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8 Good Front and Top Load Washers in 2016

Updated on September 17, 2016
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 LG 3.6 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Steam Washer LG 3.6 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Steam Washer
LG 3.6 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Steam Washer LG 3.6 Cu. Ft. White Front Load Steam Washer

If you're in the market for a new washing machine, there are two main models that you will decide between. Top loading washers have been standard since they were invented, but now there are front loading washers that have some benefits as well.

Top Load Washers vs Front Load

Top Loaders

I tend to like these because it reduces the amount of bending over I have to do when doing my laundry. Some of these models even let you add laundry after the cycle has already begun. I have noticed that top loading washers usually have shorter wash cycles and the control panels are pretty user friendly.

On the down side of top loaders is the way that the tub might not be able to fit large items like bedspreads, or curtains. This washer sits side by side next to your dryer so it takes up more floor space. I have also noticed these washers hold more water after the spin cycle so drying takes much longer. These washers also tend to be a bit more affordable.

Front Loaders

If you live in a small home, this kind of washer makes an excellent choice. You can usually stack a dryer on top to save room. These kinds of washers tend to be bigger inside so you can wash much larger loads. Some testing has shown that front loaders wash clothes more thoroughly than top loaders. A big draw for many people is that front loading washers use less water and are more energy efficient. The high spin speed will get much more water out of your laundry so you drying time is reduced. Newer models feature steam in the wash cycle to help get out more stains as well.

One of the main drawbacks to front loaders is the price; they are generally quite a bit more expensive than top loading machines. Depending on your cycle choices, wash time can take about 30 minutes or more. You will want to ensure that you clean out the drum at least once a month since water can get trapped inside that will cause musty odor. This can usually be done easily with vinegar and baking soda during an empty wash cycle.

Take a look at both kinds of washers listed here to decide the best investment for your home.

4 Good Top Load Washers 2016

LG Top Load Washer

Check out this LG Top Load Washer. You can fit quite a bit in this 4.7 cubic foot washer. It features a stainless steel drum and a direct drive motor that comes with a 10 year warranty. I love that there are 14 different washing programs to choose based on the load I am doing.

For energy saving, there are only cold rinses available, but you can choose 5 temperature setting combinations. With powerful water jets that shoot during the SmartRinse cycle, will ensure your clothes get very clean. I think the thing I like best is the Delay Wash option; you get up to 19 hours for a delay if you need.

Maytag Grey Top Load Washer

In this category, I am a fan of the Maytag Grey Top Load Washer. I like the grey color since it goes with my more modern décor in my home. This is a 4.6 cubic foot washer that offers you 13 wash cycles.

A mix of water and detergent is sprayed directly onto clothing which helps give your clothes a longer wash time. There are dispensers for detergent and bleach, or softener. It has been proven to eliminate 95% of common allergens like dust mites and pet dander. I have little ones at home so I love that the washer closes slowly, and softly to protect any little fingers that might get in the way.

Samsung Platinum Top Load Washer

Yes, Samsung makes washing machines as well. The Samsung Platinum Top Load Washer is one of the better ones they offer. It has a 4.5 cubic foot washing capacity. I love how smooth it runs on even the highest spin settings. It includes a cycle just to wash out the drum and keep it fresh which is very nice.

With 11 wash cycles, 6 customized modes, 8 spin options and 5 temperature settings, you have the ultimate in customization from load to load. I think the coolest feature is the Smart Control app that you can use on your phone. You can perform a diagnosis of your washer and troubleshoot options from your phone quite easily.

Whirlpool Top Load Washer

The Whirlpool Top Load Washer will hold 3.4 cubic feet. Though a simple machine, it works quite well. There are 12 cycles to choose from and that includes settings for delicates, which is a must for me.

I love that it features an extra rinse option since there are many in my family with sensitive skin; getting the soap extra rinsed out of the clothing has helped reduce irritation. The roll action with the agitator moves clothes around pretty well during the wash cycle. Having bleach and fabric softener dispensers is also helpful.

4 Good Front Load Washing Machines 2016

Electrolux Front Loading Washer

The Electrolux Front Loading Washer has good ratings and has been a nice machine to use in my home. This machine doesn't use up nearly as much water or detergent as the top loaders I've tried.

It is also big enough that I can wash my King sized comforter with no hassle. It features a stainless steel drum and a balance system to help with odd loads.

LG Front Load Steam Washer

The highest rated in this category is the LG Front Load Steam Washer which features 9 washing cycles with a steam wash which helps on stains.

There are also 5 temperature settings as well. It also has a dual LED display that is user friendly. This also features a 19 hour delay wash option of you need it, it is Energy Star rated and runs pretty quietly.

Affinity Front Load Washer

Check out the Affinity Front Load Washer. It has a 3.7 cubic foot capacity and is Energy Star rated as well. The energy saving option lets you reduce your energy use up to 60%.

There is an allergen cycle as well as all the other common features of a washing machine. It runs pretty quiet and we've used it on the top floor of an apartment building with no complaints.

GE Energy Star Front Load Washer

I like the GE Energy Star Front Load Washer which features a specific stain cycle. It features a hydroheater internal water heater that helps keep the washing drum sanitized.

Of course, you also get an energy efficient wash to save on power. It is big enough to fit all our blankets and comforters in it quite well.

Electrolux Front Load Steam Washer

The Electrolux Front Load Steam Washer is a 4.0 cubic foot capacity washer that features an IQ touch panel which recalls your customized settings with just one touch of a button; there are 11 wash cycles to choose from.

The steam option gives you six separate cycles and does a great job at getting clothes clean.

© 2013 Bob Miller

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