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What Is a Bistro Table and How Can It Enhance Your Home or Garden?

Updated on May 15, 2014

The bistro table is modeled after the small tables found in the intimate, informal setting of the French tavern, or bistro. Typically, bistros were unpretentious establishments that served wine and other beverages, along with simple mealtime fare. They were places where people gathered to enjoy food, fellowship, and conversation – to relax, let down their guard, and be themselves.

The bistro table represents all this and more. In the modern home, the right bistro table can become the hub of family fellowship, relaxation, and fun -- just as it has always been in the nightclubs of France. The vast array of bistro tables and chairs available today make it easy to match your personality to the style of your indoor, or outdoor, bistro table. The table can transform everyday gatherings and special family visits to the cozy get-togethers you'd like them to be. Your bistro table and accompanying chairs can create just the right ambiance to make every guest feel at ease.

Many Varieties of Bistro Tables

The bistro table and chairs you choose can enhance any décor -- from traditional to contemporary.

A bistro table, such as the bistro café table, which stand 28 to 30 inches high and comes in both indoor and outdoor styles, is perfect for creating a cozy nook where you can share a steaming cup of coffee or cocoa with a friend. Other bistro table styles and heights include the pub or bar tables (36 to 44 inches) and dining tables (30 inches). Materials used to craft bistro table sets include wood, metal, plastic, glass, tile, and stone.

Attractive bistro table chairs designed to enhance the appeal of individual table styles complete the look of each bistro table set, releasing the creative energy that will make your décor come alive.

How Different Bistro Tables Enhance Your Home

Outdoor Bistro Tables

An outdoor bistro cafe table makes an attractive addition to your patio, balcony, or backyard garden. These sturdy tables, which include a weather-resistant finish to help them stand up to the elements, can provide the perfect spot to sit back on a summer day with a tall, cool drink and enjoy watching your family or friends go for a swim in the pool. Outdoor bistro table and chairs come in wrought iron, rust-free cast aluminum, stainless steel, or wood. Metal table finishes/colors include black, bronze, pewter, nickel, copper (with patina), green, brown, and white. Many are embellished with openwork patterns, from flower and leaf designs to butterfly motifs and everything in between. Other outdoor bistro table styles, like some dining room table and chairs offer smooth, contemporary styling, with a handsome brushed-look finish.

Mosaic Bistro Tables

The mosaic bistro table is an especially attractive outdoor style. Boasting many multi-colored mosaic tiles, intricately arranged to create eye-catching designs, these impressive tables are sure to command the attention of your guests. Like other bistro table sets designed for outdoor use, the mosaic bistro table often come in wrought iron or cast aluminum with various finishes and include a weather-resistant coating.They can also be used as a round side table, both indoor and outdoor.

Folding Bistro Tables

The folding bistro table provides special versatility by instantaneously creating your special gathering spot while entertaining and allowing a return to your normal décor after the party. It isn't uncommon to use this and the matching bistro table chair both inside and out.

Some little table notes on the side:

Bistro sets are commonly used as attractive alternative to outdoor dining room table and chairs. If done right, they can also add a certain ambiance to game rooms that are already equipped with pool table lighting and can even be adapted to be used as console tables. Try it.

Don't you think it's time you considered a bistro table for your home?

I see it now. You're at a bistro table at your local coffee shop. Feel free to leave a comment.

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