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Best Freestanding Towel Warmers 2014

Updated on May 6, 2014

Towel warmers are highly useful devices for enhancing your bath experience and in effect faciliating your daily life. One of the most common issues people face when showering at home is to get themselves dry and warm in a quick and easy way after they leave the shower cabin. Even if your bath is well heated you will feel cold, which may be stressful at the very least and in cold days you could even get sick. Things get even more complicated in humid climates, where towels are harder to dry. If you are showering often you may find yourself using rotten towels that have not had the time to get dry since the last time they were used. Investing in a towel warmer will give you the chance to wrap yourself in perfectly dry and indulgently warm towels for the many years to come. In this review, the most popular freestanding towel warmers have been brought together with unbiased accounts on their pluses and minuses to provide you with some ideas in choosing the one that will better serve you. You should then be able to decide, which one is the best freestanding towel warmer for your personal preferences.

Best Wall Mounted Towel Warmers

This review deals with Wall Mountable Towel Warmers and provides insight to the pros and cons of the best selling models.

Why Buy a Freestanding Towel Warmer?

There are basicly three types of towel warmers: Towel warmer cabinets, wall-mounted towel warmers and freestanding towel warmers. Cabinets are often used in professional massage saloons and can feel somewhat impractical for home use. Wall-mountable towel warmers on the other hand are immovable and force you to make holes in your bathroom wall. Finally, a freestanding towel warmer can be placed on the floor and moved around the house as you will and loading it with towels is simple like putting towels on a rack. Freestanding warmers are indeed the best choice for people who prioritize mobility and flexibility.

How to find the best Freestanding Towel Warmer

The purpose of the freestanding towel warmer is to warm your towels as the name suggests so what matters first and foremost is how much and how quickly the towel warmer produces heat. When deciding which towel warmer to spend your money on, more than anything pay attention to whether the towel warmer is powerful enough to make your towels fully dry and so warm as to spoil you after shower. And make sure it is able to do that as quickly as possible rather than in the course of many hours.

Size is not usually an issue with the freestanding towel warmers because all are about the same size: 60 cm to 80 cm for the body of the towel warmer and around 25 cm for the feet. As for the weight of the device, although being lighter could be considered an advantage for carrying the towel warmer around, I believe heavier is actually better in this case. You don't want your freestanding towel warmer to topple easily when you throw on it a few towels.

Home Fashion 6-Bar Freestanding Towel Warmer, Drying Rack

Home Fashion 6-Bar Freestanding Towel Warmer and Drying Rack is the best-selling freestanding towel warmer and the low price is for sure the reason for its popularity. The price actually is very good but its performance is not the best when compared to the more expensive models.

The towel warmer at hand warms up to 122 oF or 50 oC in half an hour. That is a low temperature in quite a long time. With this one you could hardly hope to turn on the switch, walk into the shower and find a warm towel when you are finished. This fact and the comments by the customers suggest this one is good as a drying device rather than a warming one.

Home Fashion Towel Warmer is not necessarily a bad choice. You will be getting exactly what you pay for. An economic towel warmer that dries your towels certainly better than a towel rack but does not quite make them warm enough to guarantee to you a comforting embrace after having a shower on a winter morning. So, considering its popularity and wallet-firendly price, this model can be a choice for people who are simply interested in a device that will speed up the drying process for towels and do not want to spend a lot of money on a towel warmer. Yet, if you want to enjoy the real benefits of a true towel warmer, you are advised to check out the better models below before making up your mind.

Jerdon Warmrails Mid Size Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Towel Warmer

Jerdon Warmrails Mid Size Wall Mounted or Floor Standing Towel Warmer is also one of the best-selling freestanding towel warmers. It is slightly better and slightly more expensive than the Home Fashion towel warmer displayed above and unfortunately, it suffers from the same issue: It will not make your towels warm enough. Warmrails reaches 130 oF or 54 oC in 15 minutes. Although, this is better than the above towel warmer, it is still not quite enough to get you really warm towels after shower. It should be noted that Warmrails towel warmer sells good primarily due to its economic price.

The Warmrails towel warmer features the option to be mounted on a wall so it is also a wall-mounted towel warmer but I do not advise you to ruin your bathroom wall to mantle such a low quality item. As a freestanding device, it is reported not to have excellent balance and somewhat likely to fall down. Its different design on the other hand is functional for placing the towels easily.

Given its advantages and disadvantages, Jerdon Warmrails is another choice for people who want to get dry towels without paying a lot of money for a heating device.

Amba Solo Freestanding Towel Warmers

Amba Solo Series Freestanding Towel Warmer is not the most frugal choice but in fact, it may be offering the best price-performance ratio of all freestanding towel warmers and therefore it is recommended here as the optimum choice. This product actually sells less than the two above products and the reason is definitely the higher price. However, despite the price we see that it will give you a premium post-shower experience: Amba heats up to 149 oF or 65 oC in 15 minutes. This is a very good temperature that will ensure you will feel mollycoddled by the warm towels.

Amba also has an optimum weight of 5 kg. It will not easily fall down but it will easily be carried around. The design is pretty spartan but it is very functional with several horizontal rods for hanging towels. One important point is that Anma gives you a two year warranty whereas the most other towel warmers only have one year warranties. So you feel safer against any chance your towel warmer will break any time soon.

In short, this is the towel warmer that does actually make your towels warm and dry for a price that is still affordable for most people. If your intention is to actually enjoy some warmth after showering, you should seriously consider the Amba towel warmer.

There are two size options: Solo 24'' and Solo 33''. Both have a height of 38'' and what differs is the width.

Thermique Freestanding Heated Glass Towel Warmer

Thermique Freestanding Heated Glass Towel Warmer is the state of the art in the towel warmer industry. This 38 inches tall device uses a tough rectangular glass fixed between metal rods to warm the towels. This is a method that is different as it is effective. First, Thermique Towel Warmer heats up very quickly and reaches 150°F or 65.5°C that will give your towels that nice, warm feeling within a few minutes. Second, the glass surface has much more extensive contact with the towel than a few metal rods you see in the ordinary towel warmers, exposing the whole towel to heat and ensuring that towels are thoroughly dry in a very short time. As an energy saving feature, the device turns off automatically after two hours. With this heated glass towel warmer, you can walk into the shower cabin whenever you want and you will get warm, dry towels without the need to turn on the warmer hours ago. This would give you so much freedom. And no need to mention how classy this towel warmer is going to look in your bathroom. In short, Thermique Freestanding Heated Glass Towel Warmer is the choice for people who prioritize enhancing their lifestyles to the highest degree possible and have the will to invest money for enjoying the best of everything.


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