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What is the Best Vacuum for Carpet?

Updated on February 25, 2011

Great Carpet Vacuums on the Market

The vast array of vacuum cleaners on the market today is staggering.  Dyson first entered the market in 1993 with its cyclone technology.  There soon followed a number of manufacturers launching their own versions.  The bagless vacuum cleaner is now by far the most popular, although there are still some very high-performing bagged models.  While hoovers can be used on any indoor surface, it is thought that certain floor types benefit from certain types of cleaner.  Of course, the most common surface in a house is carpet, so any vacuum cleaner must perform well on this surface. 

It is generally thought that upright vacuum cleaners are the best option for carpets.  The rotating brush on an upright aids vacuuming by picking up more stubborn and trodden in dust and dirt.  Thick piled carpets can really benefit from cleaners with sturdy brush heads.  An upright will quite often also come with a number of attachments which can be used for thicker carpets or particularly ground in dirt and dust.  Some of the more advanced cylinder vacuum cleaners will have motorised brush heads which perform really well on all forms of carpet.

The Dyson Animal Upright Ball is a fantastic cleaner for the cleaning of carpets.  It is lightweight and its multi-cyclonic technology means that it doesn’t suffer from loss of suction.  It is also specially designed to pick up animal hairs from the deepest of carpet pile.  The Bissel Healthy Home Upright  is also a great option for carpet cleaning.  Its large brush head gets deep into a carpet, loosening ground in dirt and dust, ready for the vacuum to suck it up.  The brush head is motorised and has a hand shut-off on the handle.

For those who preferred bagged vacuum cleaners, the Hoover Wind Tunnel Anniversary Edition is great option for thicker carpets.  Vacuuming carpets with a thicker pile can be difficult for some and very time consuming.  This model is self-propelled, meaning even the thickest carpet can be cleaned in no time at all.  It also features Hoover’s Dirt Finder technology, a headlight and a bag check indicator.  While the popular preference for carpet cleaning is an upright cleaner, there are many cylinder cleaners that will also do a great job.  It is a good idea to check they have a rotating brush head however.  The brush head will get deep into the carpet and move dirt and dust that even the most powerful vacuum won’t move.

When purchasing a new vacuum cleaner, it is vital that all of the factors are taken into account.  Issues such as the surface on which it will be used are, of course, vitally important.  But it should also be remembered that many people can’t use an upright.  It may be the case that the carpet is relatively shallow or there may be a need to buy a vacuum which uses a cleaning solution such as a Vax.  The best vacuum for carpet will depend on the individual and the house it will be used in.  A few have been mentioned here, but there are literally hundreds to choose from.   


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    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

      Real good info on vaccums, I have a central vac and could never go back to stand alone units. But if I do, I'll know who's hub to check out, Thanks for sharing Malcolm.