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Black Contemporary Chandeliers for Your Home

Updated on November 30, 2013

When it comes to lighting fixtures, few things conjure up images of opulence, sophistication, and style like a chandelier. Whether hanging in an entryway, a dining room, or a sitting room, a chandelier is an eye catching mark of elegance in home design. Given this aura that surround the chandelier, it is no surprise that a chandelier in black would intensify that sense of sophistication. Black is the color of dignity, the peak in style. The black coat and white tie, the black cocktail dress - these are the symbols of fashion that never fall out of fashion. So too, a black chandelier will provide your home with light and grandeur that will last a lifetime. As they say, anything can go with black! Black chandeliers are top of the line.

Of course, wanting a chandelier, let alone one of a specific color, and going out to buy one are two different things. Many chandeliers are crystal or made of brass, so finding one that gives off a modern, yet classy look that you can keep through your many design changes can be difficult at times. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you make a purchase that you will be happy with for a life time.

Black chandeliers look very sophisticated.
Black chandeliers look very sophisticated.

Chandelier Choices by Room

Chandeliers are often used to give the lighted candle effect, creating a mood to the room it is hung in not just with it's appearance, but with how the light casts around the room. They are often found hung in the dining room, but that doesn't mean they can't be used elsewhere! Just keep these tidbits in mind!

1) No matter what the room, always take into consideration how tall the ceiling is and how low the chandelier will hang!

2) Chandeliers in the dining room can be hung lower than the general standard because it helps to give off the effect of candle light.

4) Bathroom chandeliers are getting more and more popular, but you should consult with an electrician for safety issues. Many bathroom chandeliers need transformers to work safely and properly.

3) Chandelier lights are often shaped like a candle flame. You can even find LED candle bulbs for your chandelier. But if you want a chandelier in your bathroom, you have to be mindful of getting a sealed bulb so that water won't seep in.

Tips on Buying and Installing Your Chandelier

When you purchase something as important as a black chandelier, you will want to make sure you buy the chandelier that will be right for you and right for your home and the room it will hang in. Just as important is properly hanging the black chandelier. You should take some time considering these issues before you actually purchase your black chandelier. A chandelier will be the center piece of your room, so you want to make sure you will show it off to it very best effect. A little advanced planning will go a long way in doing so.

First of all, when considering the purchase of a black chandelier, think about how much light you will want the fixture to give off. Consider how big the room is, how far the light from the chandelier will be expected to travel. Think about how tall your ceilings are too. One of the nicest effects a chandelier can give a room are the patterns of light and shadow it will cast on the ceiling. Make sure your black chandelier is the right size to do so. Also, think about the configuration of the room. Are there corners in the room that you will want lit by the black chandelier? If so, the light from it will have to be strong enough to reach them. If not, will you provide standing or table lamps in those areas, or perhaps a mini black chandelier for ambient lighting? Last, consider the kinds of furniture and draperies in the room. A room with much dark fabrics or furnishings will require more light than one that is more sparsely furnished or furnished in lighter colors.

Black chandeliers come in all sizes. There are many very elegant mini black chandeliers on the market that are fitted with one bulb, two bulbs, or three. These chandeliers will be ideal for smaller rooms or as ambient lighting in a larger room. Of course, there are also full sized black chandeliers that accommodate four bulbs, eight bulbs, and twelve bulbs. You also might want to check the wattage that the lamps in your black chandelier are rated for. Finally, consider the types of lamps the chandelier uses in its design and the shades or arrangements of crystals that the light will pass through. All of these things will help determine the light your black chandelier gives off as well as the effect of its light.

Chandeliers are very classy.
Chandeliers are very classy.
High ceilings are the perfect place for chandeliers, like the high ceiling in the Commerce Court in Toronto.
High ceilings are the perfect place for chandeliers, like the high ceiling in the Commerce Court in Toronto.

Hanging Your Chandelier

Once you have purchased just the right chandelier for your home and your tastes, you will want to make sure it is hung in a way that will best complement the fixture. This will make all the difference in how beautiful and functional your chandelier is. Before you buy your chandelier, you might want to consider how it's going to be hung. If you hand it by hook, make sure it is strong enough to hold the weight of the chandelier. This goes for any area you would want to have it hung.

First, you will want the chandelier to be hung at the right height for the ceilings in your room. As a general guide, a chandelier should be hung at least 7 to 7.5 feet above the floor. This will ensure that there is plenty of head room for even the tallest family member or guest to your home. You do not want people to feel as if they must duck their heads when coming into a foyer or dining room hung with a chandelier. When you are hanging your chandelier over a dining room table, it should be about 12 inches narrower than the table. Also, it should be hung at least 3 feet above the table so that there is plenty of room to eat and pass food and not feel crowded by the chandelier.

When in Doubt, Make Your Own Chandelier

Black Chandelier Retailers

If you are shopping for black chandeliers, you could hardly do wrong to make your first stop This online lighting retailer specializes in “dark light,” and they carry a number of chandeliers clad in black. Check out their Black Crystal, Black Iron, and Shade chandeliers. This company ships free of charge.

For truly the finest in black chandeliers, you might want next to stop by the people at Visual Comfort Lighting. Here you will find chandeliers designed by Bill Blass and Eric Cohler as well as those designed by the team at Visual Comfort.

Black chandeliers are the ultimate in fine lighting. Few who visit your home will not be impressed by their taste, style, and sophistication.

Where would you put your chandelier?

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