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Decorative Bird Pillow

Updated on March 21, 2011

Choosing Decorative Pillows

A bird pillow is normally a decorative or throw pillow that you use in your home as accent piece to bedding or furniture. You can think of an accent pillow like frosting on a cake. They are the perfect way to finish of the theme of the room, no matter the decor. A bird pillow is best placed in a den, a sportsman home, a country or nature themed room.

When choosing the bird pillow as an accent pillow for your home, there is more to think about than just the bird picture that is present on the pillow. You must also account for the material or texture of the pillow and also if it has tassels.

You also want to make sure that the major color in the pillow will match the area it will be placed. If you have vibrant colors in your home you would not want to use a dark brown or dark green bird pillow. You would be better off with a more tropical bird pillow than what most of us are used to.

More Creative Ideas About Bird Pillow

You must also take into account the size of the furniture you are going to place the accent pillow on, and not just only be concerned with the colors.

As a rule of thumb the larger the couch or bed the larger the pillow should be, also with larger furniture pillows with tassels will look better. The smaller the furniture, the smaller pillow you should use as an accent pillow.

If you have furniture with prints, you must be more concerned with the matching of the pillow than if you had a solid color fabric on the furniture. Solid colors can be easier to match, just be sure not choose an accent pillow that matches exactly. For instance if your couch is a brown, you could choose a lighter brown or dark tan bird pillow as your accent pillow.

Bird accent pillows can be found in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. More expensive materials and more intricate bird prints on the pillow will result in a more expensive pillow. You can find bird pillows in stores and also on-line.

For a greater variety I suggest shopping on-line at or eBay.

bird pillow
bird pillow


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