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Bionaire BW2300 Twin Window Fan Review

Updated on November 16, 2010

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“I now have 3 of these fans through my home and they are wonderful. Nice to have fresh air also nice to have them turn on and off automatically. I love the remote control. Great product”

“The unit works great - it cools quickly and is quiet (a big plus for those who need it quiet in order to fall asleep).”

“Circulates the air quickly and efficiently. Exactly what I needed for my room. Now I don't have to turn on the AC anymore. This is saving me alot in costs.”

Feeling hot in the summer? Don’t want to turn on the AC because you want to save money? If so, you might want to consider installing a window fan in your room instead. A window fan works by taking in cool air from outside and expelling hot air from inside. This is a very cost effective way to cool down your room. As you know with the higher costs of electricity these days, running that AC is like throwing money down the drain.

One window fan that I recommend is the Bionaire BW2300 Twin Window Fan. This fan is unique in that it has two fans instead of one. That means double the cooling power. Then fans can be run independently too. One fan would draw in the cold air from outside while the other fan would expel hot air from your room. The Bionaire BW2300 Twin Window Fan also includes a remote control so that you can select functions without having to actually get close to the fan. This is great for when you have tall windows where the unit is mounted up high. A thermostat on the window fan allows you to maintain a temperature of your choice.

Another great thing about this window fan is that it is light and easy to move between different rooms. It can fit into different types of windows no matter if it’s small or large.


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