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Best ways to remove stains from jeans

Updated on September 3, 2014

Whether accidental or due to circumstances, the sight of a stain on your jeans can be so frustrating even in a very small area. This may spoil the best of your jeans when you realize it has become permanent even after washing. So how do you avoid this harm. The first action should be to immediately prevent the stain from being stubborn. This is like first aid. Use water: even when you can't take out the cloth, use a towel or tissue soaked with water and rub it on the stain. The stain may become more visible, don't worry, you will have prevented it from being stubborn. If you are near salt, apply some on the stain to absorb the stain, you can also put tissue or white cloth on top of the stain to absorb colour. This will not only prevent a stubborn stain, but also greatly reduce the amount of effort you will need to do the actual washing.

Dirty jeans are hard to clean
Dirty jeans are hard to clean | Source

When washing the cloth, you will need to select the appropriate solvent. Depending the type of dirt and also for the safety of the fabric it will be important to use the recommended method to remove the stain successfully.

Blood, Dirt, Food
To remove spots of blood from clothing, apply hydrogen peroxide on the stain and scrub it. Use fingernails or a soft brush to loosen the dirt. Soak it in more hydrogen peroxide and don’t give a chance for you cloth to dry until the stain has been removed completely.

Wash your jeans with clean water

Green Grass
Use soap or toothpaste and rub it on the stain. Get a brush and scrub until the dirt spreads, apply warm water on the stain and continue scrubbing until the stain becomes pale.

Pour hydrogen peroxide also known as oxidizing bleach (not to be confused with Chlorine bleach) to the stain and continue scrubbing.

If the stain is still persistent, apply glycelyn to the stain and spread it over, it helps to draw stains out of fabrics
Wash your jeans with clean water

Sometimes you don't know whether to clean ot throw it away
Sometimes you don't know whether to clean ot throw it away | Source

Grease, Oil
Use a detergent, this helps because it reacts with the grease to form a compound that be be easily be washed away.

White Jeans
Use chlorine bleach: Ensure you read the tag on your cloth to see whether it does not say “No Bleach” since chlorine can damage the fabric and discolor non-white cloth so use it only on white jeans.


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