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Best tools for a home owners toolbox

Updated on February 8, 2015

Sure we are not all skilled trades men and women but a few tools come in handy for some basic repairs and home improvements that any do it yourself amateur could do. They are also essential in case of emergency having a torch or screwdriver handy can save you a lot of angst.

A small spot of do it yourself also saves you money as you are not calling in a handy person in to carry out simple and basic tasks. Here are some suggestions of what you should have in your home toolbox.

Safety first, always remember safety first when using tools and if you are unsure then consider getting in a professional tradesman. A pair of goggles and decent protective gloves, along with a dust mask should all be in your basic safety kit and you should consider adding to this.


Flash light or torch, useful in power cuts and for seeing into dim attics, cellars and other spots. Put it in a spot you remember though so if you do have a power cut you can find it!

Claw hammer

A claw hammer, the hammer has many uses from knocking in loose nails to opening crates and packaging. It is also used in conjunction with many other tools.

Tape Measure

The all-important tape measure required for many tasks whether measuring up for curtains or carpets to determining if that new refrigerator you saw will fit in your kitchen. This tool is one of those that is an absolute must have.


The ever-versatile pliers can be used for all sort of tasks that you just cannot manage by hand from pulling out pins and nails to tighten loose fixings. Also useful for bending and cutting gardening wire and can be used for electric wiring if needed.


The eternally used WD-40 (or other similar oil/water displacer) is good for a multitude of tasks from lubricating creaking hinges to loosening stubborn nuts and screws. Other use includes such thins as removing crayon marks and paint. WD-40 themselves list over two thousand differing uses for WD-40 and I am sure you will find many a use for it.

Screw drivers

A set of screwdrivers or a screwdriver with interchangeable bits. From tightening up lose screws and fittings to removing battery covers the number of tasks for which you require the humble screwdriver is vast. Make sure you have a good selection for every occasion.

Adjustable spanner

An adjustable spanner will fit a multitude of nut sizes and is another useful addition to your toolbox. Consider having two or consider getting a small socket set as you will often need to hold the bolt whilst you turn the nut (or vice versa).


A Stanley or craft knife useful for what else but cutting and trimming things, make sure you use with the up most care and cut away from yourself.

Odds and sods

Odds and sods, those extra screws from your flat pack furniture and other spare small pieces of hardware such as screws and nails are always useful so make sure that you keep any spares somewhere you can find them. A toolbox with storage for these components can be useful here.

What next?

This is by no means exhaustive list though it is a good indication of the types of tools you will need for some basic do it yourself and maintenance tasks. Of course it is worth considering investing in a toolbox to keep all your tools in one place and out of the way.

What's the most useful tool in your box?

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© 2015 Gordon D Easingwood


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    • Venkatachari M profile image

      Venkatachari M 2 years ago from Hyderabad, India

      Very useful article. Tools are necessary to ease your daily job in many ways. I keep most of them mentioned by you.