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Blinds UK-Where To Buy Cheap Blinds In UK

Updated on April 12, 2012

Window Blinds- Do They Really Serve Any Purpose?

Sunlight is crucial for the chain of life starting with plant life that feeds plant eaters which in turn feed other forms of life known as meat eaters. Without sunlight there can be no life on earth. That said, it is also important to know the harmful effects of sun’s rays. Our sun is known to emit ultraviolet rays, x-rays, infrared light, visible light and radio waves. Among these, ultraviolet rays are most harmful to health, if absorbed by the human body in excess.Besides they can also cause damage to furniture, carpet and colour fading to furnishings if exposed for a prolonged period.

Ultraviolet light is invisible to human eye because of it’s higher frequency radiation. Thanks to our atmosphere, most of the UV light is absorbed by it and only a small amount reaches earth.There are three types of ultraviolet rays namely, ultraviolet A, ultraviolet B, and ultraviolet C. The benefits of UV rays are that they are useful for the production of vitamin D by the skin, creating sun tan, and creating UV germicides. Though they are useful in some ways, they have some disadvantages too.

Let us study some of the disadvantages of UV rays in brief. When your skin is over exposed to UV ray, it destroys the tissues beneath the skin surface leading to loss of elasticity. Ultraviolet A rays cause long term ill effects leading to formation of wrinkles and brown spots. Ultraviolet B rays cause sun burns even inside home or workplace when sitting near untreated windows. Most of the skin cancers are caused by exposure to excess UV rays which are recognized universally as cancer causing agents. Though both are harmful, the difference between ultraviolet rays A and B are that UV-A is present all year round whereas UV-B is present less during winter. Studies show that excess exposure to UV rays can damage eyes and can even affect the immune system adversely.

Window blinds can be used as effective means to minimize the ill effects of UV rays by filtering or blocking light totally. Blackout blinds and wooden blinds are apt for rooms such as theatre rooms, bed rooms where you need total light control. Usually blackout blinds are used in conjunction with bamboo or honeycomb shades to have maximum benefit. All types of window blinds offer varying degrees of UV rays protection depending upon the type of blinds. Windows play a significant role in room insulation whether it is heat gain or heat loss depending upon the environment. By choosing the right type of cheap blinds for your unique need, you can filter out the harmful UV rays and at the same time save on energy costs by providing better thermal insulation.



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