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Big changes , big chances

Updated on February 4, 2009

Now it’s really going to happen. Finally! But before we are able to move in our new home, we have to decide which things we are going to take with us.


 But I have a system now. It’s easy. I just throw everything away that has a crack or any other kind of damage and everything that hasn’t been used in the last two years is going too. Disorganizing and organization and reorganizing are the main words of my vocabulary now.


It can be very depressing to see how my home is getting more empty every day and I start tripping over boxes .Big boxes, little boxes, I’m even dreaming about boxes in my sleep, when I get some sleep. But I will sleep again this weekend I hope. Bruises on my legs and arms from tossing things around and falling over my own mess. My doctor wondered if I was physically abused by my boyfriend when I saw him yesterday. Packing for a two week vacation is difficult, but packing for a move from one residence to another is horrific. Like so many people I look forward to the move, but the packing?



What should I put in the box next or should I put that into a next box? *Sigh* Moving is very stressful. Even for our cat that seems to have gotten ADHD and jumps from one box on to the other and doesn’t get out very easy when she comes across an open one. But we let her, because she won’t be moving with us. Our new house owner won’t accept pets and we had to choose.


Back to the “old place”. Until now I’ve thrown away about 1800 kg of stuff, damaged goods, not so damaged goods, intensively used goods and long time not used items and I gave 20 bags of clothing to charity. And there’s more to go. How many things you can you collect in eight years, while living in that old house. I’m just glad I cleaned up the whole attic today and I even started in the shed. Why did I put 7 bicycles in there when there are only 2 in use?


Tonight my dishwasher left the building and at the end of the month my fridge is going to be picked up by people who have even less than me.




I wonder if I will have enough things left to put in my new home.

It’s a little bigger than we are used now, but a little more expensive too. I could not take this home without the help of my friends by the way. Sometimes I wonder if it’s a little too fancy for us to life in a place like this. And I hope the boys will make it in their new environment without Tart the cat and with me working more than they are used to.

 But what the hell. There’s always Prozac isn’t there?




 Just 25 days left until I get the key for my new front door. A new place to start. Just another 65 days until I start at my new job. Big chances, big changes.


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    • Lazur profile image

      Lazur 8 years ago from Netherlands

      Thank you Laringo. I must say laringo that nowadays it seems we can hardly handle it. Working, cleaning the "old home"from top to bottom, the children, arranging everything, sometimes it's too much.We're all soo tired. But I know we will make it.

    • laringo profile image

      laringo 8 years ago from From Berkeley, California.

      Lazur, I don't envy you at all, but you look like you and your family have things,or will have things handle. Congrats on your new home!

    • Lazur profile image

      Lazur 8 years ago from Netherlands

      Yes G-Ma It's for sure:D Next weekend I'm going to sign the papers for the new home :D Indeed the cat, we're going to miss her:( But we're going to take this chance. It will be hard at times, but we're going to make it. Also because we know our friends are there for us:) * Love and Hugs*

      Oh Hot dorkage, it wasn't my clothing but of my boys.:D They have so many clothing which the have gotten from all their G-ma's and G-dads and friends who wanted to be sure they never need to run around without nice clothing.:)

      Just about 50 boxes to go I guess before we're ready to move:)

    • hot dorkage profile image

      hot dorkage 8 years ago from Oregon, USA

      oh my dear ! but I don't think i ever owned 20 bags of clothes in my life never mind all at once.

      Good luck you'll get through it.

    • G-Ma Johnson profile image

      Merle Ann Johnson 8 years ago from NW in the land of the Free

      Oh dear Oh my sweet this all for sure? for certain? and set?  poor cat I feel sad for it..but very excited for you and the children...changes are always good and for a reason so just walk tall and forget all...and know all your friends are here especially me babydoll...I have adopted you remember? I feel what you feel...God Be with You...G-Ma :O) Hugs & Peace