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Best Gaming Chairs

Updated on January 21, 2013

Gaming Chairs

Welcome to the Best Gaming Chairs lens!

Here you'll find the very best chairs for gaming and more.

With built in speakers, easy to use controls and stylish design, these comfy gaming chairs will enhance your gaming experience like nothing else you've used before.

Featuring built in wireless functionality and headphone jacks, these are everything you need in a gaming chair!

Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman with Wireless Audio - Best Gaming Chairs

- Styled like the seat of a high-end sports car; features faux black leather material

- An FM wireless, 3-channel audio feature provides great sound with its fully integrated speakers and subwoofer

- Easy-touch control panel includes: on/fff, volume, input/output, and headphone jack

- Ergonomically contoured for a great style and fit; fold the chair-back down to serve as an ottoman that looks great in any room

- Meets or exceeds all CPSC standards

Offering a sporty and stylish design, the multifunction Cohesion XP 11.2 Gaming Chair Ottoman features Wireless Audio to take your gaming to the next level, while also doubling as a discreet piece of furniture that's appropriate for any room in the house. In its gaming chair mode, the seat is styled like a high-end sports car and offers a faux black leather material. An FM wireless, three-channel audio feature provides great sound with fully-integrated speakers and subwoofer. The chair's Easy-touch Control Panel functions include on/off, volume, input/output, and a headphone jack. The chair is also ergonomically contoured for a great style and fit. Fold the chair-back down to serve as an ottoman that looks great in the game room, bedroom, or family room.

Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio - Best Gaming Chairs

- Gaming chair; made to be used while you're playing video games

- Has two wired receiver audio speakers built into the chair

- Also equipped with volume control and in/out headphone jacks

- Lightweight and comfortable

- Meets or exceeds all Consumer Product Safety Commission standards

Optimize your video-game playing with this gaming chair from Cohesion. The chair features two wired receiver audio speakers along with a volume control and in/out headphone jacks. It is lightweight and comfortable and meets or exceeds all Consumer Product Safety Commission standards.

The Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair is lightweight and comfortable, perfect for use in any room of your house and includes wired receiver audio and two speakers.

Cohesion XP 10.2 Gaming Chair with Wireless Audio - Best Gaming Chairs

- Comfortable gaming chair with contoured design and ergonomic arm supports

- Wireless FM 3-channel audio with 2-way speaker and integrated subwoofer

- Easy-touch control panel with volume, power, bass, and channel selection controls

- Folding, space-saving design; headphone and input/output jacks

- Well-padded seatback and arm supports; meets or exceeds all CPSC standards

Take your gaming to the next level with the Cohesion XP 10.2 Gaming Chair, featuring wireless audio and a contoured, sleek design. This sturdy and comfortable gaming chair comes equipped with arm supports that help keep your arms from tiring out while your hands are busy working the controls with your favorite games. An FM wireless, three-channel audio feature provides great sound with the two-way speaker and integrated subwoofer. The easy-touch control panel includes: on/off, volume, power, input/output, headphone jack, bass, and channel selection. This chair also offers a folding, space-saving design.

Ace Bayou Xfunctional Media Furniture X-Pedestal Audio Gamer Chair - Best Gaming Chairs

- Adult-sized, swivel pedestal audio gaming chair; built-in sound system with 2 speakers and subwoofer for enhanced media experience

- Hardwood frame padded by fire-retardant foam and covered with upholstery-grade vinyl; brushed aluminum arm rests and base

- Connects to Xbox, Playstation, Wii, iPod, DVD players, and more; with 3-volt DC transmitter for wireless operations

- With 250-pound weight capacity; separate purchase of 2 AAA batteries required for transmitter

