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Black Chandelier Options

Updated on October 26, 2010

Want to add some style to your house with black chandeliers?

Have a look at these different chandelier styles to figure out what kind of look you want to have.

Just because you want a black chandelier doesn't mean there's only one option for you. There are plenty of options whether you want old fashioned elegance or modern sophistication.

You can also add your own custom bit of style to many of these chandeliers by adding the lamp shades of your choosing. Imagine how a simple black chandelier would look different with bright pink lamp shades instead of white ones.

Keep reading to see a bunch of different black chandelier styles and accessories or here is an informative article on black chandeliers.


Black Beaded Chandeliers

Depending on how you use them, chandeliers with strings of black glass or crystal beads can be used to create and old fashioned, elegant style or a gaudy or gothic environment.

Chandeliers #1 & #3 in the list below are mini black chandeliers that could fit well in small rooms. The picture to the right gives an example of how you can add an elegant chandelier in a minimalist bathroom to soften up a modern space.

These beaded chandeliers would also go well in Victorian style rooms with dark colored wallpaper or paint. I could also see any of these in a lodge type room with wood paneled walls and moose heads hanging around.

Because all of these beaded black chandeliers are so ornate, I would use them either as accents in very simply decorated rooms or as blended additions to opulent rooms.

Unless you're going for a really eclectic look these probably aren't your best bet for busy, modern spaces. Meaning: don't add one of these to your honey's football trophy room. It just won't work.

Simple (Tuscany Style) Black Chandeliers

I don't know why, but these chandeliers listed below always make me think of Italian Bistros (or maybe just kitchens). The picture to the right gives an example.

I'm not really sure if these are "authentic" Tuscan style chandeliers, but they all have simple lines without being too modern. And they all have the same bell shaped, frosted glass lamp shades.

I would put this type of chandelier in a warm or colorful room. They would look good against bricks and many wood stains.

Even though there are six chandeliers in the list above, they really group into three sets. #1 and #2 go together, #3 and #4, and then #5 and #6.

If you have a large room that needs many lights or if you want to use the same style in multiple rooms you could purchase these complementary black chandeliers in different sizes and mix up where you place them.


Modern Black Chandeliers

Most modern or contemporary chandeliers are so visually striking and eyecatching that they are best placed in simple, modern spaces.

The first two black chandeliers in the list below are my favorites of this type. I like the first one just because it reminds me of the stuff I used to design when I was in architecture school.

The second chandelier has leather shades. It would look great in a masculine, bar type of room. I could just see this chandelier hanging above a poker or pool table.

The last three are your basic, look-great-anywhere kind of chandeliers. Though I find it interesting that there are so many modern black chandeliers that feature slightly curved lines.

Black Single Shade Chandeliers

The chandeliers below all have multiple light bulbs within a single, large black shade. Most of the shades are made of either black silk or organza cloth.

However, chandelier #2 has an intricate wrought iron shade in a New Orleans style.

These chandeliers could be used in many different styles of rooms. Personally, I would love to put the long rectangular one over a tropical fish tank.

No matter what style you want to achieve, there is a black chandelier for you. Read more about all types of chandeliers at Chandelier Lighting Style.


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    • profile image

      AnnieRoseVA 6 years ago

      I never thought of black chandeliers. What an interesting hub to bring a new thought to mind! Great selection of products too.

    • premiereluminaire profile image

      premiereluminaire 7 years ago

      This Black Chandelier Looks Like Mooi Smoke.