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Best coffee grinder: Capresso Burr Grinder Review

Updated on August 23, 2013

Grinding the coffee beans

Before investing in a coffee grinder you should check your options to see which one is the best one, and from my experience with coffee grinders I can tell you Capresso Burr Grinder is the best product.

Drinking a quality coffee in the morning, without spending 10 dollars for a cup, makes a huge difference if you're a coffee lover. That black liquid that helps you wake up in the morning and gives you an energy boost when you need it is not easily obtained, it takes a few miracle procedures to transform the coffee bean into liquid coffee.

It all starts with the fresh beans that are picked by hand, beans storage while they are traveling from the countries where they are grown to their final destinations, roasting methods, and so on.

Although many people say brewing the coffee is the most important step in obtaining a quality coffee, in fact grinding the beans is very important. When the coffee beans are ground, they disintegrate, their micro-particles and oils are rearranging as a structure, becoming dissolvable.

The method used to grind the coffee beans is important, because it can alterate the consistency of the final product, or generate heat that would transform the molecules.

Capresso Burr Grinder Review

When you first wake up in the morning the thought of freshly ground and brewed coffee makes you want to get to the kitchen faster, but having a very noise grinder, like most are, would definitely make you want to rush back to bed.

The Capresso Burr Grinder is great from this point of view because it's really quiet, compared to other grinders I've heard.

With a pressure-sensitive safety lock on the hopper and a super-easy time-dosing dial that can be set to grind for anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds, the Infinity makes grinding extremely simple. Its dosing dial was surprisingly consistent, varying by only one gram in several identically timed doses.

Another important aspect is the price! It's amazing how some people spend more than 400 dollard for a home coffee grinder, and the Capresso is around 90 dollars, depending where you buy it from.

Grinding the beans

Most important: the job it's been designed to do: grinding. Yes, it is good at it, as it's grinding the beans evenly and keeps the consistency.

It has 16 options for grinding and they are perfect for different types of coffee beans, after a few grindings you'll know which for what to use.

One thing that I don't like very much is that you must clean it after every grind, and if you're grinding the beans too fine it can get dusty..

The reduced burr speed of the Capresso makes a uniform grind that is never clumpy


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