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Billionaire Security

Updated on December 6, 2015

Threats and terrorism

Last week, Paris was attacked by ISIS militants and then the shooting in San Bernadino and then the stabbings in the UK. This world is going to hell real fast. And I mean real fast. And most people can't really defend themselves against it. The main reason is because of strict gun laws. I personally believe that people should have firearms and be allowed to carry them in public because it's a terrorist deterrent. Lesser people would've died if other civilians had their own guns and shot back at the terrorists. That being the case, I shall spare you the melodrama and get to the point.

Welcome to the world of Billionaire Security.

Let's Brandish an Army

Now, Richie Rich, listen up. If you don't already know this, honey, stay with me. Your first line of defense is your private army. Who else better to stay up round the clock to keep you safe?

Private Security firms all over the world are now cashing in on this terrorist threat and billionaires who are paranoid. If you're looking for private security companies here in the Philippines that actually have troops and equipment, good luck. You're better off out sourcing. I recommend personnel with military backgrounds and individuals who served in combat. Not only will they perform better than people with no military or combat experience, but you'll feel safer and more confident having them around.


When you need armed slaves.
When you need armed slaves.

Heliports and Helipads

Now, we know that most billionaires have a massive building showing their wealth that we average folk gave them by working for them. But since they own it, it's a common thing for them to live in that very building as well as to have a helipad above their building. If anything goes wrong, say a terrorist group working their way up from the ground floor and your private security teams are struggling because they're out-gunned, this is your ticket to safety. And since you're the ultra rich, you could opt to fly it yourself if you've got a license or hire a private pilot to do it for you.

By the way, I recommend the Augusta Westland AW-139. It's the world's most versatile helicopter as well as the last word in luxury helicopters. Remember to armor it in case you fly in and out of areas under heavy fire.


Because cars are too mainstream.
Because cars are too mainstream.

Armored Doors

Didn't think of that, did you? In order for me to tell you how this works, dear readers, I have to be a bit boring. The common place where thugs - or you - usually enter is The Door. This is also the most common target for thugs to gain access to your home and yourself. By using solid Oak trees and military-grade steel, what you have is a door that's capable of stopping a 20x102mm projectile at point-blank range. What's that? You're not satisfied? What if I told you it could stop multiple 20x102mm projectiles, sweetheart? Satisfied now? You'd better be. This unit isn't cheap, though. One door alone will cost you a very budget-friendly $500,000.00.

By the way, did I mention that they have electronic locks to prevent burglars?

Heavy but protective

Because wood just isn't enough
Because wood just isn't enough


Not just any bunker, sweetie. You, as one of the wealthiest individuals on Earth who never thought of becoming Batman, needs steel-reinforced concrete bunkers. AND it needs to be underground where most people can't see it. It must have an elevator to preserve your energy or stairs if you decide to exercise. But being extremely wealthy, your best bet is to employ both.

Of course, it'll need rooms, food and water for about 3 or 4 months and must be capable of protecting you against Nuclear, Biological or Chemical agents (NBC protection). It must also have a shower for hygiene, a power generator and communication system with the outside world.

Prepare a check for $2,000,000.00 to save yourself and your loved ones.

Underground Castle

Because bunker.
Because bunker.

Secret Passageways

We're all to familiar with the Batman of the 1960's as he presses a button on an inconspicuous vase or piano and a door opens behind him. Well, Creative Homes Engineering has made them for some time now and they're growing in popularity. So popular in fact, that you might have to wait a while for their team to arrive because of backlogged orders.

This is installed in conjunction with thermal, night vision and standard optics cameras which monitor anything within a 15km radius. That's right, 15 kilometers. Here in the Philippines, though, space is at a premium.

Make sure it leads outside your house because if it leads back into your house, it's sort of counter-productive and counter-intuitive.

Chamber of Secrets

When you need to disappear like a ninja.
When you need to disappear like a ninja.

Safe Core

This is similar to an underground bunker EXCEPT it's above ground instead of being under it. It's somewhat counter-productive, but don't let it's open design fool you. It has enough steel and concrete to withstand several 2,000 lbs. JDAM bombs.

This system is no longer limited to a single room because nowadays, new technology has allowed the entire home to be protected.

Cores of Safety

When articulating homes articulate.
When articulating homes articulate.

Personal Defense

Again, I cannot stress how important this is. If you really feel in danger, arm yourself. Nothing beats good old-fashioned holding-the-gun-in-your-hands self-defense measures. If an assailant sees you with or carrying a firearm, the psychological factor sets in. "Am I going to die trying to rob someone?"

There are a variety of PDW's and I recommend the FF:

Seecamp LWS, Colt M1908 Vest Pocket, Glock 18, H&K MP-5, H&K MP-7, FN P90, FAMAS, Uzi and the MAC-10. (Please read my hub on Personal Defense Weapons, if you would be so kind.)


Your last line of defense.
Your last line of defense.

Missile Defenses

Ok, we've seen military aircraft over the last 60 years employing anti-missile countermeasures such as Flares and Chaff. But the technology is now open to the public. Well, if you have the money, of course. This will come in handy while flying over hostile airspace like in Syria or North Korea. Or if you're simply being chased by hostile aircraft and missiles.

Let's face it, quite a lot of rich people don't wanna fly even business class anymore. It's just too crowded, isn't it? I recommend the Bombardier Learjet 60XR. I would've said Learjet 85, but it was sadly cancelled by Bombardier. A shame, really.


Cheap but effective
Cheap but effective


The billionaire's favorite toy. Yes, a miniaturized Oasis of the Seas, she's the ultimate trump card in billionaire play toys. Of course, being a miniaturized Oasis of the Seas, she's a target for pirates. Shipping companies since 2013 have hired mercenaries onboard to deter them and it's worked so far. Throughout 2014 and 2015, not one ship was hijacked.

I recommend the same thing for you richies reading this. But, of course, being VIP's, you have limitless potential options available. You could choose from purchasing Long Range Acoustic Devices or even a small naval escort. The choice is yours.

Super Yacht

Because small yachts are too small.
Because small yachts are too small.

Bulletproof Cars

This is where the metal meets the meat. This is where you can truly create a vehicle to take bullet after bullet and survive. It's not cheap, though. And even if you got it to the company's highest level of automotive armoring, it's still considered a lightweight in the military world. But lightweight or not, it'll keep you safe and alive. There's one in Mactan, Cebu but I don't know where nor do I know the name of the company.

I recommend sedans like the Toyota Corolla Altis or Honda Civic. You want to blend in and become inconspicuous not stand out and become preposterous.

The Beast

My taxes went into that.
My taxes went into that.

Body Armor

Lastly, we go to something that has been around since before the time of Jesus. But only recently, in the 1960's, has it become truly revolutionary. It's original use was to replace steel wire mesh inside car tires but someone discovered that it could stop bullets. And there are many variations today and all of them fit men perfectly. However, women struggle with this because of what I'd like to politely call: Upper Body Lady Lumps. You see, body armor is flat on both the front and the back and this causes problems with large-cupped women. In fact, even small-cupped women struggle. There just isn't any space for those Upper Body Lady Lumps.

I did some research on your behalf, ladies, and the U.S. Army noticed this in their female soldiers and began a program to create body armor exclusive to females. Obviously, with space for their lady lumps. It's called the Female Improved Outer Tactical Vest.

IOTV (Male)

Standard Issue.
Standard Issue.

IOTV (Female)

Feel safe and protected.
Feel safe and protected.

Billionare Security


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