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Best Way To Remove Red Wine Stains From Carpets and Rugs

Updated on December 4, 2011

Having family and friends to your house for an impromptu get-together, open house or holiday, many times results in a spill on your carpeting. The red wine spill, especially on a light color carpet can be devastating to the carpet. The key to clean-up success is quick action. Clean the red wine spill before it dries and sets into the carpet. Even if you didn’t get to the spill before it dried, there is still hope.


The first thing you want to do – and this applies to all spills is Blot, Blot, Blot! Grab a stack of white paper towels or white rags – avoid using paper towels or rags that have been dyed because the dye can transfer onto your carpet and create a whole new stain.

If the spill is still wet, pour a very generous layer of table salt on the wine stain. If the red wine stain is dry, pour enough club soda over the stain to make the red wine stain wet again, blot the stain and then pour a very generous layer of salt over it. Make sure to dampen the stain from edge to edge.

Keep an eye on the salt pile. The salt will turn a pink or red color depending on the how deep the color of the wine was.

After the salt turns color, vacuum up the salt.

If there is still a red stain on the carpet, wet the stain with club soda, blot with white paper towels or rags and pour a layer of salt over it. Wait for the salt to change color and vacuum.

This process may need to be repeated several times before the red wine stain is completely gone.

After the stain has been removed, mix 1 teaspoon of dish soap into ½ gallon of water.

Submerge a sponge into the soapy water. Place the sponge on the area where the stain was and press the sponge into the carpet. Lay a layer of white paper towels or rags over the wet spot and step on them to soak up the soapy water. Repeat this process two to three times to remove the salt residue from the carpet.

Wet a sponge with plain water and press it into the carpet. Blot up the excess moisture with paper towels or rags to remove the soap residue from the carpet.


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