- Measures 32 by 23 by 38 inches and weighs 45 pounds; 90-day limited warranty

Intensify the physical experience of gaming and home entertainment by connecting media devices to this pedestal-style audio gaming chair from Ace Bayou's XFunctional Media Furniture. With a 2.1 audio system built into its frame featuring Two speakers and a subwoofer, the chair treats the occupant to a sound experience that is felt as much as it is heard. To operate, the chair requires a 120-volt AC, 60Hz power supply. A wide range of media systems and devices connect to the chair, including Playstation 3, PSP, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360, iPods, MP3/CD/DVD players, and more. For device hook up, an assortment of different stereo plug cables and adaptors are provided. A control panel on the side of the seat presents the corresponding jacks, along with a headphone jack, volume and bass knobs, band control, and power button. Additionally, a 3-volt DC wireless audio transmitter is included, operating up to 67 feet from the audio source. Two separately purchased AAA batteries power the transmitter.

The hardwood frame of the ergonomically-friendly chair is covered by double layers of fire-retardant foam. Adjustable, brushed aluminum arm rests further increase comfort and support. Swiveling on a brushed aluminum cone-shaped pedestal base, the chair seat tilts to the user's preferred angle. For compact storage, the chair's body folds in half. The black vinyl exterior wipes clean with a damp cloth. Should the chair get wet, disconnect the power until entirely dry to avoid electrical shock. The manufacturer recommends that individuals with heart problems consult a doctor before using the gaming chair, and parents should supervise children under 13. Made in China, the chair holds up to 250 pounds. A 90-day limited warranty covers this item. The 32-by-23-by-38-inch chair weighs 45 pounds.

BoomChair Sky Lounger Boom Chair, Black - Best Gaming Chairs

- Chrome rails to raise this chair off the ground and an extra large seating area

- Features two, 2-way speakers and a powerful 4 inch subwoofer

- Adjustable volume and bass controls on a handheld remote

- Easily hooks up to any video game system, DVD or CD player, or any portable MP3 device

- Enjoy a customized entertainment experience

Lounge with leisure in this new oversized BoomChair mode This chair is made with the adult gamer in mind with chrome rails to raise this chair off the ground and an extra large seating area. Stay comfortable while playing games or watching movies. This chair features two, 2-way speakers and a powerful 4 inch sub-woofer . The adjustable volume and bass controls on the hand held remote allow you to enjoy a customized entertainment experience.

X Rocker II - Video Gaming Chair - Wireless - Flip up Arms - Best Gaming Chairs

- 2 Front Facing Speakers and a Powerful Subwoofer

- Wireless - Multi user connection

- Silver flip arms

- Easy to clean heavy duty vinyl cover

- Connects to most video game, audio or video device

X Rocker II Gaming Chair - Wireless The X Rocker II multimedia chair gives you the ultimate entertainment experience. Fuel your gaming experience with high quality sound, media immersion with in the comfort of a rocker.

Lumisource Boom Chair Stingray - Best Gaming Chairs

- Pair of two-way speakers

- Rounded bottom allows for full tilt action

- Folds for storage

- Battery powered option for total portability (not included)

- Connects to nearly all game systems, mp3 players, DVD and TVs

Enjoy up-close-and-personal gaming, music, or movies in total comfort and style with this rockin' low-profile chair. The unit hooks up to any CD or DVD player, portable MP3 device, or video-game system, plus it provides a dynamic stereo and two internal 2-1/2-inch two-way speakers for exceptional sound. The chair operates on just four AA batteries or via an adaptor, and its lightweight, foldable design means effortless transport from a game room to a bedroom or to a friend's house and back again. Furthermore, it offers an illuminated power knob with volume control, a rounded bottom for full tilting action, a rugged canvas surface, and a breathable mesh comfort zone for hours of cushy relaxation. The low-profile chair measures 24 by 27 by 27 inches.

Surround yourself in the video games, music, and movies you love with the BoomChair's! Features a pair of 2.5" 2-way speakers, rounded bottom for multi-directional tilt, battery power for total portability, rugged canvas surface with breathable padded mesh comfort zone. Adjustable volume via illuminated power knob. Folds for convenient storage. Easily hooks up to any video game system, DVD or CD player, or any portable MP3 device.

