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Blackout Curtains Advantages: Save on Heating Costs and Electricity Usage

Updated on December 1, 2010

Long curtains are frequent home products. One is certain to see these types of curtains in any home they walk into. What someone might not realize though, is that the various kinds of long curtains (drapes) supply diverse advantages. For instance, one type of curtain product that offers several advantages, like sparing power usage and cash, keeping the hot sun and its light from entering the home, eliminating disturbing sounds and adding style and ambiance to rooms, are blackout curtains.

For folks who are looking to spare some cash, and truthfully, most people are, we know of one way to accomplish that goal. There is proof that when homeowners put these kinds of window hangings in their homes, they save on energy usage and save cash otherwise spent on utility bills, and they are spared some costs they would spend to heat the home. Some folks claim that they saved at least 33 percent on electricity usage because the drapes helped: without the blackout curtains power seems to vanish via each home window. If a person places a drape on each window, he or she also discovers that the curtains act as insulators and lower the chances of heat slipping out of the windows, by at least 25 percent. If someone wants the greatest efficiency outcomes, we recommend that the curtains stay shut continually during the warm months of the year. For the cold months of the year, we recommend that the homeowner leave the window coverings ajar so the hot sun helps heat the home better, which allows the homeowner to use less heating resources and save more dollars.

Another item that is helpful for folks who wish to block sunlight or other lighting from getting into a specific room is blackout curtain liners. They help to diminish disturbing noises as well. For folks who have jobs which require them to work late hours or all night long and have to rest any time in the daytime (the day after working), these types of window coverings are an excellent option. If someone needs a darker room so he or she can rest peacefully, without light entering the room and disturbing the sleep, these kinds of insulated curtain panels turn any room in the daytime into a nighttime atmosphere, quiet and dark. Of course, these curtains will not block out all noises, but they do help to eliminate quite most of them. It depends on what is occurring at the home, inside or outside. They may not block out loud construction sounds, but do diminish most of it.

While the title of these particular long curtains implies they are of the color “black”, that does not mean that they are that color. Drapes with a thermal curtain lining come in a variety of colors. Having more colors to choose from is great, because they will match any color scheme or design in the home.

One idea that might be a good idea to consider when a person’s hangs these window hangings is to ensure that each one’s length goes below the length of the window and over the sides of the window, a bit on all sides. The purpose for this scenario is straightforward. If the curtains are broader and/or extended further, it helps keep sunlight out better. Measuring windows before someone buys blackout curtain liners or any window coverings is always a good idea.


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