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Best outdoor folding chair reviews

Updated on July 31, 2011

In this article we will review the best outdoor folding chairs currently available. Whether you use your chair for a barbecue in the back yard, take it on a camping trip or use it to get comfortable at a sports game, we can help you find the right outdoor folding chair for your needs.

Coleman Oversized Quad Chair

In my opinion Coleman makes the best outdoor folding chairs. I am pretty picky about my folding chairs, having had some bad experiences with low quality ones. So what makes these chairs the best?

  • The padding makes them extremely comfortable. If you sit on one of their competition's chairs for a while you will soon realize that they aren't nearly as comfortable. The padding definitely makes a difference.
  • They are light weight and fairly compact when folded up. This makes them great for camping trips.
  • Durable. I am a fairly big guy. With many of the other chairs it's a tight fit and I am concerned that they might break under my weight. These chairs are well sewn and you don't get the feeling that they are bending under your weight. The weight rating on these chairs is 225 lbs.
  • Handy pockets. The side pockets and cup holders are very handy.
  • The price is right. Considering the price and what you are getting this is a very sensible buy.

I have used these chairs both for barbecuing, in the back yard and camping trips. For a few years now and I am very happy with them. They are much easier to move around than wooden folding chairs.

The cheaper folding chair alternative

The biggest pluses with these chairs are that they are low cost and comfortable. The chairs are made from steel not Aluminium which makes them heavier, but sturdier.

The price difference between the Coleman and the Edge chairs might not seem like much, but if you are going to buy 5 of these chairs to use when you barbecue, it does ad up.

The foot pads on these chairs are non skid, so they work well on tiled floors.

Kelsyus Recline Backpack Beach Chair with UV Canopy

These chairs are great for going to a music festival, the beach or a baseball game. If you are going to be in the sun for a long period of time the large UV blocking canopy is a real life saver.

I wouldn't recommend using this chair in a strong wind. Also you should take note of the fact that it isn't as high off the ground, as the other chairs that we reviewed here.

It's too complicated for elderly or young people to put up. But the rest of us should be fine.

This chair is both lightweight and folds up compactly which makes it a winner. When folded you carry it like a backpack.

Slumberjack Mesh Quad Lounger Chair

This folding chair is great for napping or reading. You can really feel the stress melting off you when your laying down in it.

With a weight capacity of 325 lbs this steel framed chair can handle even the biggest customers.

The lower part of the lounge chair can't fold up. So you can't use it as a regular chair.

The Slumberjack is higher off the ground than it's competition, which makes it easier to get in and out of.

Love Seat Deluxe

You don't see these 2 person chairs frequently. They however are great for snuggling up together in front of the fire. Very durable and holds up extremely well.

Best outdoor folding chair reviews
Best outdoor folding chair reviews
Make sure to enjoy the beauty of nature
Make sure to enjoy the beauty of nature

Camping tips

  • These folding chairs are all made from synthetic materials. A cigarette or glowing ember will burn a hole right through your comfy chair. Therefor you need to be careful when your sitting around a fire. Make sure your not too close to the fire.
  • A block of ice will last you longer than ice-cubes.
  • Store food away from your sleeping area and out of reach of animals. This is especially important in bear territory.
  • Use cans of frozen juice and less ice to keep food cold. This will cut down on your car's weight.
  • To remove odors from a cooler, wipe it down with a baking soda and water solution.
  • If you add too much salt to a meal, add a peeled potato. Then finish cooking the dish. The potato will suck up the excess salt.
  • To save space let some of your equipment pull double duty. For instance use an old large coffee pot to heat up water for doing dishes, cooling or for hot drinks.
  • Burned pans are a big pain when camping. What you do is to fill a burned pan with water and a few drops of dish washing liquid. Then you bring the water to a boil over your fire.
  • Your leather working gloves and double up as an oven mitt quite well.


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    • profile image

      campingchick 7 years ago

      wow! i've been looking for a new set of chairs to get to take on my many camping trips and i checked out the maxxdaddy like jeremy_harper recommended. i looked on the website and it definitely looks like something i need to invest in. i was amazed at the videos i saw. i never thought a chair could be made with that much to offer, but apparently i was wrong. i've already told my husband to order us a set and i can't wait till they get here. thank you jeremy for posting a comment about the maxxdaddy or i never would have found it and i would have wasted money on a cheap chair that wouldn't have lasted long.

    • profile image

      jeremy_harper 7 years ago

      these chairs seem pretty good, but for anyone out there looking for a great outdoor chair i highly recommend checking out the maxxdaddy chair. koolest products created this chair for "bigger" people, but anyone can use it. it is comfy and durable. if you're thinking about buying an outdoor chair, you should tryi this one out. i've had one for about a year now and i love it. i use it for any event i go to and it has yet to let me down. i would say it's one of the best outdoor chairs out there and it has great quality. i'm very pleased with it