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Best Water Softener

Updated on March 26, 2013

What is Hard Water:

Water with a high dissolved mineral (specially calcium and magnesium) content is considered “hard water.” Although hard water does not propose any health risk if you drink it, it is not good for any equipment that is used to handle water such as water boilers and cooling towers. Hard water also effects the way that soap and detergent performs.

Some things that hard water does effect are:

1. Laundry: clothing washed in hard water feels hard and scratchy and can damage fibers

2. Bathing: when soap and hard water is mixed together it can leave a film of stickiness on your skin called soap curd, will also make your hair lifeless and dull

3. Dishwashers: will cause spotting and filming on crockery which reduces quality of crockery

4. Water Boilers and Pipework: heating of hard water causes scale of calcium and magnesium to form resulting in inefficient operation or failure, may increase energy bill up to 25%

What is Water Softener

What is Water Softener

Soft water is pure water with no additives to soften water is to remove minerals, especially calcium and magnesium found in hard water. A water softener is an appliance that uses sodium chloride, otherwise known as salt, to soften water by replacing the unwater minerals.

A water softener is made up of rows of resin beds, which perform an ion-exchange as water is passed through the system. As water is passing through the resin beds, the resin beds attract unwanted minerals and exchange them sodium ions. The water softener system will flush out the mineral left in the resin beds with a salt solution called brine.

How to Choose a Water Softener

First you must test your waters hardness before you can choose a water softener. Depending on what you water tests as and how many people you have in your household that will determine what size water softener you will need. The amount of water your water softener will purify is determined by the amount of chemical magnets inside the water softener, the more chemical magnets inside the softener the more water it will be able to purify before it needs to be recharged (regenerate.)

Capacity is how much water can your water softener purify and capacity is measured in “grains” or “grain removal.” To calculate how much water hardness needs to be purified you can used a water softener test kit, which you might be able to get for free from your sales guy if you buy from them. After testing how much hardness is in your water you need to calculate how much water you need to purify by multiplying the number of people in your household by 80.

Example of Calculation for household of 4:

People = 4
Gallons per person = 80
Gallons used per day = 4 x 80 = 320
Grains of hardness = 10
Total grains used per day = 3200

On a low salt saver setting this example would regenerate about once a week.

In addition to your water softener you can buy an inexpensive resin cleaner that will help aid the removal of iron level that the resin bed collects which it will also prolong the life of the resin bed.

Top Water Softener Brands

· Tapworks AD11 – reverse osmosis system with easy installation if you want to DIY

· Pro-Mrkt Corp, Soo-Soft Digital Water System H1000, magnetic water softener that is environmentally friendly and easy installation

· Fleck Water Softener is durable and easy installation

· Morton Water Softener is a whole house system that is compact and has power interruption protection

· Culligan rated highly for the high ion content and generates only when necessary

· Kinetico 2020 is ion exchange with twin cylinders and one of the cheapest options to run

· Pelican PSE1800 Whole House Water Filter and Softener claims to be highest in quality


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