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BlenderBottle 28-Ounce Sport Mixer Black/Blue - a product that gives you water in good stead

Updated on April 2, 2012

A Product That Gives You Water In Good Stead

BlenderBottle 28-Ounce Sport Mixer is very obvious and an indisputable fact that you are what you eat. This is exactly what you get when you do not eat good food. Water consist majority of what we take in and whenever you start taking in bad water, you start having a lot of health problems. What this means is that whatever gives us this product or ingredient that has direct bearing on life in a very good way should always be appreciated. Water is life and life is water.

There have been lots of efforts by many of the world bodies involved in issues and matters concerning human health geared towards making sure we get the best water in life. In most cases all these has been hampered by a lot of things including some unforeseen circumstances as the case may be. The BlenderBottle 28-Ounce Sport Mixer Black/Blue is a product that gives you water in good stead and also give it you mixed in good conditions when mixing is needed.

It Is Also Dishwasher Safe

The BlenderBottle 28-Ounce Sport Mixer will give you a good mix of your juice and water and all you have blended inside. It is designed with a sort of Eastman tritan that is very odor resistant. This is not forgetting the fact that there might be some circumstances that might see you making use of your products under some conditions that will leave it prone to some odor. This is completely eliminated by the design of this product. No matter the type of fruit, juice or product it is used to mix. You will still get your water with the water smell not being affected by the odor of the product or it’s after math. It also comes with a patented wire whisk ball inside.

Another feature that will make you to go looking for this product is that not only is it odor resistant, it is also dishwasher safe. You don’t have any problem cleaning it either with hand or by the dishwasher. It is also designed to be BPA and Phthalate free as seen in the case of other blender bottles. Yes. This is not one of those products you just drop at home. It is also made with a sort of sports loop that will allow you carry your product wherever you are going. This gives BlenderBottle 28-Ounce Sport Mixer a very good utility edge above many other products that does the same function.


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