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Bissell Quicksteamer Review

Updated on November 4, 2012

Product Overview

The Bissell Quicksteamer boasts the ability to clean carpet, rugs and hard surfaces. There are two tanks on the unit; one for clean water at the back, and the other is the water recovery tank. Bissell carries a line of carpet cleaning solutions compatible with all their upright carpet cleaners, you add some of the solution with hot water into the clean water tank. Once you've started the Quicksteamer, there is a trigger located on the handle which administers the cleaning solution to the carpet as you push the unit forward, let go of the trigger when you are pulling the unit back, and the rotary brush and vacuum will pull the liquid into the water recovery tank. You should be able to clean a 8ft X 8ft area without refilling the clean water tank. The water recovery tank is easy to remove and empty. The Quicksteamer only weighs about 15lbs, so it is very easy to use and carry throughout the house.


My Review

I have owned my Bissell Quicksteamer for almost two years now, and I am so happy I bought it. When we had finally found our new home, it was mostly carpeting, which I don't mind, but I have a toddler and two cats, so I wanted to find something to help keep my carpets clean. Bissell does sell larger units, and they have a larger price tag to match. But, since I had never owned a Bissell carpet cleaner before, I decided to give the smaller, less expensive unit a try. For approximately one hundred dollars, it's been a very positive experience, not only does it do a good job on general maintenance of the carpets, but it's also great on stains and spills. However, this unit is not a steamer, contrary to what the name implies, the only thing that creates steam is the hot water in the tank! That being said, I know my carpets are being cleaned, because when I go to empty the tank, the water is brown, yuck! The Quicksteamer also does a great job on rugs, and although it does do well on hard surfaces too, I prefer a mop because it's faster, and can get into hard to reach places better. This unit is lightweight and very easy to maneuver around the house, and the carpets are completely dry in about 30 minutes. What a difference it makes too, you can definitely tell the difference in your carpets when your finished using it. I feel better knowing that I am extending the life of my carpeting, and making it safer for my daughter to play on. The only real drawback on the Quicksteamer is I can clean the stairs with it...maybe I will have to get the Bissell Little Green! Overall, I would highly recommend the Bissell Quicksteamer to anyone with carpets or rugs, especially if you have children or pets. Great little machine.


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