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Black and White Furniture

Updated on October 2, 2010

Create Modern Looking Room Black and White Furniture

Have you been thinking of remodeling your living room with black and white furniture. If you have than you are probably trying to create a modern looking living room. This is great for those who want a living room with clean cut lines, that is also stylish as well as comfortable.

There are many different types of furniture that you can find for your living room that is available in black and white. Some of the more popular items are tables, stands, couches, chairs, ottomans, stools, bars and desks.

Black and white furniture is often made from wood, fabrics, and/or leather. With the many furniture designs it is possible to make a creative and unique living room that is also very comfortable for the whole family.

Using black and white furniture in a living room will make a dramatic look in the room, The white and the blacks colors together are what causes this dramatic look on the furnishings. Most designers believe it is the black in the furniture that is the focal point or what the eye is drawn to while the white is the complimentary color. I tend to agree but also think it depends on the amount of each color on the furniture.

Often times on black and white furniture the black color is only used on the trim and furnishings on the furniture piece. The black on this type of furniture really highlights some parts of the furniture while also making the other parts stand out even more. This furniture will also give an elegant and fresh look to the entire room.

While most black and white furniture is considered modern it can also be used in traditional homes. When using the black and whites in a traditional home I suggest that you use larger pieces of furniture and keep the lines in the living room softer.

Black and white furniture can be found for sale at online sites like and eBay.

Black and White Furniture
Black and White Furniture


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