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Bits of Information

Updated on May 7, 2009

Options Coming In

The architect is still working out all the details so I am not totally sure if these options will be available but I am getting some calls and e-mails returned. Hallellujah for that.

As it turns out if the roof can have a 2/12 pitch which is a pretty low slope or a steeper slope then we can use an architectural shingle or the metal roof. I think either would look good and we're still considering everything that can be used for this roof. The cool thing about the Energy Star Certainteed shingle is that it isn't white. It reflects the light but still comes in some really beautiful colors. I think on this house the brownish one would be best as we will be repainting the house too after all the work is done.

Hopefully within a day or two we'll have final information from the architect so we can get bids from contractors to build the roof structure and make a final decision on which material to use.

If you have an opinion about what you think would look best, feel free to comment on that below. It's a scary thing but I am hoping that we can improve the overall look of the house from the front and also protect the house from water getting into the walls, ceilings and floors.

Just having options has me overjoyed.


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