The base features 5 double wheel casters that roll really easily, even on carpet. The armrests aren't too hard, but they are made with polyurethane which is easy to clean with a wet cloth. I love being able to control how far the seat back tilts, and make adjustments to the armrest height. My father, who is 300 pounds, can easily sit in this chair with enough room for comfort. I do find that my 5'5" frame seems a bit short for it, but I just put my feet up on a stool under my desk to remedy that.

Flash Furniture Mid Back Mesh Computer Chair

Check out the Flash Furniture Mid Back Mesh Computer Chair. The back is full mesh, as you've come to expect from these chairs, and it has a padded mesh seat that is fairly comfortable to sit on. I would suggest this chair for someone who doesn't spend 8 hours a day in it. This is a very affordable option for perhaps a home office. The arms are made of hard plastic with no padding and they cannot be adjusted. It features a pneumatic seat height adjustment only. For lumbar support, it is adequate; the back is arched in just the right way to give you that kind of support. This chair is definitely a light duty chair with a lightweight bottom plate. I would probably be best for people under 200 pounds. Assembly was also fairly quick and easy too. We bought this chair for our family computer area. The kids can sit in it to do homework and I know they are comfortable.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

The award goes to the Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair. This one, though being covered in leather, is not much more than some of the mesh chairs we've got here. I prefer leather chairs for their soft plushness over mesh, but I'm a woman and don't tend to sweat much while sitting at a computer. This beautiful chair features great lumbar support and a pneumatic seat height adjustment. The waterfall design on the edge of the chair is soft, and really helps keep your legs from getting overly tired. It reclines backwards nicely and is tall enough that my head can rest comfortably when I want to sit back for a few. It also has an adjustable tilt tension control. The chair normally sits at a 90 degree angle, but I find that to be more supportive for good posture. However, there may be some people who don't like that as much and prefer a bit leaner. My husband is 6'1" and has found that the cushions tend to hit in some odd places for him. It is still comfortable, but I would recommend this chair to someone who was shorter than about 5'10".

New High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

Check out the New High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair that swivels around at 260 degrees. The armrests are nicely padded, but they are fixed so you can't adjust the height to them at all.

For such an affordable chair however, I've been very surprised at how comfortable it really is. I love that the base is made from steel instead of plastic; this will ensure that it lasts a lot longer than your bargain chairs.

Assembly was not as easy with this one as some of the others have been. I suggest attaching the sides to the back of the chair, then attach the back of the chair to the seat. When it is done in that order, assembly becomes much easier.

Office Star WorkSmart Leather Chair

Another popular choice is the Office Star WorkSmart Leather Chair. This nice little chair comes in brown or black and has a very cushioned seat with lumbar support built in. The controls are easy to use, and easy to access on the right side. You get a one touch pneumatic seat height adjustment, dual function control and a back height adjustment which is great for me and my husband when we take turns using it.

The arms are padded and their height can easily be adjusted. I think I love the rocking feature the most. It is great for support when sitting upright, but for those times you want to lean back and rest, or rock your little ones while watching videos, it's just perfect. You should be aware that when the tilt is unlocked that the chair does tilt forward some. Assembly was probably the easiest out of them all and I was sitting in it, working at my computer, within 15 minutes. It also moves very nicely on both hard flooring and carpets too.

© 2013 Bob Miller

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