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Black and white Zebra bedding

Updated on March 19, 2012

Why a zebra print bedding?

Nowadays, 90% of those planning for a theme-based bedroom prefer the zebra or giraffe theme, because:-

  • A black and white bedding decorates even a dull room with a stylish look
  • Zebra print beddings are too cheap for the look they give.
  • Matching zebra print rugs, zebra print curtains are easily available in Amazon and other stores.

Giraffe print bedding SALE.. hurry!!!

Giraffe print bedding

The next preffered theme for bedding is the girafee print. Usually giraffe print will look good for a large room and zebra print would do good irrespective of the room size. If you dont want the same pattern to repeat monotonously all over your comforter, the best choice would be the Giraffe with zebra print bedding.

Zebra with giraffe print bedding

This particular giraffe and zebra print comforter impressed me so much for its design and price that got it a special mention. Among all zebra prints, this bedding looks beautiful because it doesn not have the same pattern repeating all over. The zebra print forms the body of the comforter and giraffe print is judiciously used to border it. Even in the body, monotonocity is broken by broad black stripes that cut across. Whatever may be the sie of the room, this comforter would look really cool. People who bought this zebra and giraffe print bedding say that the comforter is too good for its cost. The quality may not be excellent, but so far I haven't read any complaint of the comforter tearing. So if you are looking for the cheapest way to give your room a cool look, just go for this. There are too many testimonies.

The actual cost of this comforter is $249.99. But Amazon is sellling this at $69.99. SO if you have any plans of buying an animal print bedding, buy it as soon as possible to save $180.

I also found a matching curtain set for the bedding. Check it out.

Zebra print baby bedding

Does your child love animals? If yes, she would really like to sleep in a zebra themes room. A survey revealed that though children are not so much associated with animals like zebra, tiger, giraffe, etc., they love their dresses, pillows, bags and so on to be

based on those animals. Don't go for monotous zebra print for a small child. Zebra print baby beddings blend the rich zebra pattern with a colors that a kid would love. The zebra comforters which usually look wild are designed to look tender. Most of zebra baby beddings come in pink. You can also find matching pink zebra curtains, wall hangings and cushions to make a thematic bedroom for your child.

Zebra print crib sets make your life easier when customizing your child's room. A crib set can be from 4 peices to as many as 15 pieces, so your only work would be to arrange them in your child's room. The 10 piece crib set displayed here contains 1 Crib Quilt ,1 Crib Bumper, 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Crib Skirt (Dust Ruffle), 1 Diaper Stacker, 2 of Window Valances , 1 Toy Bag ,1 Baby Pillow, 1 Baby Bib. Most of the crib sets are for all genders, but check for the gender the crib bedding is made for before you buy one.

PS: The third in display zebra bedding sets is available in colors like baby blue abd green too. Click the product to see the colors available.

Purple zebra print bedding

If you want to buy a zebra print bedding, but do not want the usual black and white, now you can buy zebra print with colors, pink, purple and brown.

Pink Zebra bedding


Pink Zebra Print Bedding

Pink and white zebra bedding has become more popular the traditional zebra print which makes one wonder if the zebra would look prettier if it had pink and white stripes instead of black and white! Check out pink zebra bedding catalog to check out amazing pink zebra print designs.

Pink Black and White Magic

The trio- pink, black and white seem to be the best subtle-cum-sexy combination ever. For those who find just pink and black zebra patterns to be wild can include the peaceful white for the tranquil effect. This combination is very apt for girls' bedding. You can find style ideas and buying tips in Pink Black and White Bedding Catalog.

Black and white floral bedding

Cynthia Rowley bedding -

While we saw enough black and white bedding for animal lovers, Cynthia Rowley has designed exquisite black and white bedding collection in the floral theme. Click on the link to see some of her beautiful bedding catalog.

Matching black and white zebra wall decal ideas

The best furnishing that wold go well with a black and white zebra bedding would be zebra wall decals. Here are tips for wall decal ideas.

You can either have zebra wall decals in abstract shape or a square shaped art featuring the stripes of zebra. Another popular type features the zebra itself, either as a whole or just its head. If you have pink and black zebra bedding, then heart wall decals in a mixture of plain pink, black and zebra prints are also hot selling.

My favorite Zebra Wall decals

Mom and child zebra wall art

Which color would you prefer to be dominant in your bedding?

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Tell me about your dream bedding here!

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    • Deborah-Diane profile image

      Deborah-Diane 6 years ago from Orange County, California

      Gorgeous bedroom! Very dramatic looking.