Lumisource BM-PULSE Boom Video Game Chair, Black - Best Gaming Chairs

- Requires RCA input

- Wireless Video gaming Chair!

- Powerful 4" SubWoofer!

- Two 3" - 2 Way Speakers!

- Two Vibration Motors - Feel the Action!

- Connects any video game, audio or video device

Finish:Black/Red/Silver Surround yourself in the video games, music, and movies you love with the Boom Chair! Features a pair of 3' 2-way speakers, a 4' subwoofer, interactive vibration motors, wireless connection, rugged canvas surface with breathable padded mesh comfort zones, as well as an adjustable headrest. Adjustable vibration, volume and bass/treble. Folds for convenient storage. Easily hooks up to any video game system, DVD or CD player, or any portable MP3 device.

X Rocker V-Rocker SE Wireless Game Chair - Best Gaming Chairs

- Get the full gaming experience without being tied down

- Speakers are installed and hidden in the shoulder of the chair

- Side control panel lets you adjust the volume bass and band switch

- Cover is made from easy-to-clean heavy-duty vinyl

- Folds in half for easy storage and transportation

Features: Game chair for both kids and adults Wireless capability Built-in speakers Mesh,Vinyl Control panel with volume, base, power, input,output, headphone jack Folds for easy storing Compatible with XBOX, XBOX360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS, MP3,CD,DVD home theatres and more!

Playseat World Rally Championship Gaming Seat - Best Gaming Chairs

- Professional quality gaming seat for racers, modeled after seats in real World Rally Championship rally cars

- Compatible with the Playstation2, Playstation3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wiki gaming consoles and PCs

- Compatibility with most electronic steering wheel and pedal sets

- Fully adjustable driving position; integrated side head protection; foldable seat

- 250-Pound maximum user weight, 87-Inch maximum length

Get the ultimate professional driving simulator experience with the Playseats World Rally Championship racing seat. Featuring several new modifications not found on previous Playseats models, this chair provides ultimate comfort with a unique style to boot. Modeled after the dynamic race seat styling featured in real World Rally Championship rally cars--complete with head stabilizers--it offers thrill-seeking fans a highly realistic experience of what is widely regarded as the most challenging motor sport competition in the world.

Green and Black Ergonomic Video Gaming Chair - Best Gaming Chairs

- Green and black canvas/mesh cover.

- Includes stereo speakers and subwoofer.

- Ergonomic design.

- 17" wide.

- 31" high.

This eye-catching chair will look great in your home d├ęcor. But wait, there's more. Plug in your video game system, iPod, TV, DVD player, or other audio source, and it delivers powerful stereo sound with vibration you can feel. Infuse your Wii, DS, Xbox, Playstation, or PSP games with new life. The ergonomic design and plush feel of the breathable mesh fabric will keep you comfortable hour after hour.

Wireless X Cooper in Black - Best Gaming Chairs

- Side control panel

- Power indicator light

- Audio input jack

- Ergonomic design with full back support

- Wireless audio transmission

Tilt, swivel or just go with the flow of on-screen action with the X Cooper audio chair. It features built-in speakers and a wireless setup so you don't have worry about a tangle of cabling. With curved styling, it takes comfort to new levels. The X Cooker audio chair for gamers features curved ergonomic styling and molded armrests. It comes with a wireless setup and speakers. Side control panelPower indicator lightAudio input jackErgonomic design with full back supportWireless audio transmissionVolume adjustmentWireless band switchesPower on and off switches9V DC power input jackHeadphone jackBass volume adjustment3V DC power input jack of TXAudio input jack of TXTilt and swivel baseFlip armsAudio subwooferAudio output jack for linking multiple chairsFoldable construction for ease of storage and portability90 days warrantyMade from wood, metal, foam and vinyl24 in. L x 24 in W x 36.25 in. H

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