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Blue Ridge Yurts Creative Brief

Updated on November 26, 2014

Blue Ridge Yurts – Creative Brief

Why do we want new advertising? (Objective)

- To become more well-known to potential consumers throughout the East Coast and surrounding areas. Many people want a vacation home, a unique getaway, or a new home that achieves a simpler lifestyle. Yurts are starting to become more well-known and we want people to know that they are very affordable, extremely eco-efficient, unique in design, and have many different uses and customizable features. It brings one closer to nature and away from the clutter of the modern world.

Who are we talking to?

- People that want to live more green and want to move away from the rat race. The demographic whom are thinking about moving to less established areas, those who plan to make their own way. Compost pile, recycling, vegetable growing, brewing, outdoor sports, campers, fishing, hunting, spiritual, natural, organic, hiking, sewing, clothes line, homemade, old-fashioned, animal lover, young, and old.

What do they think in relation to the brand today?

-They are a relatively new company starting in 2005. Customer care is number one, helping one to find their perfect sized yurt, the color, the use (home, rental, yoga studio, etc.), by a lake, in the woods, in a field, the home accommodations, these are all under the customer’s destiny to make their yurt dream a reality at an affordable price.

-Current trends that are helping our target market move to quieter regions, such as the organic food/farmer’s market craze and do it yourself DIY. There is a new appreciation for all things made locally. These trends are helping to spread the word about Yurts to more and more people and making it a huge appeal to many.

What do we want them to think?

-That a beautiful home that’s not too big or too small, that’s affordable, eco-friendly in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains is a possibility. You will get a different outlook on life after using our homes.

Strategic Direction in one simple sentence:

“You no longer need a home away from home”

-Because of its versatility, personalization, unlimited uses, and the carefree/simple aspect of yurt living.

Why should they believe it?

- We care about what they want, a home that is a permanent vacation or any use of their liking, customized by them to help them to achieve a more green life immersed in nature at an affordable price. Yurts are a more affordable and cost effective alternative to a permanent home or mobile home. They are the ultimate answer to living simply and living green. We want them to fulfill their dream of living off of the grid.


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