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Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Amazon Review

Updated on September 21, 2015

The Bissell Big Green Carpet Machine

Bissell's Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Amazon Review

This is a review of the Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner. I have one of these machines and will tell you my experience. I will begin by telling you just why I was in the market for a carpet cleaning machine as well.

I was opening up a cleaning business and wanted to offer my customers the added bonus of being able not only to clean their carpets but to clean them exceptionally well. The building of my business depended on quality work that is many times difficult to find in the cleaning service industry.

I began to search the internet for professional carpet cleaning machines. To my surprise, I came across the Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaning Machine. I remembered seeing the little green machine in local stores that is basically a spot cleaning machine, so I started connecting the two products in my mind.

I began to research this Carpet cleaning machine and I watched as many videos as possible. I was impressed to say the least. Now, the Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaning machine is does not come with a small price-tag. I like many of you, have seen many carpet shampoo machines in the local department stores and the prices tend to run from $100-$200. You can find this $600 machine for a fraction of the price on Amazon. ($399)

The more I learned of this professional cleaning machine from Bissell, the more I knew that this was the machine that I must have. I made the decision to purchase my new carpet cleaning machine, and have NEVER been regretful as too my decision.

I have two dogs in my home, a boxer and a shih Tzu. They are good dogs, but dogs will be dogs and they bring in more dirt than we would ever think. My dogs walk on leash only and not in dirt. With this being said, I use my machine every 3 months. I must say I cannot believe what is pulled out of my beige carpets. The water is absolutely deep brown every time I shampoo my carpet. You cannot see that my carpets are dirty but they ARE!

My customers from my cleaning business are amazed that this machine takes out more than the expensive carpet cleaning services do. I have never had an unhappy customer.

Fast Drying

Because of the powerful motor and suction ability, the wait time for carpets to dry is little. The carpets even if machine is run heavily, is no more than damp to the touch. You will not be waiting hours to be able to use your room. It can be used right away.

Large Tanks

The Bissell Big Green machine has two separate tanks. The bottom tank is for the fresh clean water and cleaning solution. The top tank is where the dirty water is deposited. You can use either hot water in the tank or cold. I have found that either one does just as well. The take is larger than most shampoo machines. This means less refilling is necessary. You will be amazed at the filthy water that you will see in the dirty water tank. I have actually taken pictures of the carpets I clean and of the dirty water as well. This is just amazing for people to see what I have pulled out of their carpets.

Long Cord

You will not get a short cord when you order the Green machine. The cord is long enough to stretch from the bottom of a stairway to the top without a issue.

No Steam Required

This is not a steam cleaning shampoo machine. Do not let that concern you as this machine cleans deeper and with better results than any steam machine that I have ever used.

2 Motors

This Bissell Green Machine Professional has not one, but two motors. One motor controls the extra large cleaning brush while the other motor powers the vacuum.

Cleans While Going Forward As Well As Backwards

The Bissell Green Machine is not like most carpet shampoo machines. This machine allows you to clean the carpet with both forward walking motions as well as pulling the machine back towards you again. As mentioned before, the powerful motor is one reason that this machine unlike others leaves the carpets barely damp to the touch. The suction is so powerful that most of the water is pulled back off the carpet leaving a very clean result as well as no wait time before you can walk on the floor.

Low Water Indicator

There is no need to stop to check available water-levels in the clean water tank. An indicator on the top of the machine will stop spinning when it is time to refill the tank.

Extra Large Rotating Brushes

When you take a look at the bottom of the cleaning unit you will see a huge roller with orange brushes attached. This is how the Green Machine digs deep into your carpets and you see awesome results. Be ready to see piles of dirt and hair on your carpet. This is the norm as the machine is pulling out dirt and hair from your carpet that the most powerful vacuum cannot. I just pick the piles up in a couple of seconds when I am finished with the room. I love knowing that this trash and dirt is no longer in my carpets.

There is a 5yr warranty warranty that comes with your new Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet machine. Amazon has this high powered professional quality everyday up to 45% off there retail price saving hundreds of dollars.

Look at the videos and see for yourself what the machine can do for you. You will never be sorry that you have purchased the Bissell Big Green Carpet machine.

Customer uses Big Green Machine On His Carpets

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    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      Nope our vacuum doesn have that kind of function. Cool machinr for home maker


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